Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What You Ask For...

I always tell people if they ever want their 'jar' refilled, they better bring it back!  I am like "The Jar Nazi".  No offense intended!

Further, I tell people that if they are out and about and see jars for sale, get them!  I will gladly reimburse anyone for those precious jars! 

Last year I bought hundreds.  This year, I actually acquired some!  Why couldn't that have happened last year??  My brother, step-mom, neighbors...all of them found jars!  It's been great!

Well, the other day, Long and Lanky Loren confessed to me that he had been at a Garage Sale and found two boxes of jars and was going to get them, but upon further inspection they looked dirty.  So he took a pass.  I gave him the usual schpeel and that the do clean up.  He offered to go back for them.  Of course I told him no, bless his little heart.

Saturday I visited The Tin Man and Der Mama for another trip to the Amish area.  Out of respect for their ways, I did not take any pictures.  (Did I pull that one off?)  On the way home, Pig Pen called and said Long and Lanky Loren needed to talk to me.

LLL:  I got you some jars.
TAPG:  You didn't go back there did you??
LLL:  No, I was at an estate sale and got you 8 jars though!
TAPG:  Awesome!  How much?
LLL:  $15.00
TAPG:  Are you kidding me?
kicking myself for never having qualified to the innocent what jars should cost...
LLL:  No I didn't!
LLL:  But I did get you jars...about TWO HUNDRED of them.
TAPG:  What??
LLL:  Yeah!
TAPG:  How much?????
LLL:  $2.00

If I weren't driving, I would have fainted!  Yes, you read that right...TWO DOLLARS.

I did an official count and he wasn't far off!  There are 165 jars of all shapes and sizes.  Most of them are usable!  There were even some of the Blue Ball jars that I love just for display purposes!

And if you haven't guessed the moral of the story, always qualify your requests and be careful what you ask for!

Have I mentioned that I love Long and Lanky Boys?

On to other things...yesterday I said I only ever get to sit on a certain 'chair'.  I lied...I got to sit for several hours on this...

Can I just tell you I love to mow if for no other reason that I get to sit???  I finally stepped up and got an iPod and new ear buds that fit!  They work great!  So long as you don't put them in backwards, or so I learned!  :)

My Tomat-ho's are comin'!  I have canned about 14 Qts of stewed and spaghetti sauce!  And I picked these too! 

Long way to go on those gals though!  You were all very right in that the beating they took hasn't seemed to hamper their production!  I do however feel like this while picking:

OK, y'all...back to work!  Have a great day!!


  1. The mother lode!! Horray to you. I have been looking everywhere for jars and NADA. So I have been buying new - 12 cases this year so far and I still need a few more. But I have not put any men on the case yet. I am just afraid even if they are armed with a picture and detailed list, they will still come back with a urine sample jar or something. Maybe I need more faith.

  2. Jane that is hilarious! Yeah, maybe give them a brief lesson before you send them into the wild! Still laughing... Learn'em up girl!

  3. Where did you get that picture of me in my tomato patch? You really should have asked before you posted it on your blog.

    Oh, that's not me?


  4. WOW! That many jars for two bucks? You should run right out and buy a lottery ticket. That's amazing!! So nice that you have friends out there lookin' out for ya!!

  5. MamaTea -I thought the same darn thing! But I always forget to buy Lotto :(

  6. I gasped when I saw the $15 part LOL.... WHAT A GREAT FIND! I live in the city where one can never find that stuff but you just reminded me to put a bug in my sibling and mother's ears to look at home at garage sales and the like, they are everywhere there! Love the old jars, even if unusable for canning. I am the polar opposite of a hoarder, but I would make space for all those lovely jars! You should arrange them all and sell us photographs at least so we can pretend they are ours :)

  7. What a stash of jars! (Jealous, jealous, jealous.) I, too, am finding myself short of jars this year. (I think somebody came and stole some of mine.) Like Erin, an audible gasp came out of my mouth when I saw the $15 price!!

    Several years ago my dear hubby brought home four cases of pint jars he had bought when going to a home for another item. You would think glass would wash up without a lot of trouble. Well, I don't have any idea what had happened to those jars but what looked like dirt was an almost permanent coating that it took me more time to get off than they were worth. If I counted my time as money, I could have gone out and purchased about 500 new jars!! He meant well. Sigh.