Friday, October 15, 2010

Are We Bad??

Today I went back to the local Pumpkin Farm with my best friend Julee and her two crumb snatchers.

Holli actually got bit by a goat.  Ooops!

But what made my day, was the slide.  It's a pretty big jungle gym.  Julee had to stay down with Colton, who is just a little over 1.  So like any good Aunt, I climbed up with Holli, who's 3.  I settled her little butt in place and told her when to go and said, "Mommy will catch you!"

Now granted, Julee and I have never been the brightest, but today our combined IQ was ... one brain.  Holli took off like a torpedo!!  And...Mommy did not catch her!  She skipped like a rock on water across the sand and onto her butt!

I wish you could have heard the other Mom's and the intakes of air, the Oh's!, the heart palpitations and the pure unashamed tenth of a second it took Julee and I to bust.out.laughing!

I can't speak for Julee (well I can), but it just happened!  And it was so darn hilarious!  Holli didn't cry, not a flinch...nada! 

So, Are We Bad??

My only regret was not having the camera on record, so you could all see.  You'd have been right there with us - laughing!  But I did get it the second time which was uneventful...unless of course you listen thru to the end.

Wait...What did her Mother just tell me to do???

O-K, so I did. 

Onto other Fall fun!  I promised MamaPea I would get off my duff once my huge mum bloomed and take a picture so she would know what color it is.  It's just one plant, so it's what?  Purple albino?

My mom got her Fall color yesterday... 

Gonna pay for that one!!!

And then this is what greeted me yesterday morning when I got up: 

Notice anything off about that? 

Did I tell you guys I got the cooooolest pumpkin ever ever this week??

I need to remember that tactic, it seemed to have worked well!  ;)


  1. LMAO that slide is STEEP!!!! I would have laughed too. And yeah, your mom's going to make you pay for that one hehehe! You wouldn't believe what I've wrapped presents in...

  2. Erin, Duct Tape has always been a favorite in our family!

  3. Maybe that IS your Christmas present a little early? Or maybe it is Christmas now. It seems to come earlier every year. So anyway, what did you get? Anything Fun?

  4. He got me all hunting gear. Does that count as fun? Since I am going for the first time, there was lots of things I needed. So, camo coveralls, face mask, gloves, blaze vest and slugs. Fun, I guess that depends!

  5. Bless his little heart using Christmas wrapping paper! Hey, I think I have that one!

    Glad you liked the pumpkin. Don't get too cocky!!!! :)

  6. Ah, yes, if I ever need a laugh all I have to do is read one of your posts!

    Sooo funny when Julee said, "Aww, push her!" and you didn't hesitate one second but just whopped Holli on the back and off she shot!

    Purdy mum! A little strange with those albino blossoms peeking out at the bottom, but purdy! Thanks for the pic.

  7. Jan, who me? Naw. :) I'm no dumby. Hey wait a sec, didn't I just say Julee and my combined IQ was nil?

    Mama, ya know if I ever learn to have my camera ready I will start catching those things. But I still need to get that blog head of mine going!

    So what's up with that mum? I've never seen one do that before.

  8. Now I REALLY wish I would have been with you guys at the pumpkin patch yesterda! But trust me...I wouldn't have helped your combined IQ. I was a little off yesterday....and every day before that. Ha!

    Glad you guys had fun though!

  9. 1. What have you been doing to that mum to make it sprout off a little albino baby there?

    2. You're going hunting!!! YAH!!! What a sweetie man you have to get you all the goods. (And the wraping paper is a lovely touch!)

    3. No you're not BAD. Unless I'm Bad. Because I think I might have experienced the whole kid shooting off the slide thing except with a boy child (mine) instead of a gal child. Or wait. I *am* bad. So yes. Yes, you are bad. :)