Thursday, October 14, 2010

Three Little Monkeys

That's what we were called!

Now, I'm just sayin', that the long-cold winter months must have been pretty busy for our folks.  What else was there to do?

All Three Little Monkeys have October Birthdays!  And since this month is loaded with Birthdays, I decided one post could serve as a catch-all.

So you know who's who, seeing as how we may have changed just a bit over the years (lots of years)! That's my brother the middle.  My brother Tim...on the left.  And me...on the right.

What??  You expect anyone to get it straight?  Hell, we couldn't even all look in the same direction for this picture let alone get our own names straight!  Well, unless you count Tim, he was looking in two directions at the same time.  Hehehee!

OK, so in order it's Donnie, Diana, Tim.  And that's the way our Birthdays fall this the month too!  As a matter of fact, Donnie and I are 3 years and 9 days apart.  Tim and I are 1 year and 9 days apart.  Weird, huh?  Tim and I were almost Irish Twins!  He out grew me pretty fast, but it worked out OK because Donnie was there to whoop some butt when Tim's britches got too feisty with me.

I loved growing up with brothers.  I think that's what made me tough enough.  Although I never learned to play 500 very well and they both hated when it was my turn at bat.  I had to throw the ball up like...500 times!  That wasn't the way it was played.  Sorry Bro's!

But we always stuck together.  Fiercely.  And to this day, they are the best brothers a girl could ever want! 

Donnie, thank you...for always being my Big Brother.  Making sure houses never fell on me at the farm-literally, for the best Christmas present on four-wheels when I had none (ignore that part Josh), for always playing catch with me...and mostly for the two little kids that light up my life as my niece and nephew.

Tim, thank you...for always being my Little "Big" Brother.  You are like my own personal body guard, cuz who the heck in their right mind would mess with you?  For always clearing out my fridge and being my toughest food critic even though I will always cook better than you!  You always make me laugh with your totally inappropriate jokes!  I'm sorry I tried to burn you with my curling iron.  :)

Happy Birthday, Donnie and Tim!

Then we have this little guy...
My first nephew and the first grand baby in the family.  This is Josh.  He's not that cute any more.
He's cuter!  He turned 18 this month!  I honestly get scared when these numbers just slip away so quickly.
Do you think they know? 
Did we? 
My Dad always said, "The older you get, the faster time flies."  I remember vividly the night Josh was born.  It is forever engraved into my heart.  It was happy -and there were lots of tears.  He's a special kid to me and the first one I ever loved as my own.  Even though he probably doesn't care about his ole Aunt much any more, I still love him hard. 

Happy Birthday, Josh!  Be careful, you are legal now.  (Sorry, had to be said.)

Then we jump the border to the Out-Law side.  You've met Jen before!  She too had a milestone Birthday this month!  The Big 3-0!  Her folks must have been all cold and bored too!  She grew up with two brothers and no sisters also!  But, I think I could take her...
The horns only make her look mean!  She's always game for something fun!  Just like the sucker says!  I know it's her birthday and all, but look at this email order-up she put in last night:
I am going to start dropping off supplies on Monday so that I can come on Friday to pick up my canned veggies, jarred applesauce, bread and buns, yogurt, dehydrated fruit, jerky, and a new purse. Just sayin...
I thought it was pretty funny.  So, should I?  Hmmm...Wait for it.  HA! 

What I love and appreciate most about Jenny, can be described in one word.  Comfort.  When families come together by marriage, it isn't always a family at first.  But, when you are quiet and when you are willing, you can be alone in your thoughts and realize...Comfort.  And that my sister, is family.

Happy Birthday, Jenny!  ;)

Last but certainly not least, I want to say a special Happy Birthday to my friend, Heather!  She had a milestone this year too, but we wont say which one!  I am ashamed that I don't have any pictures of Heather and I together.  We are always too busy cooking something up and not thinking about taking pictures!  She's my one friend that shares a love of cooking, canning, sewing, gardening...and neither of us thinks that's weird!  Happy Birthday, Heather! 

And I want to thank my Mom, Dad and Step Mom. 
You did alright with us. 
This little country girl loves you very much!
Who mixed the Play-Doh with the Lego's???
Put the sugar in the sugar bowl, then put the sugar away.
You don't have to respect me, but you darn well better be afraid of me.
Never start a fight.  But if it happens, you darn well better finish it.
Gloves!  Gloves!
Shhh...Frankensteins Footsteps!
You don't need sugar in that cereal!


  1. Wow what a month. You in a cake coma yet? Happy Birthday to All.

  2. Happy Birthday Today!! May your day be filled with joy!!!! I love you.

  3. Happy, happy birthday to a blogger who always puts a smile in my day. So glad I found your blog! May you keep your up-beat spirit and zest for life forever!

  4. Happy Birthday! I grew up the only girl with 2 brothers too, I'm the oldest and our age differences are about the same as yours! Great photos, enjoy the month of birthdays!

  5. lol I always enjoy your post, they are sure to bring a smile in the mornings. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us. (((hugs)))

  6. Jane, the cake coma started last weekend when instead of cake, Meg made 3 different very bad, very good desserts. I ate them all!!

    Sue-Z! I love you too!

    Mama, you are too sweet and thank you! You bring joy to my days always!

    Erin, are you my twin? I think we are the same age even. I'm not the oldest, but being the only sister has it's perks!

    Stella, thank you! If I could give to you half the great stuff you have shared with me, I still couldn't make a dent!

    Thank you all, you make everyday a blessing! My 'laugh' counts have gone sky high since I ran into all of you and I look forward to reading your posts always! Even when it makes me cry, I still love reading. Mostly the laughs and the joy, you've given me some good ones!

  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes sis! Although, I may have to kill you for posting that TERRIBLE picture of me!! But I have to give you props for your photoshopping because that sucker did NOT say "play". Hahahaha!!!

    Hope you have a great bootday today!!!! Love you!!

  8. Love the picture of you in the cowboy boots! Love them legs!!!! Hoppy Bootday again! Hope you saw my post to you!!!

  9. are not families just GREAT!!!! Tell the brothers Happy Birthdau and tell TIM, I got A big TV, he knows.
    Love ya,