Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Obsession Confessions

I took some friendly heat for not blogging about "My Obsession" of late.  I suppose that might be - because I'm a little embarrassed by what does obsess me. 

So here goes...

I admit...I love True Blood!  But it's not my fault! 
I mighta kinda sorta maybe thought she HAD to have these!
It's hers!  I am guilty of feeding her obsession and she graciously returns the favor.  I have two SILs that love this and one who is gagging right now.  Sorry, Meg!

See, it all started like this:
My MIL went ga-ga over her Nook.  She swore I would love it.  So she lent me hers and I read one book on it and was as good as a gone!  Nope, I don't miss the feel of a book in my hands at all.  If anything, it has gotten me to read more -way more.  You just download, easy as 1-2-3.  The eBooks are reasonably priced too.

You know what comes next, right?  Yup, got one to call my own.  It's awesome!

I love to read.  Smut.  Another confession.  I will admit also to reading all the Harry Potter books, except the last one.  Who does that??  Then I read all the Twilight books.  I got tired of the whole 'kid thing' and hit Google looking for something more Adult.  Now listen, I don't mean X-rated, just aimed at the adult reader, ok?  Get off me!  I'm bleeding here!

Anyway, Google turned up a few good thoughts.  I started with this series:
The Night Huntress Series - Jeaniene Frost

Exxxxceeellent!  I've read all Six so far.

Then I moved on to this series:
The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series - J.R. Ward

Grrrrrrr....  I'm on the Eighth book.

And let's not forget this series:
The Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Series - Charlaine Harris
A.K.A - True Blood
I've read all 10!

Oh, and I have watched Seasons 1 and 2, thanks to my friend Caitlin, who never complains about my failure to blog about True Blood! 

All I gotta say is, "Yes, you can bite me there."

I've also read a few other series which roughly brings my Summer Reads to about 30 books.  Sleep is pretty over-rated.

Y'all know my other obsessions:
Gardening, canning, sewing, cooking. 
Now you know the crazy ones too!

C'mon...fess up!  What do you read with a passion or what are your other embarassing obsessions?

And pray tell - if you follow True Blood...
Eric   or   Bill


  1. Oh my THANK YOU! I admit my first foray into this type of "literature" was the Twilight series - I absolutely abbhor the thought of teen novels, but I was in serious need of some reading material and my neighbor brought over her beautiful boxed set and I was hooked! Now I have some "adult" stuff to check out! I am embarrassed to admit that I'm a sucker for some of this smut LOL! I can't bring myself to get the reader, I still love the feel of a book in my hand, HOWEVER - I am starting to see the benefit of audiobooks since I am using my books as a reason for having no time to knit or get on the treadmill!

  2. Ok, I do not read fiction much because it hurts my eyes after a while, and NOT because I need READING GLASSES! (I am not taking this aging thing well). But I do have an embarassing TV show I watch. Ok I watch.... Supernatural. It is the dumbest show ever but have you seen these guys on this show with their shirts off? Oh MAMA! And here is where it gets worse. I then watch the scenes again on youtube, I call it my youtube porn. Why did I tell you that?

  3. Obsessions? What obsessions!! I can name TONS of them but I am off to golf this morning (Obsession #1). I'll share some of my great reads later today. As for our Nooks? Can't imagine life without it. Thought I would not like it because I love the feel of a book but after about 10 minutes of reading on it, I was a convert!!! I too have read more than I ever have! Aweseome!

    Off to obsess on the golf course!

  4. Erin, uh-oh...think we may have just filled your reading list clear up! I have never tried an audio book, but I would seriously consider it as multi-tasking seems like an excellent option!

    Jane, hahaha! YouTube porn...that's awesome! And yes, I have seen the guys on Supernatural and don't blame you one bit! You told us that b/c it was a confession day. Ha! Thanks for sharing, I laughed a good one!

    Jan, yes, Nook leads to alot more reading and alot less sleep for sure! But golf, eh...not for me. I'd probably wrap a club around someone and then call it an accident. Want to go golfing with me now??? Ha! Didn't think so!

  5. Who the heck has time to SIT and read??? The only (yes, only) time I read is if I manage to get in bed early enough at night. (And that feels like SUCH a luxury!) Problem is I can usually only stay awake for about four pages. :o(

    BUT you gals have all got to get with audio tapes. I listen to them every day. While I'm doing dishes, weeding in the garden, taking a shower (hubby is hooked, too, and we have special hook in the shower for the tape player), quilting (like I've done much of that lately!), driving in the car, doing any dull and boring task. Makes the time just fly by.

  6. MamaPea, well, usually I read from 10pm- when the news starts and if I can make it...till about 2am. Then I sleep a few hours and get up, drink lots and lots of coffee and complain that I have a headache cuz I stayed up to late reading, drink more coffee, take aspirin, drink more coffee. See, now you really do have time!

    What do you guys listen to these audio tapes on? Is it an iPod thing???

  7. Oh, how I wish I could get by on that little sleep! (I could get so much more done.) Hey, maybe I should try an experiment for a week or so. (I'm serious, maybe I SHOULD try that.)

    We have little Panasonic recorders ('bout 3" x 4") that hold a single cassette tape and operate on two AA rechargeable batteries. Very low-tech. You can still get a gazillion audio books on cassettes through the Mail-A-Book division of our library.

    Okay, tonight I'm reading until 2 a.m., sleeping for a couple of hours, getting up at 5:30 with hubby, then mainlining lattes. Check. (If I am incapable of blogging - or anything else - in a couple of days, send help.)

  8. Who said anything about 5:30??? Aim for 7 am first and see if you can still put one foot in front of the other. 5 hours works for me usually, but I don't think a week long trial would be good for you -latte or not!

    If I sleep past 7 on any given day, that gives me a headache too. There is no justice in that! How I wish I could sleep till 9 and not pay for it all darn day!

    Aren't mornings great though? I love the peacefulness of it.

  9. Okay, I'm back from my 1st addiction and actually shot a really good score! Yeah me! My swing returned to me! But now to books! All of Jennifer Weiner's books are great reads, especially her first one "Good in Bed", which is not really about THAT at all. Also "Fly Away Home" and "Best Friends Forever". Then of course there are all of Emily Giffin's books. Loved "Heart of the Matter".

    As for audio books, I used to listen to them on my long commute to and from work but found myself too distracted and couldn't follow well. But that's just me! I know if I tried listening to a book AND knitting, one of them would surely suffer. Either a missed stitch or missed words. So I'll stick with my Nook!! I've never been great with multi-tasking! :-)

    Morning and coffee? My favorite time EVER!!!!

  10. Jan, are those sad books? They sound sad which is probably why I haven't read them yet. But if not, you may have to lend me one.

  11. You guys have waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time on your hands.
    love ya.

  12. Mornings are my very favorite time of day. That's when I'm most productive physically and also when I can do my best thinking. (Some mornings I can even manage to balance our check book then.) I think that's why I try to get to bed early-ish . . . so I can get up as early as possible. But because I haven't been sleeping well lately, I truly am tempted to give a shot at not spending so much time in bed at night. Maybe I really don't need as much sleep as I think I do?

  13. Pops, yer cruisin'!

    MamaPea, why don't you stay up really late and post that recipe the haters are demanding!! Ha!

  14. You know, it's only fair that we exchange these obsessions so that we have someone to (a.) talk to and (b.) attend support groups with. Ha!! This Rolling Stones Cover is just freaking hhhhhhhhHHHHHOTTT (said with your voice). Now if I can just get my bootie in gear (and give up sleep for a week) I can catch up with you on Night Huntress. Grrrr....

  15. Jen, support groups HA! I have a feeling that's not to get off the sauce but to daydream about getting ON it! That group would be pretty large from what I can tell and your Aunt Kathy needs an intervention too!

    Yup! hhhhhHHHHHOTT it is!