Saturday, October 2, 2010

Opening Season

Warning:  Not for the faint hearted!  If you are squeamish or against the hunt, pass this one by and accept my apologies!  I even incorporated an "off" first photo in case you stumble across that first!!

So as if you haven't already guessed, Deer Season opened yesterday!  And much to Pig Pen's delight, he got one! 

He called to tell me he got one, had tracked it and was dragging her in!  Now here's the best part...he wasn't entirely certain where he was.  Hmmmm...  So he asked if I could hop on the 4-wheeler and start where he parked the golf cart near the entrance to the woods and maybe he'd see my headlights. 

Folks, as much as I like to ride...  Me??  At night??  In the woods??  On a 4-wheeler??  Ha!  Yeah, Right!

Good news though, Long & Lanky Loren was already to the rescue!  Didn't take long and one hunter tracked the other, deer in toe, and she was all loaded up and everyone was safely home!
This was with his Bow.  Not a bad shot!
Now I suppose I should have rode out there, but I had envisioned LLL having to find us both.  I also suppose that a COMPASS might have come in handy.  But nooooo, these boys actually like getting lost in the woods!  Or so it would seem.  Gee, didn't Pig Pen get a GPS for Christmas last year...because they had all gotten lost down in Southern, IL??? 

And naturally, it always happens at dusk and you track into the night!  Why is that??

Oh well, what do I know!  Guess I'll find out soon enough when I go hunting for the very first time in November with Pig Pen, my Brother, niece and nephew!  I'm looking forward to it!

Bigger than the last one he got too!
If I leave a trail of bread crumbs, will that work? 
I didn't think so either!


  1. Thanks for the warning. I prefer to hunt for bargains, oh and purses :)

  2. Congrats on the successful deer hunt. I know you will make the best use of the whole animal.

    By the bye, there must be some unwritten law that says it has to be dark (or the middle of the night!) when wives get the call to come help (rescue) their husbands in out of the way, downright scary places. We can laugh and feel we "saved the day" in the morning, but heading out the door in the dark into the unknown . . .

  3. Yeah Adam!!! I won't eat it but....Yeah Adam!

  4. Nice shot! Congrats on stocking your freezer on the first day of the season! Did he get lost on your property LOL, or was he elsewhere? I'll have to copy this post and send it to hubby on the ship... just to rub salt in the wound, hahaha he's missing out! Yes, I'm evil like that :)

  5. Jane, see - you really are a hunter afterall!

    MamaPea, if he hadn't of said Loren was on the way, I would have went and saved the day or in this case night!

    Jan, you like deer just don't know when you are eating it!! Liar Liar Me Pants is on Fire!!!

    Erin, we have some wooded area as well as a bunch of our neighbors that let us hunt too, so nope he was off in the waaaaay back less traveled parts. Where exactly is your hubby deployed at right now?? That's not entirely evil, just gives him yet another reason to come home safely, right?!

  6. What a great shot, Bud, nice going!

  7. Congrats and great shot. dang I miss deer hunting. cant shoulder a rifle after havin an inch of muh collar bone removed. but hubby and oldest son alas get several. i think we had 5 last year and we havent bought beef in that long. this year I plan to can a lot of the meat. I use it in all recipes in place of beef.