Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Harvest

Ok, so this is what I have been waiting TWO years for...

Seriously!  Our first summer here, we had close to 25 pie pumpkins.  In the years that followed...none!  Not ONE!!  And let me just tell you, I love anything pumpkin!  Especially these two little punkins!

So to my utter delight, this year we have these from our garden:

The itty-bitty one on the end cracks me up!

Wont get me too far, but I am ecstatic none the less!

Last week, I went to the local pumpkin patch with my in-laws.  I thought about getting some pie pumpkins there, but decided to wait and see just how much these little guys might 'put up'.  I have a feeling that when I go back to the patch on Friday with my friend...I'll be paying $3.00 per pretty little pumpkin after all.


  1. I admit I have to go to the "punkin patch"! I have tried to grow them for 3 years with no success, but I admit I haven't tried very hard - I just throw seeds down and ignore them. I remember growing up they would have no problems, even growing up trees, but here not so much!

  2. Erin, my guess is that you haven't picked the right 'year'. For the last three years around this time of year, they interview some cute little old man on tv about the pumpkin shortage. And I have to second all that because mine seem to follow suit! So don't give up!

    I actually thought about letting mine 'climb' next year. Cuz ya know I wasn't smart enough to plant my peas on both sides of the fence, so I thought "Punkins and green beans" instead! And then let them fight!

  3. I am sure yours will be fine. But if you have to support a local farmer, that isn't bad either. Mine got eaten by furry thieves, so no pumpkin for me either.

  4. You may get more than you think from your little harvest! If we hadn't been trying to improve the soil in our "pumpkin patch" plot of ground (a succession of green manure crops) this year, I'll bet it would have been a good year for them even up here.

    I think you done good!

  5. lol well your punkins did better than mine. lol I had 2 the size of the second from the right on the front row. but I use cushaw in place of punkin in my recipes and ya never know and they are much easier to grow. I got a chit load of them.

  6. 4 things:

    1. Addie and I watched "Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" the other day and I pointed to pig pen and said that was Uncle Adam. Now she can reference him by name :-)

    2. Those two are the cutest punkins ever!!

    3. I am SO EXCITED you finally grew your own this year! Love the little guy :-)

    and 4.) If you think you still need more pumpkins after Friday, the kids and I are down for another trip to the patch. Or we can go alone and drink coffee. Haha!

  7. I'll take all the pies you can make. I wish I had my mom show me how to make them.

  8. How cute are those!? Love them!!! I can't grow anything but weeds... lol!! Oh wait, I lied!!! I notice there are two mums in my little bed by my front door... I don't remember if I planted them though... Everything else that is alive was planted by the builder and must be VERY hardy!!!! LOL!