Monday, October 11, 2010

What Motivates You?

It's curious what motivates a person to learn something new.  I laugh when I think back to what motivated me to learn to sew.  One day, I didn't know a thing, the next...I was just blazing away on all sorts of new projects.

So a few years down the road, I asked my MIL..."Hey, do you remember why we started sewing together?"  Now one thing about me...I am very forgetful.  I honestly couldn't remember what it was that sent me over the edge of obsession!!!

And then she reminded me, it was this:
Isn't that just the cutest darn thing you have ever seen?  My SIL had one and I just couldn't get over how cute it was and just had to have one for myself!  So this was the first thing my MIL taught me to do.  We made bunches of them!  Everyone got one for Christmas that year.  It's just a little candle 'cozy'. 

Do you know, that to this day...I don't have a cute little pumpkin candle cozy?  I mean c'mon!  I know how to make them, but never made one for myself!!

Maybe someone should do that???


  1. Now that is cute! How nice you thought of others before you thought of yourself. Time to get cracking.

  2. Hummm....I think I might know someone who could make you one!! She better get on it!

  3. Jane, I think Jan caught the HINT HINT. Ha!! Yes, I could make one...but it's more fun this way! :)

  4. I think honestly I get motivated to compensate for deficiencies LOL! Since I wanted to be a stay at home mom, I felt like I wasn't contributing to the finances and thus "compensated" by gardening and throwing myself into the homemaking thing completely. I started knitting I think because sometimes I get swallowed up in the kids feel as if I'm losing myself and "my" hobbies. Of course hubby loves that I am at home and has never thought about it in a negative way, but I still feel it sometimes. I also have a problem in that I can't do anything "half-a$$ed" so if I start something new I tend to get consumed by it, which is WHY I haven't started my sewing-learning yet - I just haven't had the appropriate amount of time quite yet. But thanks to you I took the first step yesterday and bought myself a new pair of nice scissors and they are now locked up away from the kids' art supplies LOL

  5. Erin, That is awesome that you got scissors and I am "Yippee"ing the fact I had a little part of that!

    And I totally get what you are saying about contributing! I don't have kids, but being layed off seasonally sorta makes me feel the same way. So I guess we are both lucky in that we have great husbands who appreciate all the hard work we do-do! That is awesome!!

    My mom always told me never do anything half-a$$ed!

  6. Sorta like the shoemaker's kids who need shoes. You make all these neat things to give as gifts but for some reason never get around to making one for yourself!

    (Maybe if you're a very good girl, it sounds like one might magically appear for you. Heeheehee.)

  7. MamaPea, ohhhh the conversations we've had on the shoemaker!

    I've been a good girl! I've been a good girl!

    Big cheesey grin!

  8. I will never forget the little dress that inspired me to start making clothes. I had sewn curtains and pillows and such but I wanted my little girl to have this cute little spider dress last year for halloween and I made it and never looked back! :)

  9. Oh stuff PALES in comparison to yours. Clothes are one thing I haven't really tried. I made one shirt that I wouldn't be caught dead in and a few pj bottoms for PigPen.

    If you all want to see some AWESOME cuteness, pop over to Angies blog and check it out at

    You'll be very impressed!