Friday, October 29, 2010

Without Further Adieu...

OK, so do you get the idea that my sock is lonely?


Are you thinking I am a total dufus for rolling around on the floor???

Here's my problem - I have no idea what size needles I used,
where they are,
or if I even have enough yarn to do another one!  
Oops!  Another sheepish grin!

But I vow to you's, that at some point thru out the winter months,
I will warm the other foot...even if they don't match!

And it will no longer be lonesome!
Thank you, Thank you very much!


  1. ROFL!!!!! I started off badly this morning getting whiny kids out the door, finally sat down with my coffee, and THIS! Thanks for putting a smile back on my face, I will admit to almost crying over the plight of your pretty sock though LOL! That's about the same color as I bought yesterday, we love those ragg-wool natural colors in our house! I feel like you should put up a Pay Pal button or a "donate to the cause" link... hope you get your sock a mate!

  2. You are SO hilarious....thanks for starting this hectic morning out on the right foot!! Even if he is lonesome. :)

  3. Remember that one pant leg up, one down trend? Well I think two different socks is a much better one. You start it and I will follow.

  4. Well one musn't have a bad day due to whiny kids! Better to laugh and make fashion statements! If I took donations, I could afford to pay to have someone else finish it for me. Hmmm

  5. I don't know what you're on, but I want some of it! (I'd love to have seen a video of YOU on the floor going through your contortions!)

    First off, you have knit (knitted?) yourself one heckuva good looking sock there. Secondly, Jane is right. Especially with the ragg yarn, just buy another ball that is ragg (matching the color as close as you can . . . or not) and go for it. I'd wear a pair like that in a second. (And tell everyone you made me do it.)

    I gotta go watch that video again.

  6. So you want a pair of mismatched socks for Christmas is what you are saying? We could start a new trend! I thought for sure the trend would be socks w/o toes, but Erin made it work...if not for her Momma!

  7. I laughed my ass off this morning watching this video. Good thing you didn't have any Peeping Tom's looking in. They would have ran for their life watching you.

    And if anyone wants to see Di on the floor, just watch her reflection in the glass door behind her when she gets up!!!!


  8. HAHAHAHA!!!!!! Okay...that was hilarious! You made me laugh. But now Addie wants to watch it over...and over...and over. Haha! You might have to put on a sock show for her the next time you are over :-)

  9. Jen, maybe some sock puppets are in order!