Thursday, July 22, 2010

For a Good Laugh, Rely on Family

My Mother-In-Law, Jan from Quilt...Knit...Sew...Repeat, is terrified of Chickens.  In good form however, she is being a sport and trying to sound interested, excited and so on. 

I think she's full of CRAP!

Our conversation went something like this:

MIL:   So now, do I really have to worry about snakes too?
TAPG:  No, Pig Pen says we don't have those kind of snakes.  I told him it's because we don't have chickens yet.
MIL:  I think I would run more from a snake than a chicken.
TAPG:  We are getting them as peeps.
MIL:  What's a peep?
TAPG:  It's a baby chicken.  Then I will have everyone over and we can bond with them while they are young and cute.
MIL:  Didn't we used to dye their hair?
TAPG:  (Stunned)  What?
MIL:  Yeah, I think we used to dye their hair.  I don't know where that thought would come from, so I think we must have.
TAPG:  (Mortified, Humored and Laughing Out Loud!)  WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU???

And for once....I did not show MY age, SHE did!  
But I did find THIS!!
Don't worry...
I won't let HER near my Chickens, just the Snakes!  :)  


  1. WHAT???? Or better yet...WTF????? Hahahaha!!!

  2. Crazy!! Those little dyed chickens...I think those are much scarier than snakes personally....LOL.

    Ok, nah, I'd still pick them up and kiss all over their little beaks. Chickens are the best.

  3. I should also tell you that we have had LESS snakes since the chickens came. Have you ever seen a chicken eat a snake?

  4. My full grown ladies LOVED it when the Captain would put a baby snake in their pen. They fought over it for a good hour. They tore it up- but to be fair, he had hit it with the weed wacker and knew the rule around here- you kill it- you eat it. So he gave it to the chickens.
    I have seen them go after the little ones, not the big ones. I jump and run while squeeling like a school girl from anything slithering along the ground. I'm getting better since it seems all we have are gardner snakes. I still get the jump & squeel but no longer head for the hills.

  5. OMG - I think I just wet my pants reading this! I am SO glad you found a picture of the dyed chicks or I would have thought I had done drugs as a child!!! And Di, when my text message from you said "I couldn't help myself" I knew immediately what it meant and went right to your blog!!!

  6. Mama Tea, I have never seen a chicken eat a snake, because like The Unusual Farmchick said, I too RUN! That is also the one time Pig Pen runs!! So it could get interesting around here!

    Unusual Farmchick - Welcome!! I will have to tell Pig Pen garnder snakes are culprits. Now those, we do have! Uh-oh!

    Jan, did you smoke marajuana cigarettes as a kid??? I'm tellin' yer mama! Kidding...she's never even seen one folks...I'm betting! :) Glad you laughed because I know I was!!!

  7. Ahh, feel bad for those peeps. I have had a bad dye job and I know how awful that can be. And I have found that black snakes seem to be the biggest peep eaters here. Do you have the common black snake there?

  8. Ha! Aren't you the one who confessed to the punk rock "do" from the 80's??? Still waiting to see that picture girlfriend! I don't know what kind of snakes for certain. Pretty sure we have only ever had the dead kind. :) I have a bird watcher's book, will have to get a snake one now too! Do you see what you started missy??

  9. I just had a visual of Pig Pen running and screaming like a school girl. Kind of like what Jen does when she sees a bug! It must be in the genes I passed on!!! As for "marijuana cigarettes" (as I call them)...never had one EVER and got drunk for the first time in my life in Budapest, Hungary at 53 years old!!! I'm just sayin!!! So while all my friends were out getting drunk in high school, I was home dying chicks!!!!!! (Just kidding on the dying chicks part)

  10. Well, he does run. And usually we have to con a Long and Lanky or Low and Lofty to do the dirty dead of killing it. He used a shot gun once though, does that count as bravery? And then there was me, "Kill it dead twice!!"

    And it's a good thing you said just kidding to dying those chicks cuz them's fightin' words here! You lush, you!

  11. Jen, I forgot to second your WTF! And I am sorry to say, Addie wont get to dye a chick either... But she can kiss one. Oh wait, who am I kidding! HA!