Monday, September 13, 2010

Ahhh...To Be Human Again!

Well, we had a nice long weekend of ALL sewing.  Wait...we ate alot too!

My "Work" Area
My MIL took me on my first Sewing Retreat in Racine, Wisconsin at the wonderful Siena Retreat Center.  It's a "Nunnery".  And no, the roof didn't cave in on us!

Room Full of us!  Kriket -front and Center :)
I met so many wonderful ladies and we sewed until the morning hours!  I learned alot of really neat things and saw alot of really great gadgets, mostly from Kriket the Gadget Ho.  This girls got EVERYTHING!  And I want it all!  :)  What I loved most probably, was that everyone is so willing to help and support each other.  Such nice ladies, like being wrapped up in a big hug!!

Momma M...Isn't that a great photo???

I was really, really shocked that she took her shoes and socks off!!

Pig Pen's Aunt Kathy
The Retreat Center is located right on Lake Michigan and the views are wonderful!

By the end of the Retreat, I accomplished one whole Quilt Top and started on a scrappy Log Cabin.  I can't show you the Quilt Top, because it's for Pig Pen and it's a surprise.  But he caught wind that I was up to something.  Bummer!! 

The scrappy pieces are pretty ugly right now...  But I love scrappy quilts and it's a great way to burn off material that may otherwise go unloved!  Once they piece together, I just love'em though! 

So I only got 3 done...  don't laugh!  Ugly, ain't they?  (it's ok, you can be honest!)

If anyone had told me a Sewing Retreat would make me feel human again, I probably would have denied it.  But, MAN!  I had no idea how much I really needed the break!  I think I had turned into a Dead Woman Canning!  I have been trying to keep up with what I have put up so far this year.  And a rough tally so far of various stuff "Put Up" is at...

  • 110 Qts
  • 166 Pints
  • 83 Half Pints
Hangin' Around:
  • 157 Lbs. Honey
  • 105 Lbs. Onions
  • 3.5 Lbs. Sweet Potatoes
  • 20 Lbs. Irish Potatoes
  • 44 Pints
  • 4 Pies
  • 8 Qts
  • 2.25 Lbs. Oven Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
  • 6 Lbs. Peppers
That is just what I remembered to track, not counting what went straight into our bellies or to friends and family.  If anyone knows of a neat Gadget or Tracking program for this type of stuff, I'd really love to hear about it!!!

SO, I think it's only natural that I was entitled just a wee bit of a break.  The garden isn't done yet, but I didn't feel like walking out there today - or jumping back in the can. 

I am still in Euphoria.  Maybe tomorrow?  Yeah, yeah...


  1. That is so NOT ugly! I love it!! Glad you had fun, you deserve it after all that preserving. I have 3 more months of toiling before the relief comes back and I can have some "me" time. Beautiful photos!

  2. p.s. the thought occurred to me "What would Ma Ingalls think of all those gadgets?!!" Sewing still eludes me, so I knit...

  3. OMG...If I had three more months, I WOULD be dead! You have my envy and sympathy all wrapped up in one though! Ma Ingalls! I always loved Little House on the Prairie! :)

  4. I love the photos of the lake! It looks huge! I suppose it IS HUGE! haha! Also, is PP's Aunt Kathy the mother to the author of 'Gracie Girl' or something like that? She had twins this year? I've read a blog that I found off of Jen's a time or two and I think it's her cousin. Maybe... anyway, striking resemblence if it is! Oh, and where are the pics of YOU at this retreat, hmmm?

  5. Seeing your pictures makes me want to go back already! What a beautiful place. Your butterfly photo was amazing. And Lake Michigan - fabulous! I'm so happy that you went with me and enjoyed your first sewing retreat. I told you that quilters are loving and welcoming people. You are already a phenomenal quilter and your work is amazing. I'm so glad that we can enjoy it together!!! Love you!

  6. Chelsi, Wow you connected those dots dead on! And I don't like pictures myself! are supposed to tell me I Suck! That is how I like compliments!! Thanks for draggin' my butt there! I am ready to go again! It was tons of fun hanging out with you and the girls! Love you too!

  7. What are these 'oven roasted cherry tomatoes" you speak of? Sounds like something I would like to know. I do not think that I could have gone to that retreat. Sewing is profanity laced for me. Not sure that would have been the place for me and my potty mouth. Sorry Nuns.

  8. Somehow, comments are dropping off blogger??

    Anyho...Jane, trust me when I say I was on my BEST behavior! I can make your hair stand on end when I get rolling. And sometimes I don't even realize it, so I have to make a conscious effort at times to clean it up! :) But I got zero criss-crossy things that nuns do, so I musta passed!

  9. And if anyone is interested in where I was inspired to do the Oven Roasted Cherry Tomatoes:

    I added fresh chopped basil, s&p, granulated garlic. Another batch, I swapped the basil for oregano.

    Both really yummy!!

  10. That is not ugly AT ALL! You are such a goof. You do beautiful work...and apparently you are becoming quite the photographer :-) Glad you girlies had such a fin weekend! You both deserved it :-)

  11. Nuthin' re-energizes you for home-type chores than getting away. Removing your body from the premises! Glad you took the time for the retreat. I've only gone to a couple of quilt retreats but LOVED them.

    The start of your Log Cabin quilt is gorgeous. Scrap quilts are my very favorite!

  12. My you are a busy bee! Your blog is so fun...I love to see what you are up to next. But I have to say you are amazing...I get tired just reading about what you are doing. P.S. I love how your quilt is turning out.