Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Take THAT!!!!


...Three...Great Give Aways!

It only takes a second to enter any of these awesome give aways!

If you are looking to stay fit, check out A Daily Dose of Davis for the big bouncy ball, rubberband thingee and workout DVD.

If you want something super cute and crafty, check out Tiny Brown Wren's Baby Button Nests.

If you want whatever you want, check out my CSN Stores $40.00 one time gift certificate.

So here's the deal, when CSN approached me with this, I thought "Wow, that's pretty darn cool!"  They said I could either keep whatever I chose and do a review or I could give it away.  I was very tempted!  I really want a dehydrator!  I'd give the shirt off my back to anyone who needs it, but...I am giving it away instead.  No strings attached!

Don't be shy on any of these great give aways!  There are lots of folks out there who are just givers!  It gives us pleasure to give to others!

Check the deadlines and then...Take THAT!

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