Thursday, September 9, 2010


I'm ready...

There are a few things I am tired of, yet thankful for:

Standing in my kitchen.  I'd rather be outside.
Barking Dog Trios
Canning, canning, canning!  I am sooo tired of these!

The fact that it is getting dark sooner!  That's a real bummer!  I love summer and the added daylight hours.

Things I really miss and am looking forward to:

Season Premiers, even though I only loosely follow them!

And this...

My sewing area is more of a catch all place right now.  :(  Shameful, isn't it?

But this week I am going to find the time to sort, dump, clean and PACK this baby up for my First EVER...sewing retreat!

It couldn't come at a better time!  I think I deserve the break!  My MIL is forcing the intervention upon me and's not like I am opposed to it!  We have several projects we hope to get done and I am really, really looking forward sitting on my can as opposed to putting something in a can!

I got this bad-girl after working my butt off this past spring (seasonal job) and have hardly put any miles on it.  So I need to get better acquainted with it...soon!



  1. Nice! I bet you'll have a wonderful relaxing time. I'm looking forward to knitting again when I won't be swamped with garden chores until I'm too tired to do it in the evenings! Started 2 hats last week, left them with only about 10 rows on each, LOL - apparently my time to knit has not arrived yet, too busy!

  2. I am so excited that you are going on retreat with me. You will be hooked. I think a retreat will be in your future EVERY fall from now on as a reward for such a "fruitful" summer. What a way to bring on the fall season!!! And you will love going home with a completed quilt top. I'm telling you - sewing all day, no cooking, no phone calls, NO VISITORS (except for me sitting next to you) and no TOMATOES to pick!!!!!

    Bring on retreat! I'm ready!!

  3. That machine looks like a space ship to me. Like I said before I barely can use my simple machine to make a hem. I want to know more about this retreat!

  4. Erin, I enjoy knitting too. I stink at it, but I enjoy in the round especially!

    Jan, your timing is perfect and I am very glad to be getting away AND that you will be driving. HA!

    Jane, it looks like a space ship to me too. But hopefully I will 'grow' into it. I don't hem either, so don't feel bad! But I can make a good purse!!!

  5. A purse! What kind of purse, what does it look like. You must show!!! (I have a little love affair with purses) There must be a purse post!!!!

  6. Ok Jane...will do! Purses are sort of a pain and I haven't perfected one yet, but I have a few that have turned out worthy of a picture. :) I will do a post next week!

  7. you. Have fun. You. Need it

  8. Have fun!

    Going with the theme of Jen's post... I thought I'd share. I have anxiety when I see a sewing machine! I can't ever try sewing! I'm afraid that my finger will get stuck under the needle and get sewed to something!!! OMG! Isn't that a crazy thing to be anxious over? I don't even know if it's possible for my finger to get stuck underneath, but I won't be finding out ANY TIME SOON! AHHHH! *freak!*

  9. Was that a post from THE Pig Pen??? Wow!!!! I will take great care of your honey over the weekend!

  10. Jan, I believe that really was THE Pig Pen! I feel so honored that he took the time on his little phone to peck that out!

    I'm a lucky, lucky gal! I'll have to let him know that as soon as he walks in the door! Isn't that sweet???

    Chelsi...stick around, I have a post ready for Jen and it's coming up SOON!

  11. Oh and Yes Chelsi, it is possible to sew your finger! Pig Pen's Aunt Kathy did it the first time Jan and her did a stich and bitch.

    On the bright side, you wouldn't need stitches...

    Seriously tho, you wouldn't do it! I swear!

  12. You go girl!! You deserve the break!!

    Isn't it amazing how the season starts out with you smiling at the sight of a tomato...and after awhile you think you might yak if you see another one?

    Have fun on your retreat!!