Friday, September 3, 2010

Peter Piper...

He really Peeves me off!

This is the fourth summer in a row that I have planted 'pickling' peppers of all sorts trying to duplicate these:

They go great with this:

I decided that after countless brine recipes and varieties of peppers taking up space in my garden, that if I couldn't get it right this year...
I would throw in the towel.

Yesterday as I was shelving more jars of exhaustion into the pantry, I could tell that something wasn't right. 

I sent in the hounds...

My nose that is.  I can sniff out just about anything good/bad/indifferent.

This was bad!  Heart sinking...OK, which jars didn't take???  What did I ruin???

Yup, these!  So much for packing the jars 'tight'.  Must have taken it to the extreme.

Burst right out of the jars, they did!
They smelled ... no other word to describe it ... like puke.

So I am sorry to say this - Pops, my pepper pickling days are over!  Peter Piper can pick on someone else!  I will buy you cases of them for Christmas!


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about the mess! Next year I am doing sweet bananas and pepperoncini instead of the jalapenos, they are so much more versatile!

  2. It feels like someone came in and hit you with a bat. That is what a jar going bad feels like. All that time and produce wasted. It happened with red peppers in oil for me (yeah I know, oil- but how can thousands of Italians be wrong?) So I give you my deepest sympathy Sista! At least you found it now, instead of 2 months from now when the smell might have been so bad you would have had to move.

  3. Erin, versatile my butt! I am going over the edge like you w/ jalapenos instead! I have many more uses for those then these darn things!!!

    Jane, you mean to tell me you canned a "NoNo" item and lived to tell??? Shhh...I hear the sirens coming for you now!


    Have a great weekend ladies!

  4. NOOOOO!!! do not give up. PLEASE!!!

  5. Pops, The begging gives a whole new meaning to "For Pete's Sake!"

  6. Hi~just out blog hopping and I found my way here. I love your approach on life that you have written in your profile! :) I enjoyed my stay here. I hope that you will be able to stop by my blog and say hi. :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Sometimes you just have to be smart enough to say . . . "Enuf!!" Let it rest for a while and when you try again, you might be surprised that you'll be successful.

    P.S. It smelled like puke?!? That would be enough to make me quit the quest without any guilt in the least!