Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who Am I?

Today, I am not The Apple Pie Gal...

I am a Crab Apple!

Call it a rebound from a wonderful weekend or whatever you will, but I could just spit nails and slit throats.  Ever have one of those days?  I am usually pretty level, but not today.  No one is safe.

Maybe it's because the garden looks so bad or because the wind blew.

Aren't those the most pathetic looking tomato plants??
 What greeted me in a matter of being away 4 days, 31 pounds of tomatoes and alot of weeds...I left them.  No green beans!!  I had really been counting on more since we have had only about 1/3 of what we normally would.  Looks like I will be buying them this winter...which I HATE!

I did find about four of these however.  The first year I planted them, we had 25 or so.  We haven't had ANY Pie Pumpkins the past two years, so this at least makes me happy...briefly.

I think I need a beer.  Can you hear me growling???


  1. Will you stop that growling? I'm trying to sleep!

    Go drink a beer and quitcherbitchin. ;-)

  2. Oh, don't let that "lovin feeling" go yet!!! You may have lost your green beans and more maters BUT..... (big but)you came home with a fabulous quilt and a clear mind! Trade off may have been worth it!!! Kisses

  3. Hey...I am only trying to decide where to hide the bodies! :)

  4. Opposite here - beans up the wazoo but can't grow a pumpkin to save my life! Don't feel too badly, I have never EVER seen a tomato plant in Sept that looks anything more than completely pathetic LOL! All droopy and dried up and warty stems, but yet we still let them sit there because THERE'S STILL FRUIT ON THEM VINES! :)

  5. I hate days like that. We all have them, that's for sure. Ugh!!! Put your feet up this evening and sweet dreams! Hope for a better day tomorrow!

  6. I think you need to curl up with your Nook and have a couple beers. Then call me in the morning and we can bitch until you feel better...or until Addie starts throwing a fit. Either way :-) Love ya!

  7. I left a comment yesterday and it is gone. What is up with blogger? Anyway hope you didn't have to dig to many holes yesterday. Even crab apples make a sweet jelly.

  8. I'm with ya, girl! Not today, but I can sure relate. If truth were to be told, there's ALWAYS a reason for our cwappy mood, but sometimes I'm just too dang grumpy and grouchy to be sensible, ferret it out and fix it.

    How 'bout cherry tomato plants that are still producing thousands of tomatoes but immediately split and ooze goo all over? Nice, huh?

  9. Mama Pea, There is nothing worse than oozing tomatoes or the smell that goes along with it! Wait...grabbing one of those oozing buggers isn't too pleasant either!

    Jane, if I get my hands on crab apples, I am going to give it a whirl. Maybe I will even mash them with my fists, huh?

    Jen, I did finish another book on my Nook last night!

    Chels, today is better...I am sewing! That always lifts my spirits!

    Erin, no surprise with the pumpkins. They had another clip on the news last night about the harvest nationwide being bad again. Which is why I was so shocked to even have 4 of them. I will relish the pumpkin bars that come from it and hopefully one pie for Thanksgiving!

  10. A beer? Just one? No wonder you're crabby. :-) Sorry to hear about your tomato plants. Not that this will help make you feel better or anything, but I pulled my four tomato plants from the garden at least a month ago. Still waiting for my experimental Jelly Bean tomatoes to give me some ripe fruits, but so far, all I have a annoyingly green clusters of little tomatoes.

    Your pumpkin looks lovely!

  11. Prescription for you: Have a beer, do some sewing. Have a beer, do some sewing. Have a beer do some sewing. Have a beer, do some sewing.

    Then post to us what you stitched! ;)

    Hope the nail spittin' has passed! I think you're fantastic whether you're Honey Crisp or a Crab.

  12. Awe MamaTea, that was so sweet! We've missed you! Apparently the grape harvest has kept you super busy!