Sunday, September 19, 2010

She Made It Look Sew EZ!

Well, My Jenny Girl did a fine job amazing me this weekend. 

I thought I would throw her for a loop, cuz that's what I do best!
Hmm...What if???
So, I got all the fabric cut out for her and away we went! 

Now, normally I WILL put sharp pointy objects in her hand,
Gosh, this one was from about 4 years looks so different now too!
But I thought the rotary cutter was a bit too treacherous.

We practiced on some muslin first.  She was real quick to pick up on needle up/needle down and knew exactly what to do when I told her to drop the foot.  She did an excellent job feeding and directing the fabric and her stitching was nearly as straight as could be!!  I was very impressed!

"We" only made two boo-boo's...BOTH of which were totally the instructor's fault.  Oops!

I was very proud of my little student and I think she was pretty happy too!

Can ya tell she done good???
I swore to her it was better than my first attempt and that I could prove it...
But you'll never see that here...Ugh, to be shown up by a smart-alec Jenny Girl, I tell ya!!


  1. OMG!!!! Our Jenny Girl is a sewer!!! It looks awesome. And now you can no longer consider yourself a beginner.....because beginners aren't able to teach like that!!! You are amazing!!!!!

  2. I need to take some sewing lessons from you!

  3. Well I think I see someone else to take to the sewing retreat next year. What a great job. I bet she didn't even say one swear word did she.

  4. I think you've got a quilter on your hands there! Darn good first attempt I would say . . . she must have a good teacher.

  5. Niiiiice! Impressive there, my dear! Good student, great teacher!!

  6. I am so ready to make a longer one.I had the best Teacher