Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Laboring Away...

Even though it was a long weekend, seems like there is still not enough time to get things done.  One thing that did squeak thru...The Coop!

Pig Pen and all his 'associates' really did a good job, and now it is all sided, under a new roof and ready for interior work.  That was his goal before winter, then he can take it slow.  Yeah, right!  Slow by definition to him is not the same as normal people!

He also made this, which of course Missy thought was for her.  Hope she enjoys it now, because she wont be any where near it come Spring!  So do you call this a doggie door or a chicken door?

2 Cats on a roof...Eric the Sharpshooter Eliminator and Pig Pen

And check out my MILs latest craze!  Isn't that the coolest doo-hickey ever?  I thought the fabric was pretty darn funny!

This was added to my collection this weekend too!  I can't wait to dog-ear and mark it all up!  I got over keeping my reference stuff all cute and tidy years ago!  Now I mark in them when needed.  I have too...or I forget everything!  No amount of brain exercises helps this gals memory so I will be making lots and lots of notes in here!  :)

What would Labor Day weekend be without a good picnic?  We ran up to Rancid Ryan and Meg's this weekend for just that.  I hadn't seen their new house yet and I gotta say I think I licked the kitchen walls, floors, drawers, get the picture!  It is an amazing house and I just loved it!  Did I tell you I liked the kitchen???

Did I fail to take any pictures of the house?  Of course!  But we did go shopping!  I got pictures of that! 

What the heck are we doing???  Every year for Christmas Eve, we get together at Pig Pen's folks in our PJ's.  It's our thing!  We stumbled across Christmas PJ's and decided to try them on in the aisle.  Now the funny thing here...these girls don't have a hillbilly bone in their bodies but they sure acted like they did by doing this!  We decided to match this year...





Goof Balls in other words!

Now I saved the best for last even though I couldn't figure out how to "flip" it for'll get the idea.  If The Bonnie Hunt Show were still on, I would send this in for one of her "Feel Good Moments".  This is my nephew and Apple Dumplin', Blake.  Coached by his Momma, Jen.

Isn't that the cutest???


  1. Gosh yall got tons a stuff done this weekend. A buiding up, shopping, ah the cup cozies are so cute. im seriously thinkin they would be nice in the pick up for drinks to keep the puddles outa the cup holders. Cause in the country ya git puddles then dirt and end up with mud on ya drink. All we did was drink home brewed beer, and shot stuff and ate all weekend. lol Typical hillbillies.

  2. I do think that the coop looks to good to be Wait till you see what chickens do to it. Not pretty. Isn't it scary that there are Christmas PJ's out NOW. It is still Summer. It was 90 degrees yesterday. I am not ready!

  3. Stella, it sounds like you had my kinda weekend! Yeah, mud on your drink, I can see that happening! That's why I don't buy fancy clothes...heehee!

    Jane, the inside of the coop will be metal and get hosed down easily, we hope! The weather here is cooling down but that doesn't make me too happy either! I don't want winter!

  4. That coop looks amazing! That's funny about the pj's, my sister-in-law's family does the same thing on Christmas Eve so after dinner at my mom's her and my brother have to make it back to her parents' house in time to don their Christmas Eve pj's! We always tease him, but it's a cute idea!

  5. Haha! Love the coop and our PJ pictures are HILARIOUS!!! Oh, and I am pretty sure Blake is the cutest baby ever. Just sayin...

  6. Holy Moly, THAT is a coop! I'm with Jane...wait until you see what those little buggers do to the inside of it. No respect, I tell ya!

    Your chickens will be so darn happy. How many are you planning on having? That looks like a chicken MANSION!!!

    And that video made me miss my babies. Today all I got from my youngest (now six) was some sort of devil possession rejection of school. I wouldn't be surprised if he yaks split pea soup tomorrow and spins his head. ;)

    Yup, your video...much cuter!!

  7. Jan's pjs are my favorite! LOL! And where the heck are you guys?! Love the video of Blakey boy... Oh... love. :)

  8. MamaTea, Ha! You make good visuals! We don't know how many birdies for sure...but I am listening if you are offering!

    Chelsi, some store up by Meg & Ry. Yeah, we ain't right!

    And yes...Beek is the cutest thing ever!!!