Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hey Ya'll!

Well it's officially Fall here and the garden is about pooped out!  Alot like the rest of us too, huh?

I have alot of catching up to do on all my favorite blogs as well as around the house.  And since I'd rather catch up with you guys than do housework, figured I'd start here!

To get things in the spirit of the season and because it's therapeutic, I have been sewing away!

And since I promised a purse post, here is my latest one:

It's corduroy and I love it!  It's 'slouchy', like me! 

I didn't put a closure on the outside pocket, that way I can just toss my keys in or grab and go! 

Gonna have to find me some more corduroy and make a few for every outfit, which would mean like, ya know...something to go along with my PJ's :)!

Fall also ushers in a Milestone Birthday for my SIL Jen.  We totally side swiped her two weeks in advance for the Big 3-0!  Anything closer and she would have known!  Just a good old fashioned girls night and most importantly for Screamin' Mimi's! 

In celebration too, she completed her first 5k run!  I personally think she is nuts, but hey...some people dig the run thing!  Good Job!!

Tomorrow should be fun too, we are going to a Fall Craft Show here!  Fall is the most awesome time for decorating as the colors go best with my house.  Love it!

And even though I say the garden is almost tuckered out, we still have lots of root crop that needs to come up and then of course pull all the old plants and get some good manure spread.  Nice thing about these tasks, we don't really have to get it done on a timeline.  Which is why I have been SUCH a slacker!

Man, I feel some good Chili coming too!  I love soup weather!  I plan to pressure can some even.  Never tried much along that line, but I intend to be fearless! 

Now I gotta go...time to read about a zillion of your posts this slacker has missed out on!  Oh, and get started on my next project too...

Isn't it cute???  The house doesn't really need to be cleaned, does it???


  1. I am so behind on reading posts too! LOVE the corduroy purse. I can't wait until our first official "sweater day"... I am SO ready for fall!

  2. Thanks for the shout out sis!! Glad you are back in the blog saddle :-)

  3. I love the fall decoration you sewed!!! I want five! haha, jk. I'm glad to read a post!!! I'm making crockpot Jambalaya today... Not sure if that counts for fall or not, but hey anytime I use my crock for a soupy type meal I feel fall like!!! :)

  4. Soooo glad your back APG, missed ya!!! LOVE the purse. The contrast lining is so cool. When will you get an esty up and selling those buggers? Happy B-Day Jen.

  5. Jane, Hahaa...Etsy. That's funny! If I could ever just make one thing that didn't have some imperfection, I would consider it. But I always screw something up and then end up cussin' and swearin'!! SO glad you made it to the Mother Earth Fair!!! I was so happy when I saw that you won tickets!!! Gosh I wish I could have gone :(

    Jen, you deserve it for all the work you do...but don't worry, when the big day actually arrives, I will get ya then too! Can't wait to give you your gift. Unlike Yo Mutha, I can keep a secret! ;)

    Erin, you should be eating chicken noodle soup and drinking hot tea...not reading! Sleep my child!

    Granny, if my purse looked half as good as your garden still does, I'd be a very happy gal!

    Chels, heck ya! Any time the crock pot gets cracked out for the season, it's officially Fall/Winter! Oh, I will tell Jan you want 5 of those things...hahahahaha!!!

  6. I talk to you almost every day, yet I was THRILLED to see your blog post FINALLY!!! I'm tired of everyone asking me where you've been. My sister Lori even mentioned tonight that she missed your posts. Oh, and corduroy is 40% off at Joanns starting Sunday!!!!

    You also failed to mention to Chelsi that the wall hangings are $100 a piece right? Chelsi, still wanting 5????? :-)

  7. Hey...look which SLACKER is talking! Jan you haven't posted in a MONTH!!! And you have made a zillion things you could show off!

    So, maybe I will make some more of those wall hangings afterall! Ha! That's good!

  8. Your sewing skills are impressive! The purse is beautiful and that print on the lining fabric is really pretty, too. Love those inside pockets!