Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Worker Bees

Remember I said I tried to get some action shots at the hive and...Brave?  No.  Did I run?  Yes.

Heather...I did this for you so that you could see your honey, Rookie Rick, up close since you couldn't be almost owed me BIG time!  :)

The camera doesn't have legs.....

I promise I wont be offended if you scroll fast thru the pictures, but I do think they are pretty cool, so here goes...

Here are the the truck...and far, far away!

Ok...LLL is allergic to bee stings, so I can pardon him at least!
We set up an assembly line to bottle it all up.

Momma M wiping the bottles.

Aunt Kathy's Palmolive Hands...she soaks in it.

Uncle Darrell cleaning the jars.

Sue and Pig Pen filling them up!
Here are the pantry shelves before this harvest...and after.

Aunt Kathy and Momma M staged this one for us:

And then this just cracked me up, so I had to add it to the mix.

That's Al the Mole Hunter Neighbor Dude, outside Pig Pens Garage the day we harvested...on his golf cart like the guy from Home Improvement or something!  Hey, it's not McDonald's either!

And then I saved the best for last!  Pig Pen wouldn't let me show it before because he wanted to surprise all his family and friends (done!), so I get to show you how cute his little brain is finally!



  1. I noticed on the video as soon as Pig Pen bent over you gasped and took off running. I am assuming that it is nothing you haven't seen before and he did have pants on..??? Bee is a likely story, but...

  2. Awww is right! The honey looks marvelous. :) And how awesome that you had everyone over there to help you. Sure makes the job easier! Or at least go a little faster.... ;)

  3. Jane, you have a very good eye! I hadn't noticed he bent over just then, Ha! Nope, there was a bee at my there such a thing as vampire bees???

    MamaTea, we missed you girlie! Glad you have had a moment to breath!

  4. Wow all that honey! I just love that shot of the pantry all stocked up!

  5. Ah yes, reminds me of our beekeeping days in Illinois where the bees actually had a chance to make ample honey. Not quite so easy up here in Minnie-soda but we keep trying! Looks like a fun day with all involved. And LOVE the looks of those pantry shelves.

  6. WIsh I could have been there to see it in action. Although, I am sure I would have been sitting with LLL :-) Next time for sure!!! And damn...that's a LOT of honey!

  7. Wow...that is so cool. Thanks for getting the upclose pics for me Di. What a GREAT friend you are.