Thursday, June 30, 2011

At Least Somethings Growing!

Yesterday I received a copy of the book I won from Mama Pea's giveaway!

To say that I was honored, thrilled, excited to have a little piece of history from someone such as her would be an understatement.  Many, many of us have grown to love her as our own little Mama.  This book will be treasured.  Thank you, Mama Pea!

She had bazillions of entries for this book!  But one entry in particular just tickled me silly!   I know Pig Pen's Aunt Lori is out there reading blogs.  Well, she actually left a comment on Mama Pea's!  I just have to share it again:
Aunt Lori said...
Hi Mama Pea, I am Apple Pie Gal's Aunt Lori. She talks about you all the time. She is rubbing off on me. After my divorce after 26 yrs. of marriage, I am finally trying to take care of me. I have never cooked real healthy for myself so these would be helpful.Glad to meet you, maybe you will inspire me also.
How can you not want to give her a big, squishy hug?  To this I say...ya know what Aunt Lori, you DO deserve a copy of this book.  Your very own is on it don't be throwing out anything from Barnes & Noble my dear!  We all want you happy and healthy!  XOXO

My personal bookshelf has increased tenfold over the last year.  Here are the ones I am working on now:

Soap making is a project that I absolutely have to dig into.  Sure wish my Lavender and Calendula made it thru the monsoons...
Of the two, I like the plain cut language in this one best:
Grains.  Even if small scale, I am off to a bit of a start in that direction.  I have corn for drying and buckwheat planted.  This is a nice book with all sorts of information including how to plant, harvest, even use up your grains.  Yes, it has recipes  :)
Since I have the Grain Mill now, I really needed a great book on bread making with grains.  Jane recommended this one.  Have you noticed two certain some one's like Laurel's Kitchen books?  Well, they cant both be wrong!  It is a very good book.
If I can, I'd like to figure a better process for root crops.  I say "IF" because our cellar is pretty scarey...might have to get over it:
And then Jody and Susan both recommended this one:
Very thought provoking.  I am really enjoying this book!  Talk about a forward-backwards thinking man.  Confusing?  Read the book and you will know what I mean.  In other words, he sees what is happening, predicted it even, how it impacts our farms and the old, kinder ways needing resurrection.  You know, when we actually cared for things the right way and family was family.  Well, I am sure there is much more to come as I just got it and am only on Chapter 5. 

So the only thing growing by leaps and bounds around here is my bookshelf!  :o)

That's not entirely true...
The garden is growing!


  1. What a fantastic post - I had just been perusing books on grains, "preparing" not necessarily cooking and soapmaking LOL! I have not liked the ones I found at the local library, they are too prissy and boutique looking and I'm looking for "regular" soap recipes for a "regular" gal haha I'll check into these!

    Yay for Aunt Lori!

    p.s. verification word is "liess"'s ALL LIESS I tell you :)

  2. Erin, the second book would be my pick for you then. How can you go wrong with a "Grama" like picture on the front? :0)

  3. Grama? That woman look deranged. Scares me. Looks like she is cutting up the bodies.

    Cant wait to see some dishes from that book. I am hungry now, so what you got cooking?

  4. Apple Pie Gal....thanks so much for sending me the link. And a big Yee Haw for Aunt Lori... always remember that, "You Are More" reference to our past....we have to keep moving forward in this journey called life. :-)
    Thoroughly enjoyed the day at Piper City!!! If i had more money, we could go again
    And for everyone out there, that belt has more bling than you know....i think The Apple Pie Gal was afraid she might blind everyone!!!

  5. about time I consider myself for one of these wonderful books. I haven't many aunt Lori's left but I have at least25 nieces-I can only hope to convince one to buy me this book-or just buy one for myself-they sound pretty nifty.[ did I mention I am from a huge family-7 sisters and 6 brothers ]

  6. To Jane - LOL, I almost choked on my iced tea! :)

  7. Jane, HA! You've been watching too much sci-fi crack!

    And I am planning the first dish tonight! Nothing extravagent since I do not want to go to the store two days in a row...having such a nice day with out PEOPLE ;)

    Judy, well I think you need to tell them to take up a collection! With that many kids in the family, they should be able to pitch in what? A dollar each?

    Erin, at least it didn't come out your nose! Or did it?

  8. Especially to My Cowgirl glad you figured this little comment thing out. Your words are very inspirational and true. You are a very dear friend and money or not, we can always find something to stir up without it! We always have! xoxox

    Thank you for being such a "good girl"

    And thanks for loaning me the blinged out belt, now I will have to post the entire picture and advise everyone to put on some sunglasses! ;o)

  9. Awww, your Aunt Lori sounds like a very sweet lady.

    Looking forward to seeing how your soap making project turns out. And very nice to see that your garden is growing after all!

  10. You are being just too, too nice to me. Now stop it!

    I, too, was touched by your Aunt Lori's comment on my book giveaway. I would have been pleased as punch if I had drawn her name but drawing yours instead was super! You're a peach for sending her a copy!

    Don't know why but the soap making bug has never bitten me. Should I be worried? Gosh, Jane, the minute I saw that lady's face on the soap making book I was struck that it looked exactly like a gal I know. Should I be worried?

    Darn, you had to go show pictures of all those cool books. Papa Pea wants to clear an area of woods on one side of our driveway for pasture land or grain field and I really need to get some books on growing grain. Wendell Berry's book looks really interesting also. I think I'll start making my Christmas list now.

    Your potato plant looks super healthy. Don't you think potato blossoms are gorgeous?

  11. Thyme, well right now the soapmaking is in the "I think I can" and gathering phase. I am a little scared. So if it turns out like pressure canning, when I knocked myself upside the head years ago saying, "Gee, that was a piece a cake!", I will be very happy indeed!

    MamaPea, right back at ya! I don't know how often Aunt Lori is online, so she may just get a package and scratch her head.

    That is just so funny that I never gave thought to the axe murderer on the cover :)

    Well just think, with the right amount of space, you could have a wonderful pasture with some goats or something. Or you could grow your own grains for the feed you already mix!

    And I'll be danged if Christmas IS just around the corner. Don't feel bad, we are all making lists!

  12. I'm always on the lookout for new books to read....I'll be checking a few of these out! Great post!!

  13. Sue, great ones to choose from! Let us know what you decide and what you think of your choice!

  14. do you have a book on the shelf for a alfa romeo?
    oh ya, love the belt and boots