Monday, June 13, 2011

Damage Control

Even though the garden is still quite smushy, I had to get out there yesterday and do some damage control.  The weather has been cooperating!  For now at least!  Temps have cooled and it has been really nice!

Here is what the garden looked like before I got going:
Obviously still pretty darn wet and washed out.
Any plants and seeds that had sprouted, have thus far pulled thru.  Even a few of the ones that I had already re-seeded are hanging around.  I will have to re-seed a third attempt at alot of the carrots.  Pig Pen thought we should give it a little longer and see how things turn up.

And things went a bit faster this time since I ditched the Weasel.  We now have a "His & Hers" version of a tiller:
Worked things up pretty darn well!  :o)
Since we did have such nice weather, Pig Pen was able to check the hives:
They are all doing great!
We should be moving a fifth hive in pretty soon too.  Hopefully it's not too late to be moving it because where they are 'hanging out' now -keeps dripping honey on the farmer's equipment!

We also found our very first fruit in our orchard we have been trying to establish:
And now, something completely sweet that Pig Pen did for me...we lost our Cherry Trees a year or two ago.  Well, they were on sale and he got me new ones and planted them already!  Now the chickens just loved the mulch.  He had it mounded up all nice and neat...they had other ideas and spread it out themselves.
Oh, and the Cherry Trees he got me...
HA!!  So dang cute!  Well, the picture led him astray!  They will be pretty at least - in my FRUIT orchard!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wait, are those crab apples or cherries. I am confused too! Glad the bees are doing well and I do see green in the garden so that is a very good sign. I think your going to be alright.

  2. So glad you're drying out APG! Poor Pig Pen. You know that neither one of you will EVER forget this, and that makes it so much more special. More special than just any ole cherry tree...(I think you can make crab apple jelly, can't you?)

  3. Well, at least Crabapples are stunning when in bloom and will pollinate everything! Our forecast is good too for the next 3 days, yippee! Lots of work here, too, it's kind of traumatic LOL

  4. Jane, they are crab apple trees. He just saw the picture and thought they were cherries. I can see how it could happen. I think the phrase "It's the thought that counts" is what applies here. So cute of him and his sheepish grin.

    Tami, you are absolutely right! I will love those trees like the dickens! And you can make crabapple jelly, I just need to find out if this type of crabapple will work.

    Erin, yes, they are a very beautiful tree, no I am not gonna mind one bit! So glad the good weather is reaching you as well! Now ya gotta scamper to get it all done without sweating to death when the heat returns! Good Luck!

  5. Well, I think that was very sweet of Pig Pen . . . even though he may have jumped to a hasty conclusion! The picture looks like small fruit even for crabapples so I can understand his mistake.

    I just know you're going to get your garden under control despite ALL the frustration you had to go through.

  6. Our chickens do exactly the same thing. I'd complain about it, but we love our chickens; they can do no wrong (as long as they stay out of the neighbors yard).

  7. Lookin good over there sis! Hoping the rain stays FAR away this week :-)

  8. Oh yum-cherries---jk---you guys work so hard,makes me feel guilty every time I complain.

  9. Crabapples are so pretty when they bloom...what a sweet guy you have! :)

  10. Hi Apple Pie Gal- I love your tiny tiller! I'm going to have to put that on my birthday list.
    Your garden looks very neat dispite what you've gone through. It seems like gardeners all over are having it hard this year. Hope all's well from here on out! Congratulations on the new nephew. He's just beautiful!

  11. Wow-looks like you've had weather woes!! Much worse than internet woes. I'm hoping you have MUCH better growing now. And what a sweet jesture replanting the cherry trees. Now if you could just talk to the chickies about their "re-mulching"!

  12. Fruit takes awhile to get but it is oh so worth it. I love your "hers" tiller! Maybe that's what I need. :)

  13. Patty, thanks ma'am! Hopefully things end up well enough to feed us for another year. And thank you for the congrats on little Owen too!

    Susan, glad to hear your chickens help you landscape too! HA!!

    Leigh, if only I could start the darn thing easier! Bugger!