Thursday, June 9, 2011

Permission to Commence With Full On Tizzy

We went to bed last night thinking the storm was going to skirt us.  According to the Radar Map, we should have gotten lucky. 

We most certainly were not lucky.  Not sure how much rain overnight, we did hear some hail, lots of wind and some soft rain.  And then Mother Nature stuck her tongue out at me.

This morning it poured buckets.  So me and my coffee were having a peaceful time indoors catching up on blogs when in the blink of an eye - lightening struck.


Sparks flew thru my office, shot thru my computer and out of my favorite little corded micro-mouse.  It blew my hand clear off the mouse.  I can still feel the tingle in my thumb.  The mouse is dead.

Pig Pen was still upstairs when I hollered.  Of course he got a rude awakening with sparks shooting across the bedroom sockets as well.  It was very loud!  Never seen anything like it and certainly never felt anything like it.  And that surely was just a small jolt.  Imagine the real deal!

We immediately checked all sockets for flames or sign of fire.  None.  Phew!  But the destruction did not stop there.  Of course it blew fuses in the house.  Oddly, we have power.  But it fried every phone, every TV including the 55" and 30" brand spanking new flat screens we've had for less than one month, the fridge, all GFIs, the sockets that thought it was the 4th of July and my desk top computer.  That is what we have found so far.  I shudder to think there may be more.

In the pouring rain, I put my big girl boots on and we went to look for exterior damage.  We found none.  At first Pig Pen thought it hit the ground, now he is thinking the wires.  No direct hit to the house, otherwise we'd be ablaze.  See, we do have some luck!  Always try to find the bright side ~ it will hinder insanity.

Then we went to check on the Chicken Coop.  Happy to report we did not eat fried chicken for breakfast.  But since we were out there and already know what is coming next right????

Not the best of photos due to the rain.



One of the Carrot and Beet rows - if any are left.  AGAIN

Beans, Peas, Peppers with any luck!
3" of why Mother Nature Hates Us

Think I will open a can of pukey tasting Spaghetti Os and call it a day.

Drinks anyone?
I already miss my mouse :(  may it RIP.  Maybe I will look for a cordless micro-mouse next time.

Now, may I PLEASE have my Tizzy?


  1. I have tears in my eyes for two reasons. First off, I'm so sad for the senseless Mother Nature and her major sticking out of the tongue at you. Someone needs to give her some Midol, because you're worked WAY too hard to have that happen to your gardens!

    I'm also shedding a tear though because the way you wrote about the whole thing is so flippin' hilarious...I can't help but laugh! You my dear are a true farmgal. Walking outside to find utter nastiness, and being able to tell the tale with humor. I raise my glass to you.

    And yes, go ahead with the tizzy. You deserve it!

  2. Thank goodness you are all right! Poor little mousie. Such destruction - both inside and outside. Getting kinda hard to find the bright side of all this, isn't it? You go ahead and have a full-out, no-holds-barred tizzy. Then have your Spaghetti-Os, washed down with some of that homemade wine. I hope the garden comes back from the full frontal attack.

  3. Thank goodness you are OK!! Thank goodness for homeowners insurance too!

    I think that you are entitled to 10tizzies and as many drinks as you wish!

  4. I'm so sorry!!! I'm glad you and the hubs are OK.

  5. MamaTea, yes ma'am laughter is always the best option. I mean really, ya can't change it! So roll with it! Belly rolls!!

    Susan, thanks :) I suspect lots of us to keep company with this year.

    Robin, ya know I never had to turn anything in EVER - and this makes the second one this year!!! That's what we pay for tho, right? And the crummy part is now our premiums will go UP because of it. Doesn't seem fair that you pay those rates for years and years and then get penalized for it.

    Peakview, yes that's the important part! Thanks!

  6. HOLY CRAP! I am glad you all are ok, and that the chickens didn't get fried! Your poor seeds. Mother nature is such a B*%ch sometimes! Maybe she is having like, the worst PMS attack ever. That super sucks about your tv's.

    Even though everything is dead and is so horrible, the way you wrote it made me just laugh by butt off! But in all seriousness, I am sorry that happened! Thank goodness for no exterior damage! If we were closer and real neighbors and not just blogging neighbors, I bring a jug of wine!!!

  7. First, and most amazing is that Pig Pen was still in bed. I didnt think he ever took a moment from work to even sleep! Second, I say we all go on a diet of air and tree bark, then the loss of all of our food wont be an issue. Bark Roast anyone? Third, they say lightening cant strike twice in one place so I do believe you will be on the upswing now. Fourth, pour the wine and if you keep on drinking you can delay the headache indefinitely. Bottoms up!

  8. YOu most certainly have permission to throw a MAJOR tizzy!!! I can't believe that happened!!! We got all the lightening last year (two trees...lit up like Christmas trees) and now you guys! NOT FAIR! And your poor garden...I could cry for you :-( Wanna come over for some wine and True Blood tonight?

  9. Seriously????? First, thank God you are okay! Now what the cr@p is up with this? I can't believe all that damage and your poor garden... I have tears in my eyes. The fact that you still have power is really strange, I bet it made you think it was a dream for a minute! Definitely wine, and lots of it. Keep us updated, girl, vent and throw tizzies all you want. I think I would be rolling around in the mud sobbing.

  10. Tiny, a jug of wine for each of us sorry bloggers might work. You sure are sweet to offer, but careful - you might find a bunch of us at your door! :)

    Jane, my friend Tricia says tornadoes never hit the people holding the camera. Where was my damn camera this morning! Surely it works for lightening too! Tree bark, yuuuummy! But if it avoids the headache then I am willing!

    Jen, with any luck since the dvr's didn't get blown, just the tv's -go figure that one!- I will hopefully get to see Sunday's rerun. But just in case, you should hit record for me and crack the bottle!

    Erin, I know, it's just plain strange!!! How can we have power?? I really should consider a mud bath actually. Nope I didn't cry tho, had to just laugh! My step mom insists it isn't funny, but I really think it is. I'm sick in the head.

  11. Ha! Denial can be a life saver. You just go ahead and handle it in any way you choose.

    Thank your lucky stars your house didn't burn down! And neither of you got your toenails curled. The material stuff is replaceable. Yes, a pain in the butt to have to go through all the hassle, but it can (and will) be done.

    All the time reading through your post, I just kept saying, "No. Oh, no. No, no, no." I think things like your potatoes will come through okay but probably not the seeds you just got planted.

    I simply can't believe you're having to go through all this.

    What can we as bloggy friends do except tell you we feel your extreme frustration. We're all behind you and with you in spirit 100% for what that's worth. HUGS!

  12. Oh my! We just had a major electrical storm here with lightning right overhead...and I was thinking...that was CLOSE! I wondered what would happen if the transformer outside got I know!
    So glad you are ok!
    :( about your garden.

  13. oh my that was too close for comfort. So glad you all are ok. But sure is enough to make a feller wanna give up. Behind every cloud is silver lining, but am thinkin it might be lightening. We had storms this evening dance all around us and not even enough rain to settle the dust. Take heart tho, the standing water will drain fairly quick and a lot of the garden stuff will be ok. It will leach a lot of nutrients out of the soil, but ya can put those back. God bless and keep ya.

  14. So glad to hear you are okay! I say drink up, throw a huge tizzy and then drink some more. When life gives you lemons, make a lemon-drop martini...

  15. MamaPea, alot of it did sink in today but it's darn mushy! I hope all the plants survive. So the question now is do I re-seed for a thrid time or what?? Thank you for all your support!

    Ruta, oh now that I know the difference of a close call I can say without a doubt there is some difference. Horseshoes and Handgrenades!

    Stella, good point! I need to get some compost out there asap! And yes, every cloud could have lightening with that silver :0)

    Mandy, now a lemon drop martini - those I LOVE!!!

    Hey, the Greek girl loves lemon, well whatdayaknow?

  16. Oh, so scary! Glad you're ok. Go for it. Have a tizzy. I think it's earned. Hubby tells of the time he was laying on his bed, asleep in the barracks, and lightening hit the man-hole cover in between his building and the one next to it. He woke up to the sensation of falling, and right after that hit the floor. Something for you to tell your grandkids!

  17. #1Tizzy------------#2Tizzy---need more-go ahead.A few years back we had a tornado go through.Ins. can be real buggers.We would have been better off had we had worse damage. The fact that we had the house up for sale and paid a professional to do all the walls did not matter to them. How they got water damaged was not important because ,for instance -a tree did not directly go through the wall or roof-so your screwed according to section 4#56%8**()123@# so we did not fall under that ordinance or ins.code whatever-I hope this doesn't happen to you.give mousy a nice burial SO GLAD YOUR AND YOUR FAMILY ARE ALRIGHT.

  18. Lori, now that would wake you up! On the bright side of that, better lightening than a bomb! See, always hoping for the best.

    Judy, you are right. Already this is proving to be a very maddening thing to get accomplished with the insurance.

    And I am getting cranky on top of it.

    I don't even like me when I am cranky.

  19. No, no, no no, no. I can't find words.