Monday, June 6, 2011

Old People Need Sleep

The last few nights in a row, we have been either out or up way past our bedtime.  Not only does it throw my mornings out of sync and the rest of the day suffers, I can't form complete sentences.  Things like "garbage can" come out "garbage van".  I even asked Pig Pen to put the mower on the deck.  Huh?  Of course it could be that we have been overworked too.  But I think it's because old people need sleep.  I need sleep.

So the garden is situated with the exception of a few tomato plants a friend gave us that I will put out tomorrow in place of my sorry seedlings that just aren't cutting it.  Feels pretty darn good albeit a few weeks behind schedule. 

Friday started the late run of nights out.  Much to my enormous joy, my nephew graduated from High School!  And I even managed to capture that elusive teenage smile!
Only in America can you drive a 30 mile crow fly and things change so drastically!  There were 32 kids in his graduating class.  There were 142 in mine -22 years ago!  This was a super nice group of kids.  The kind when you shake their hand it's firm.  Ma'am and Sir are a given.  Maybe it's because he graduated from the same High School my Mom and all her siblings did?  Where things like this were still important:
Saturday my friend Tricia came out.  I had to laugh because she asked if I wanted to go for a walk to 'get some sun'.  I told her she may call it walking but I call it gardening!  So she got her first taste of working the ground.  And she got a little sun too!  She re-seeded the empty bean and pea spots that washed out, helped mulch and all sorts of other random things.  It was a long day and she troopered right thru with me.

Thank you Tricia!!  I will forever call seeds "Marbles" and Marjoram will hence be known as Margarine :o)

Our hard work paid off in that Keith, her long time man, and the the other boys decided they would make dinner that night!  We didn't argue.  Instead - we hoped on the four wheelers and headed into the woods.  Tricia decided we could make our own path.  There was much laughter, running into trees, into each other (hey it happens!) and lots of gear grinding...which was mostly due to laughter I think! 
Oh, and Tricia was wrong, we could not make our own path!  But it sure was fun trying!

Sunday was my goof-up day.  At this point the words weren't coming out right.  I managed to pull it together long enough to hit some odds and ends.  When dinner time came, Pig Pen said he wanted spaghetti and he added "don't burn it."  Oh the audacity!  Like I would burn anything?  However, the last time he said he wanted spaghetti, I did burn it. 
Can't remember doing that in a long time!  But that's what you get when you come in all fast like and whip something together and then head back to plant corn! 

Sunday night we went to visit with some friends.  And got home late yet again.  However it's always worth it when you can spend time with others and talk about bees, chickens, walk their gardens and have homemade ice cream!

Now if the weekend didn't kill me, today surely did.  Pig Pen is off this week!  This is a novelty, trust me!  Usually everyone wants a piece of him and I have to wait.  For the most part, I am pretty easy going about this.  But there are so many things he wants to do on top of the things I want him to do.  So, it's long overdue that he gets to spend some time at home doing his things!

We spent the entire day trimming trees.  Lots and lots of trees.  Sound like fun?  Remember when you were a kid and before your Dad would mow, he made you pick up sticks?  I.Hate.Sticks.  We started in around 9am and finished up around 5pm.
Sadly, the old cherry tree had to go entirely.  We did salvage alot of it for the wood smoker. 
It was so nice to have him home.  I can not begin to tell you what a rare treat it is that we get to spend an entire day together, even if we did work our butts off! 
He probably thinks of it as foreplay.  Me?  I think Old People Need Sleep!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh, I remember picking up sticks, and so do my kids. That was how we did punishments. No groundings or taking away television for them. Nope, it was "you are in trouble, you have to pick up ___ wheelbarrows full of sticks." Now that there's only one at home and she rarely gets in trouble, I'm the one who has to pick them up. I hate it also. I'm with you, Old People Need Sleep!

  2. You must be a total youngster - I couldn't manage more than two days in a row of "past my bedtime". I bet you two have lots of things to do together on his week off - and I'm glad to hear the garden's back in. What else is on your jam-packed schedule besides a little extra sleep?

  3. Foreplay! (Laughing...) SM always says "You know you're old when you'd rather sleep than have sex." (grin) Enjoy your "Honey Do" this week.

  4. I am so jealous that you got stuff done. And lots of stuff. Horray! Now how does one get the Husband to do stuff. Lets see, there was mention of foreplay...

  5. too funny-fore play,If your too old to go without much sleep than I'm over the hill because I can remember my dad making us mow all day long with a push mower!

  6. Ruth, I think picking up sticks is a good way to cure kids from saying they are bored too. Probably why I learned early on to never say I'm bored.

    Susan, well if it's anything like yesterday we will probably continue to run on no sleep. Which is a good thing! I can always sleep next week I suppose.

    Tami, thanks! Maybe we can squeeze in one early night, ha!

    Jane, I know you know the answer to that question! Don't make me say it! ;)

    Judy, gosh if we had to push mow it really would take ALL day! Or I better get goats!

  7. Sleep? This time of year? HA! I may have to sleep solidly from November through February if I'm gonna keep up this pace in the summer time.

    It seems to be a regular thing these days that hubby and I crawl in bed at night and one of us mumbles, "It would be nice to . . . um, you know." And the other one says, "Yeah, as soon as we catch up on our sleep. Z-Z-z-z-z-z."

  8. I burned the bratwurst into charcoal the other night, LOL! Sounds like you will have a busy week. Don't worry about those tomatoes, now that summer temps are here they will catch up in no time!

  9. MamaPea, so long as you both work equally hard and are both exhausted that works out just fine! ;)

    Erin, now if you'd said burnt hot dogs my tummy would have growled!

  10. Dang I'm sure feeling my age here. lol its all work and no play. Who ever said ya cant fergit how to do SOME things, well just wait. lol
    Hope ya get lots done this week. Just dont work too hard. I reckin we can all catch up on our sleep when we dead. No use wastin a good life sleepin.

  11. Sleep?!? What is that?!?! My husband says I need to learn how to take naps....NAPS? Pthththth...I just brew another pot of coffee :-)

    You guys got a lot done!! It's hard work, but it looks great once it's done :-)

  12. So many irons in the fire, and I bet you wouldn't change a thing. Enjoy!