Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things I've (Ahem) Found...

Things I have found in the last week range from good, to "Oh, what the heck", to downright frustrating!

Let's start with the frustrating and end on a good note!  Ever since we got struck by lightening, the electrical issues have plagued us.  Not to mention dealing with insurance.  Alot of out-of-pocket expenses and we aren't done yet.  For one, we had to get "repairmen" and quotes.  Do I really need to tell you that we don't ever have to call repairmen???  Pig Pen is a built-in, ready-made, jack of all trades.  So dealing with multiples of real "repairmen" has been ....errrrrr.  But we have to in order to get it covered.

I still need to get on them to finish up!  Why do you have to (for lack of a better word) nag to get them to complete a job?  My computers still need a good check up.  I believe we 'lost' one entirely.  My laptop is making me nuts!  I'm not sure if it's zapped or has a virus lurking or both!  And it doesn't help that the new wireless card we had to replace is a real pain in the patoot!  8 times out of 10, I can't even load my own blog-page!  As in, can't even see it!!

But I thought you would get a kick out of a complete idiot-moment I had the other day.  This is what found out when you have too many electrical devices plugged in various outlets that do work:
...and you run your Grain Mill without the catch bucket lid firmly attached.  :o)  Note to self:  sit on lid.

The garden is slowly recovering from the rains.  This is the 5th highest rainfall level for any June on record in our area.  We are sitting just under 15".  Yup, that's alot of water!
See what I found there?

Been doing a little (ahem) shopping around this past week.  Ya know, cuz the garden was too wet to tromp in! 

Tricia needed a super-duper pair of Cowgirl Kicks!  Far be it from me to deny any girl a pair of boots!
I assured her she would walk tall and proud in them.  She does!!

And here are the ones I just couldn't pass by:
Twenty-Bucks on clearance!

And I mighta mabye fell in love with these too: 
But I didn't bring them home, yet.  OK, so there is more to that story, but why go there?

Then Marcia and I hit some awesome Garage Sales!  If you ever see small town wide sales, as in rural communities...Pay Dirt!

We went home with some awesome antiques that were a steal!  Random type things and of course something I have always wanted...
Full working order!  Again, $20 was the magic number!

So I either have really great friends who are bad influences on me or vice-versa.  You can decide.  Either way, I really enjoyed hanging out with my girlfriends!!!

But before you decide if I have great friends or not...
Marcia gave me this belt on long-term loan.  I say long-term because when she told me how much it cost her brand new, I about threw up in my mouth and needed to rip it off me.  Me thinks I should have security guards surround me when I go out in it.

Saaaweeeet!  Yeah, it was way more than $20 bucks!  She's my Cowgirl Queen  :o)


  1. What's the rest of the story? Not nice to tease. Love the boots and belt. Now jump on that bike and ride on over and tell me the rest of the story!

  2. Jane, well this little feet don't fit into a size 8 1/2, so...I ordered them. :o} It couldn't be helped.

  3. Those boots are amazing! And I WANT that bike! As Jane said - fess up!

  4. Susan, only if you come get it and stick around for a visit... :o)

  5. Magic word,garage sale-I am the queen of garage sales.I can honestly say 85 % of every thing in my house is from garage sales or Craiglist, that is how survive buying only the nicest things sometimes I even get them free like my matching coffee and end table valued at approx. $2,000.00 oh,by the way love the boots and the bike I can tell you first hand,this is a steal-looks like my old bike but now I have a 3 wheeler that looks similar [value-maybe $900.00 got it for $50.00 ].SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR OTHER PROBLEMS.

  6. oooh it sounds like a rockin' good time! Except for the grain mill and tomato photo LOL... all I can say is, you're in good company on that one :)

  7. Fifteen inches of rain? Seriously?
    Swim, little tomatoes, swim!!!

    I have sand. I could deal with that kinda rain. But the grey (gray?) days must have been hell.

  8. Insurance! Bah, humbug! Why is our society so screwed up that we are being strangled by red tape and stoopid rules and regulations.

    Methinks it would be dangerous to go to any kind of a shopping venue with you. Or maybe it would be great. If I wanted to spend money and get cool things.

    Sorry, but I had to laugh out loud at your grain mill snafu!

    Hope your tomatoes get over their icky sickness. :o}

  9. Judy, one persons trash is anothers treasure! You go, girl!

    Erin, but I don't wanna be in that company!! I want healthy tomato plants dagnabit!

    Sue, no lie! 15"! And yeah...we have CLAY! Which is why I have been stuck in doomsday here!

    Honestly, I was really starting to feel the winter doldrums from lack of sun!!

    MamaPea, I can behave when required :o) And how can you beat those deals tho?

    The picture of the grain mill was entirely for your viewing pleasure! Thought ya might like that one!

  10. I love all the boots and the $20.00, well, you got a deal or should I say a steal? I am going out on Friday, I would love to find a bike like that for my flower garden. I love it all. Blessings!

  11. Those are some kickin' boots! And that belt, I about peed my pants when you said you about threw up in your mouth! You are one funny chick!!

  12. I did laugh out loud at your "Note to Self: Sit on lid." I can just see you with the grain mill set up on the floor and you sitting on the flour container! Too funny!

  13. Love the boots, love the bike and LOVE THE BLING BELT!!!! Now that I have my bike too, we should go riding one day :-)

  14. Patty, yes the ole bikes are cute with flowers in the basket. But this hog is road worthy! ;)

    Pops, you can borrow them any time!

    MamaTea, yes ma'am it's true tho! At first I thought it was too much bling and it weighs a ton! But then I put it on, the skies parted and the angels sang...

    MamaPea, never put anything past me!

    Jen, by the time I pedaled my happy butt to you, I'd be dead. Errr, wait, I'd never make it half way alive!

  15. Very cute and stylish boots, with a price to love! That belt is beuuuuuut-tiful.