Saturday, June 4, 2011

Expensive or Rich, You Pick

One thing about fellow bloggers that can be detrimental to your pocket book, is all the wonderful things you learn.  And in our defense, it's for the greater good.  Right?  I mean really, how can anyone argue with a healthier lifestyle.  No question mark.  But to accomplish these things it may take an initial investment.  As with any thing, you simply have to have the proper tools, do you not?  (at least that's what we tell ourselves ;)

I ask, how many of us recently purchased a sewing machine?  A composter?  Heirloom Seeds?  Binders? Reference Manuals?  Raised beds?  Buckets?  Fencing?  Chickens?  Canning Supplies?  Dirt?  CoOp Land?  And so on...

My most recent investment was this:
As you know, MamaPea has one very much like it.  She raved about it here.  So after working hard and allowing myself to indulge, the mail man brought it to me.  I love the mail man.  Except when he brings us bills.

I told MamaPea she is expensive and that I was going to 'out' her.  Her response tickled my funny bone:
"Out" me?  Huh?  Wha . . . ?  I have nothing to be outed about.  I am pure.  I am innocent as the driven snow. 
See, she's funny like that!  Her review of this was spot on!  I haven't had much time to play with it yet, but I very much look forward to using it often!  My first whirl with it leads me to the next part, I made these (and so should you!!!  Excellent!):
OK so mine aren't cute, no shock there!
Now Jane knows I got my mill in too.  Here's the other part about making friends in blog land...they keep you motivated!  Who doesn't read her posts and think, "Geez, I should do that!" (click for GrapeNuts Recipe)

Yesterday, that mail man I love so much, delivered this:
Take a closer look:
Like I said, motivation!  It's a bread bowl and a 'no excuse' note!  I better get kneading and fast!!

For anyone thinking you can't make lasting friendships via the waves, I beg to differ.  Not a day goes by that I don't look forward to your posts, emails and the occasional call.

You are an exceptional group of people and my life is richer because of ALL of you!  Thank you!!!


  1. Whew, good thing I didnt say any dirty words in the note ;)

  2. I was thinking about the friends I have made through the 'net just yesterday, and your "moniker" was one of them that popped into my mind. I see all sorts of things I have had to add to my wish list...

  3. Jane, I should probably ask what your middle name is! Is it four lettered? :o)

    Ruth, yup we are here for each other either tugging or towing. And that includes you ma'am!

  4. As for your life being richer because of all of us? Well, right back atcha, Funny Girl. I know from my heart to the tips of my toes that you are one of the most caring, loving, giving, up-lifting people I have ever "met." Even though I've never laid eyes on you in person. My blog friends fill such a huge, warm, enriching part of my life! Viva la blogland friendships.

  5. Spot on, girlfriend! I too, have been coveting the mill! I think a pressure canner is going to come first however, since I will need it in short order LOL. I'm wanting to stray from my water bath canner. Jane is the bomb, I say! What a great gift, and how ironic that I am making her Gr@pe Nuts again this evening - we are fresh out of cereal and the we all find that we like it the best, I need to make a double batch this time so I don't run out in 4 days!

    I say that at least all the things we get each other to do and purchase and make are all honest items that improve our quality of life and health for our families, and that is an investment of the best kind. It's not like we are out making each other get $100 mani-pedi's or shoes, LOL... are you surprised I know what a mani-pedi is?... I am! Love you's!

  6. You girls are cat's pajamas and no that wasn't me that said that I'm not that old ! but you mentioned grape nuts i go nuts over grape nuts. I'd rather them for dinner than dinner. so I'm on a mission #FIND GRAPE NUTS--I think you said Jane "Oh Janeeeeeeeeeeeee"

  7. MamaPea, birds of a feather welcome here!

    Erin, I agree you should go for the pressure canner first. It will allow a greater pantry shelf and it's not nearly as bad as the old wives tales scare you into thinking. And yeah, we all know what a mani/pedi is because we think 'someday' but then shudder at the thought of others getting that close to our freak feet :)

    Judy, store bought ones have nothing on this recipe. Try them once and you'll see!

  8. Ooooh, now I want one - no, NEED one of both of those. I agree that having a pressure canner is great. Our power goes out alot here, and having things canned that would make a whole meal (read: meat) makes life a lot easier. I love my blog friends - they are all wonderful, smart and funny. I couldn't get through my day without them.