Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garden Update...It Could be Worse!

Alright, enough with the rain!  Now you just wait and see...I will curse myself for saying that!
As I mentioned in my last post, we have had inches of rain each day, for three days straight.  And that is on top of the little showers here and there since I have been home.
Here is what the garden looked like as of this morning:
A washed out river bed!  When this does dry, it will be a compact clay.  Pig Pen will have no choice but to rototiller again so that I can re-seed a ton of things!  Right now, it just sucks the shoes right off your feet!!!

Shockingly, not everything washed away!  Here is one of my puny little tomato seedlings that weathered the storms just like you said they would!  You may have to squint!
And here we have lettuce, it didn't wash out either!  Or did it?
Carrots?  What carrots?  Gone!  As is the cutting celery, spinach and green tails to name a few.
My Lima Beans will have to be re-seeded here and there also.  The row above is my Black Turtle Soup and Kenearly Yellow Eye Beans for drying.  In front of them was more carrot.

To show that it's not too late we have potatoes!  This year I planted Rio Colorado, Agria, Purple Peruvians, Pontiac Red and Viking Red.  They are all up for the most part.  The Purple Peruvians are spotty.
The rhubarb did not enjoy the deluge at all.  It has never looked this sickly.  Weeds or not! 
Speaking of weeds, they of course weather any storm!  No justice, I tell ya!
The raspberries and whatever else I threw down two years ago are loving the rain!  MamaPea, I have it on official record that this will get done as well as a direct link to your post on how to wrangle them in properly.  It is on the HoneyDo List ;)
The chickens are doing great!  Regardless of the fact they have been on a Hunger Strike.  I am in the midst of changing their food from Starter to Layer.  I can not get organic Grower at my feed store, so they recommended mixing the two.

They aren't having it.  So I am mixing a heavier combination of Starter in with it as a good friend suggested.  The guy at the feed store said he'd never heard of such a thing.  Which translates to, "Lady, you are crazy!"  So I tested my theory with two feed bins.  I'm not crazy, they know!

And what is up with these scaredy cats??? 
Pig Pen has the fence entirely done, they are free to roam at their leisure and still...they hover near or in the enclosure and coop!
We try every day to entice them out with water, feed and friends.
I think they may be discriminating against the duck decoy.  Ducks need friends too!
And of course this lady...she even looks like a country chicken gnawing on a blade of grass!  Or is she smoking weed?

Now this next picture doesn't show up well, so I added a little help ...
Please note:  they are on both sides this year!!!

Dunce hat removed, thankyouverymuch!


  1. This is just sad, sad, sad. There just hasn't been much good news in blogland this week. 2011 will definitely be a year we will all remember. How are the temps there? I hope at least tolerable so you can work. There's no shame in supplementing with some bought seedliings, we all have to now and then, I did last year when most of my tomatoes were wiped out. Tell the truth, did you cry? I would have LOL, I probably would have thrown a full-on toddler tantrum out there in the garden! I'm wishing you lots of patience and good spirits, now hike up those big girl panties and put on 'yer boots!

  2. hehehe still laughing about that pea trellising last year...

  3. And I know you worked SO hard when you finally got home to get the garden planted! When it rains torrents like that, there's nothing you can do but swear, or cry, or drink, or throw a tantrum like Erin suggested. It's not too late for you to replant though. It's a pain in the patoot but you've got a long enough season for everything to make it.

    Your chicks are BIG! What breeds did you get again? Once they get more comfortable they'll go roaming more. And until they get used to their new food, they've got good grass to eat. (And the occasional bug or worm . . . yum.) They look super-healthy.

  4. Boy, you and Jane are really having a time of it! You listen to Erin now and put on your boots!

    I think that I'm going to appreciate every single thing from the garden a lot more now.

    Your chickens are too funny...or maybe spoiled??

  5. I am planting more potatoes even if it takes until November for them to grow. Humph. 2011 will go down as the worst garden year yet, but at least we are going down together. And my tomatoes look as sad as yours so, whadda ya think, we will be canning them in December/ And be careful what you wish for, soon those chickens will be finding ways to escape their confines and you will be wishing for the days when they stuck by the coop. They are big! Where is Kelso? I am getting scared since I have not gotten my weekly picture.

  6. Erin, the temps have been very strange! We go from 60s to 90s! Today was 82 and wonderful! We have had maybe one or two like that! I don't understand what is happening! The good news is the temps this week are in the 80s, shocker! I did not cry. YET.

    MamaPea, I may not get much in the way of cool weather crop, so I am rethinking those. However I do believe everything else will be just fine.

    Chickens are Buff Orpington, Black Australorp (love them both!), Plymoth Rock Barred. And then there is Kelso...Buff Polish Laced GoofBall. :)

    Robin, yes you now via blogland how lucky you are. You just go on blaming those bunnies you talked about today...truth is, Jane and I have been there!!! MmmmmMMMMMGood! ;)

    Jane, my mom said the same thing! We will be canning longer for sure! Well hopefully at least! If Kelso would let me, I'd get a good shot for you, but that darn bird just hates people!!! I chased him twice today and I don't know who looked stupidererer, me or him.

    And yes dears...I did put my big girl boots on and go in. That's how I know it sucks the shoes off yer feet! Squish and TIMBER!

  7. Oh, your poor garden....and poor APG, all that hard work sucked up in the mud! I'll bet you and Pig Pen get it whipped back in shape in no time though, you're a tough 'un.

  8. At least you have a few flowers that is more than I have this year,but your garden will come-eventually you can do it- yes you can [ just can;t get that tune out of my head] [ where did I hear it again ] ahh ,what would I do with-out the sprout channel. and I'm sending that chicken or was that a rooster - I forgot already[ no dementia here ] home to the basement on detention, he can spend it there with my 2 son's for smoking weed!

  9. Actually, I'm amazed at the guy at your feed store. One is always supposed to make a gradual transition when changing animal feeds! So funny that your chickens are so particular. They're looking good though.

    How disappointing about what the rain did to your garden. I'm having an opposite sort of problem, in that a lot of my seedlings aren't sprouting because it's too hot and dry! But then, what fun would gardening be without the challenges of weather? :)

  10. Oh, for crying out loud. Enough already with this awful weather~! We had severe storms, then the temps dropped rapidly. I feel for the poor people of Springfield MA, as we rarely get tornadoes here. But the only normal these days is abby-normal. I refuse to post pictures of my taters, cause you and Jane would hunt me down and hit my kneecaps. :0)

  11. Goodness you have had a lot of rain whereas here in the south, nada, zip, nothing! We need rain. At least you know what will survive! I like your chickens too, maybe there is a chicken hawk in the area so they are hiding, never know.

  12. Granny, nope, pretty sure it whipped my butt :) No, we'll get it!

    Judy, ha! So your kids and my chickens have been bad huh?

    Leigh, well I was mixing just not enough. So I am doing more than 50/50. But I was surprised he had never heard of finicky chickens either. And you can have some of our rain, doing the dance for you now!

    Susan, so you HAVE heard of the Russian Maffia and the Greek Mob then? Muahahahaa! It could happen! And you are so right, this weather has brought on alot of tragedy and I should be most thankful that it was 'just rain'. Good thinking ma'am!

    Ulrike, Hello and thanks for commenting! You may be right! The only birds I have noticed so far are turkey vultures. But I will be on the look out. Today they were much braver.
    Sending rain your way as well!

  13. I feel for you with the rain...we had it for what felt like forever! And guess what?! Now we are baking :-( Can't win this year! Your chickens are beautiful!!