Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Garden List 2011

This is one of those completely boring posts that put you to sleep.  Sorry, but I have found myself going back to my own posts to remember things!  At least I have one year down.  Anything prior to that, is just plain gone!  I'm really lucky I remember yesterday even.  Speaking of which I still need to inventory that pantry!!!  Maybe change the calendar even.

OK, so here are all the plants and varieties where applicable.  If you have any thoughts or favorites, please chime in.  Several of these are new to me.

4 Tappy
1 Bonnie's Best -seedling survivor
4 Celebrity -greenhouse
2 Amish Paste -seedling survivor
7 Roma's -greenhouse
1 Super Choice -seedling survivor
8 Better Boy -greenhouse
1 Sweet Cherry -greenhouse
4 Heirloom Varieties given by a friend who doesn't remember what type they are.  We can all vote later.

Sugar Snax
Danver Half Longs
Atomic Reds

Kentucky Wonder -Pole
Kenearly Yellow Eye -drying
Midnight Black Turtle Soup -drying
Maine Yellow Eye -drying
Lima Bean Henderson's Bush

Little Marvel

1 Jalapeno Craig's Grande (seedling survivor) and 2 unknown types from greenhouse
1 Corne -seedling survivor
2 Purple Peppers -greenhouse
5 Green Bell -greenhouse
6 Red Bell -greenhouse"
4 Orange Bell -1 survivor Quatro Yellow, others greenhouse
5 Yellow Bell -2 survivors, others greenhouse

Rio Grande 4 lbs
Agria 4 lbs
Purple Peruvians 1 lbs
Pontiac Reds 4 lbs
Viking Reds 1 lbs
Sweet Potato -6 slips

Onions - 200 Sets of Sterling Whites

Cucumber - 2 mounds of Bedfordshire Prize

Giant Yellow Eckendorf
Early Wonder
Detroit Dark Red

Cabbage - Cour Di Bue (may pull this out)

Lettuce - Little Gem (may pull this out)

Watermelon - 1 mound Orangeglo

Squash/Pumpkin - 4 mounds Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck

14 Rows Peaches and Cream
4 Rows Rainbow Inca Sweet

Garlic (almost forgot!)
Close to 200 of several varities

Herb are all the usual suspects:  Rosemary, Thyme, Marjoram, Summer Savory, Dill, Tarragon, Basil, Sage, Mint, Oregano.  I'm probably forgetting some.

And this year I am planting Buckwheat.  Somewhere.  :)

Warned you it was boring!  This is what my parents told us to do when we said the magic words:

Tonight they are calling for severe weather and up to 3" of rain.  Did I mention that the past 2 nights, I had to water?  Yes, it's a freak show here too.  We have been well into the 90s with heat indices over 100 for several days now.  All the usual heat precautions to check on your neighbor, go to cooling centers, drink plenty of fluids.  The typical stuff you see in August.  Except it's June and we are breaking records!

If my new seeds wash out again, you will find me face down in the garden throwing a full on tizzy.


  1. Well if it washes out again, I say me, you, homemade wine, and a big a$$ pity party. Not much else left to do this year.

  2. Jane, DEAL! We can even travel the countryside and do some looting. Just kidding...

  3. We just had a hard and heavy rain with hail after 6 weeks of practically zip. No rain was forecast so I watered too!

    I agree these kinds of posts are important. My blog is as much for my own record keeping as it is for sharing.

    That said, I love your variety! I'm not so brave because I'm trying to learn how to save seeds and I'm not that good at it yet.

  4. Boring you say? Hardly. Before your post I had no idea just how much produce you're actually producing. Wow! How much land are you working anyway? I'm so jealous.

    Also, I never heard how your strawberry wine endeavor panned out. Any progress in that area?

  5. Isn't it just amazing how many different vegetables varieties there are out there! I plant several ones that you have but there are a lot there I've never even heard of. Really smart idea to write it down. My mind sure never holds any of that stuff any more!

    Hope the weather remains mild rather than wild for you.

  6. Leigh, well my seed saving sorta went down the clink this year since I lost almost all of my starters. :( So I am with ya on that one! I decided to venture out more this year to see if other varietes grew better in our soil and climate. Goal of course being to narrow the playing field back down.

    Jody, I am going strawberry picking on Friday and I can't wait!!!

    We have 2 acres and I would dig it all up if I could :o} Our main garden measures roughly 75*38 or close there about. We added a large section for corn and I didn't measure that one yet. I pretty well "snugged" things up this year since we have an ongoing disagreement and I don't think we need 3-4 feet between rows! So this year we are trying it my way. Lots more room so far.

    MamaPea, holds any of what? What were we talking about? Yup, you and me both. :0) If what they say is about to hit does, then we are in for a wild night! How was your weather today? Hot???

  7. WHAT!!!!! No green onions?
    this makes my eyes water, get it?
    Love ya anyway!

  8. Pops, well I did plant green onions actually. But they were a casualty of the flood :( Maybe in the Fall I will plant some more.

  9. Ohhh, wow. I had no idea how much you grew! I'll have to measure my garden to sort of get a feel for how big yours is. Sounds pretty big. Thanks for sharing!! Hey, I cracked up at, "you will find me face down in the garden throwing a full on tizzy."

  10. Oh I wish I was a rabbit in your garden---no please don't shoot- I'm only here for a little nibble and I didn't bring the family----beautiful set up APG,HOPE THE WEATHER CO-OPERATES

  11. Lori, I thought the storms would skirt us as of last night. However I awoke several times to high winds, lightening and heavy rain. Coffee first, damage assessment to follow. And yes, sometimes a tizzy is just the thing to make you feel better. Works for 2 year olds too. :)

    Judy, if you can get past the dogs, chickens, two fences and one that may or may not be charged (just sayin) then you don't need to worry about shotguns. You deserve a nibble at that point! HA!

  12. That is quite a line up! You will have your work cut out for you - if Mother Nature leaves you, me, Jane and everyone else alone for a while. Criminy! I will be looking forward to more "boring" posts from you - far from it!

  13. What you might find boring I find exciting! I saw the title of your post last night and had to wait til this morning to read since I new it would be a plant list and I wanted the time to ogle it!

    Other than the herbs, we only share a few of the same things, you will love the Craig's Grande Jalapenos, very productive! I'm growing the Red Pontiac too since they do well for farmers here, but I can't compare since mine are in containers, you will get oodles more than I.

    Can't wait to see it all, and look forward to your report on the OrangeGlo!

    Isn't it amazing that summer is technically still 2 weeks away? My birthday is the first day of summer so I am wishing for it to feel like Spring instead!

  14. Susan, Mother Nature is certainly NOT leaving me alone today. Stay tuned, it gets ugly.

    Erin, I have always had great luck with the Pontiac Reds here too. I was hoping that was the type Jalapeno you had. Maybe I can expect a bumper crop like yours last year. I chose the Orangeglo based on the reviews and I am super excited to see and taste them. Fingers crossed!