Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Owen "Sprouted"!

I told you something sprouted!

Just a few short weeks ago, we were showering the Mommy-to-be, whom most of you couldn't even tell was pregnant!  I am sure she appreciated that by the way!

Well yesterday, little baby Owen graced our lives!
We are happy to report that Owen and Mommy are doing just fine!  Meg was battling preeclampsia, so the little guy came a month early weighing in at ... Are ya ready for this? 
Did ya catch the part that he was a month early??? 

Considering that he's perfectly healthy, I'd say Mommy might be appreciating the fact that he didn't have four more weeks to stew! 
What do you think?  She looks pretty darn happy to me!

Oh yes!  Someone else made it thru delivery just fine too...
The proud new Daddy holding his first born son!  Rumor has it, Daddy was a bit squeamish...heheee!
The New Family
Meagan, Ryan and Owen
A photo of Meagan's family!  This is the first baby for the new Grama Mona, Grampa Eric and Aunt Tricia!

To our dearest nephew Owen,
Uncle Pig Pen and Auntie Apple wish you the best of everything! 
May your life be filled with much joy, lots of dirt and many, many blessings.
We love you already!
Wait for it, Little Man!!


  1. Congratulations to everyone!! Such a big cutie!

  2. He looks perfect! Congrats to everybody!

  3. What a beautiful family! He is a darling - and how wonderful to grow up in such a loving family.

  4. What a beautiful new mama!

    In the picture of you, Pig Pen and little Owen he's saying, "Auntie Apple, you're squeezin' me with too much lovin'!"

  5. You really got some FANTASTIC pictures. Finally just got through all the ones that you sent me :-) He is definitely a keeper. So...when does he get his gun? Ha!