Monday, November 1, 2010

Calling All Lady Hunters!

Getting ready to do something I've never done before, such as hunting, has left me stumped.  I'm a pretty good planner when I know what to plan for!

I got nothin'!

Well, not really.  I have camo in one pair of pants and one long sleeved t-shirt.  Pig Pen got me a pair of camo coveralls for my Birthday.  They are a youth XL. 

Yeah...the crotch is to my knees. 

So those will be going back real quick.  He also got me a blaze orange vest, camo face mask and gloves.

I'm thinking I may be lacking a few things.  I have been scouring the Internet.  But when you don't know exactly what you are looking for and you hit up Google, you can come up with some pretty weird stuff!  I was searching for 'warm footwear' and came up with this:

No lie.  Not kidding.  Really???  I'd be more the target than hunter!  And my brother, niece and nephew would be mortified.  Rolling, but mortified!  Maybe Pig Pen would like it...

So here is the question I pose to any of you who have ever hunted or taken part in any other lengthy outdoor winter activity: 

What the heck do I need?  What have you used and loved and wouldn't do with out?

I know I need a good pair of boots.  I was thinking rather than spending good money on "hunting" boots,

Maybe I should opt for something a little more versatile yet still practical.  I have seen some pretty sexy Sorel's lately! 

What girl could resist polka dots?

Miss Erin's
Is this the perfect excuse to tickle my fancy?  They really ought to last forever, right?  They are sorta camo...aren't they?  My coveralls will hide most of them, right?  And it's not like I don't go on long midnight runs with Pig Pen when he snow plows.  Yes, I even get out and shovel the doorways when needed!

All that aside, trying to determine the whole Thinsulate and Temperature thing.  Geez...can someone just tell me what to do???  Pig Pen has 800 and 2000.  Let me tell you the 2000's look ridiculous.  And I am out of shape, my poor legs would fall off.  I think anything that gets me down to -25 should be plenty.  Chances are if it is much colder than that, I'll be sitting by the fire!

Next up:  Layers.  Peeling layers must be the smart way to go.  Do you wear Long John's or Cuddle Duds, Jeans and your outerwear?  Do you prefer bibs and a jacket to coveralls?  How about SOCKS???

Hats, hoods, gloves, scarves, masks, HotHands, snacks, water, sunglasses, hmm, toliet paper, oh and my gun...

I have a feeling this could end badly without some sound advice from other ladies who have been there and done that! 

I swear I am not a Sally.


  1. LOVE the polka dots! Personally, when I go back home to MN or go hiking in the mountains here, I wear a silk base layer - they are super thin and the warmest stuff I have ever worn! If it's really cold, maybe even silk sock liners - they don't get wet and sweaty at all. I have slept in a tent when it's about 25 at night in just the silk long johns (in my sleeping bag of course) and was super toasty. I'm sure they would work well in even lower temps, I just haven't bothered to haul the kids out in them LOL. I would do silk long johns with a fleece lined set of water resistant pants - JEANS ARE MISERABLE if they get the slightest bit damp! I prefer plain wool or Smartwool socks, my brother likes them too over in Afghanistan, and he's tried every brand out there. If wool bothers you do the liner or I've also heard bamboo is pretty warm and soft. How fun! At least you didn't fall for all the PINK camo stuff, I saw that at Bass Pro and had to laugh!

  2. One more thing, leave room in your boots! Air = warm feet, tight socks fitting into tight boots will leave you cold. I learned this when ice skating as a kid, plain old nylons/tights were all I wore and my feet were warmer than stuffing thick socks on and cutting off my circulation LOL!

  3. Erin, no wool up against me, that is for sure! I will be scratching myself like fleas in no time! So I will take your advice on the sock liners for certain! I have never looked at the silf stuff before and will. I know the Cuddle Duds are supposed to be good for wicking away and I just checked -they do have Bamboo even. The thought of wearing jeans under the camo didn't seem real comfy to me either. I think that would be like the little kid in A Christmas Story! I still want to be able to move!! And the size of boot, I will have to go to a 7 b/c I don't think they do half sizes and I would normally take a 6 1/2.

    I finally got to sit and talk to Adam about it all last night and he gave his approval to the boots. Isn't that sad that I have to like pry out a minute with him and he's right here! He's so busy! He said the polka dots would be good but if I wanted them for other things to go higher on the boot too. I like yours and a few others I found. Hopefully this week I can go get some!

    Thanks for your advice! Exactly what I was looking for!

  4. I can;t help you with most of this but I do like Muck Boots (the brand) artic boot. It is very warm, waterproof, and comfortable enough to walk in.

  5. I LOVE the polka dot boots. I would so wear those everywhere. Way too cute. Of course I can't give you any other advice on hunting or outdoors activities because.....well, you know me!!!!

  6. You've got some good information already so I don't have much to add to it except to agree layers are always a good idea. I LOVE silk underwear. And I always go with wind pants over whatever I put on over my silk long johns. Even if I'm not out in the wind, they seem to keep the warmth near my body. For me personally, I have to concentrate on a warm, comfortable hat and keeping my hands and feet warm. I don't think Sorels can be beat, but Erin is right, don't get them too tight. I still haven't found the right gloves/mittens/liners for my cold hands but this year I'll probably experiment with those "heat packs" you can buy. Seems like they would be awkward but I haven't yet used them. Insulated bib Carhartt overalls are the best for warmth, but such a pain when you have to pee! Men do NOT know how good they have it in that department!

  7. Jane, Muck Boots look like something good to have for an all purpose too!

    Jan, I knew you would like the polkies!!

    Mama, now see...who would have thought underwear even?! HA! I have a Carhartt jacket that I will be wearing in camp. I've had it forever and you are right, awesome! And as for the 'pee' thing...would you believe my brother had me repair a pair of bibs yesterday that my nephew and him used to wear. Now they are being handed down to my niece. Can you GUESS what I had to sew back up!? A nice litte 'peep' hole in the crotch. Go figure!! He said it didn't need to be done, just fix the straps. I said it didn't seem right for poor Andrea to catch a breeze!

  8. I'm going to take a "pass" and just say HIIII! See ya in three days! HA!

  9. and they r just sleeping right?so i hope you bring are dinner home

  10. you need to bring underwear and your cell phone chager and caramer and batroom stuff

  11. I would second everything Erin said, she knows what she's talking about and I saw mention of MN so WAHOO!!! As for boots, I have two pair. i have a pair of sorels for knock around outside, and then I have my heavy duty pair for real outside winter stuff or hunting - Irish Setter 1000 gram Thinsulate, and yes, they are Camo. :) They were a Christmas gift and I kid you not, my feet have never been so happy!

    Then again...I'm thinking those fuzzy furry pinkish looking things might be your best bet with Pig Pen...

    Good luck hunting, lady!!!

  12. Chelsi, yup the final countdown! See you in ONE more day!

    Jenny, you goofball...cell phones don't go where we go!

    MamaTea, I knew you'd have some Camo Boots! Adam keeps saying "Yeah but will you like hunting?" I think he's afraid that if I get all the duds, I wont wear them for the intended purpose. Can't believe he has an inkling of a doubt! But to appease that, I am going to get some Sorel's and then just show him!!!

  13. Depends on what you're hunting. If you're hunting doves bring your beeblebum swatter! If you're hunting deer, wear whatever is warm, wear piss, and be quiet. If you're hunting pheasent, make sure your boots are comfortable, you'll do a lot of walking - the birds are so big you can't miss. If you're hunting ducks, stay out of the way of those who can shoot and dress warmer than you think you need to. If you're hunting geese...forget it. It's too freekin cold and it sucks.

    Guess who? The beeblebums should give it away.