Monday, November 8, 2010

Leaves and Loves

After the wind storms that blew through here recently, it left our trees pretty nekked.  Alot of them set up home in my breeze-way.  Normally, I will leave them be simply because it isn't over yet!  But my Mom couldn't stand it any more...

I told her not to, but she never listens.  Who am I to argue?  Now who's the smart one, eh?

Today I got my boots!  Woo-Hoo!  I know, such is my exciting life!  After we ran the mall a few, we went to a new fabric store.  That's like taking a kid into the candy store.  I didn't buy anything.  I think I'm feverish or something...kidding.

But my MIL did, of course!  And she sent it all home with me and told me to make her one.  Ok, that makes no sense to me...she sews 35x's better than I do!  I do love to sew, but I am no where near her!

Here's the new little project I whipped up for her:

It's a little wallet/card holder.  The pattern was very basic and similar to another that I have.  I actually liked this one better!  Fun, huh?

And on love...yesterday was Pig Pen's brother Ryan & Meagan's First Wedding Anniversary!  They didn't get their card...and it's all Pig Pen's fault.  That all I'm sayin' on that one!

This was the first 'glimpse' I ever got of Meg, so I thought I'd share it on their belated first!

Meg & Ry...we wish you many more years of happiness and love!  Congratulations on your first year together!


  1. Pretty snazzy wallet/card holder! Good job!

    You didn't buy A THING at the new fabric store??
    What will power.

  2. Mama, had nothing to do with will power. The boots broke the bank! Total bummer :( At least my feets are warm.

  3. What a great day we had. Love the little wallet you made me. I may have to buy you more things to make for me!!!!

  4. Can't wait to see your boots! You are SO lucky they are like 5 sized too small or I might have to steal them :-)

  5. Those leaves went to a new home in the compost pile right ?!? Don't mind me I am always looking for compostables. And as always, I LOOOOOVE the purse. You really really really need to start and Etsy. What would it hurt? Plus some extra cash.....come on.

  6. Jane, Yupper, we save all our leaves and grass clippings. He has this big monster contraption that we gather them up in and dump in the big compost pile. Which I am happy to report is ready to go on the garden!! Yeah!!! It's a really big pile and it finally looks like 'dirt'. So much so that the other day when we were out in the woods, I had to ASK where my pile was. Pretty cool, huh? Knew you'd think so :)

  7. Jen, I swear we could smoosh your feet into them if we had to. They are a size 7, which is big for we could try.

    Jan, you just say that. If I sent that pattern back to you, you'd have 10 made to my 1 and they would all be perfect, you rat!

    Jane, talk to my MIL. She has/had an Etsy. I told her I would help make things for it, but it just never happens. Maybe if you poke her...?

  8. All those leaves came off the porch? Wow! We have been having a heck of a time with the wind the past 3 days but most of the trees surrounding me are scrub pine so they just bend over but don't shed! The boots are the bomb.. the one thing I read is to make sure to break them in so you don't get heel blisters and they don't have much arch support if you plan on extended hiking/hunting. I have high arches so I'm going to bite the bullet on this one and buy some arch inserts. The boots should last a long time though! I know about breaking the bank on them, I feel like I should give them a name and make them regular members of the family LOL

  9. Erin, yes, the porch was a prolific tree this year. Goofball! I was wondering about the heel because that is the place I had 'slippage'. But if I went to the size 6, there is no room for socks. So in otherwords, get them on and start walkin! I always figure when I bite the bullet on something expensive, they ought to last me a long time. In which case, money well spent.

    Kinda like your sewing machine, eh??? Save those pennies!!!

  10. What a great wallet, looks like it has plenty of room to hold all the necessities and that patterned fabric is so fun.

  11. Ok Erin, I'm a last coomment didn't come out right at all and I am sorry. That's what happens when I read too fast. I'm so tired of wearing that dunce hat...forgive me?

    Heather, yup! Just goes to show that we really do have something good and crafty to do come winter, just like you said yesterday! :)