Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bread Addiction

I think I have a new addiction and it's going to cost me a few pounds.  Every where I go and with every bite I take, I think of bread.  Every winter, I put on what we call the "Winter Spread".  It's generally about 10 pounds!  Yikes!

At this rate, it'll be 20!  But I have a wierd way of justifying things in my mind.  Such as:

It's not loaded with ingredients I can't pronounce.
It's always fresh.
It makes my house smell sooooo good.
It makes for great croutons in the dehydrator (got some going now!)  I cut up my left over French bread, and sprinkled it with garlic and thyme.  Thought it would be super yummy at Thanksgiving time.  Or snack time.
It tastes divine.
It's FUN!
And I am pretty sure it's a real crowd-pleaser.

I've already tried several different recipes and haven't found one yet that I did not love!  Is that bad?

Then yesterday, I went to B&N, where I always gravitate to the DIY and Cookbook sections.  I need another cookbook like I need a hole in my head.  Did I mention I am addicted to those too?   Not only do I keep my cherished ones in the house...

I have boxes of them in the garage!  (I should probably borrow a book on organizing, huh?)

So naturally, I want another one!

I told Pig Pen this one is officially on the list!  Do any of you have it and if so, what are your thoughts?  I came home and read all the reviews and it must be 'The One'.  All the ladies in my family may have to make sure Pig Pen knows where to find it on Christmas Eve night.  Just sayin'.

Side note, have you ever checked out this website?  The Fresh Loaf.  I thought it was pretty cool.

Today I tried a recipe from TastyKitchen submitted by Krista Maurer.  Click the link if you are curious.  I was a little scared at the part that says to add 'up to' 9 C of flour so that the dough is not sticky.  Mine was pretty sticky and I did have to go the distance with it.  But it turned out pretty darn good!  I also had to turn my oven down a bit, it must run hot and I didn't want to over-brown the top. 

Super yummy!  I don't think there is such a thing as BAD homemade bread.  Good-bye to the skinny jeans!


  1. And who said the bread and water diet was just for the inmates. Make that bread and wine diet and I am in heaven. Lots of ancient civilizations lived on a mostly bread diet. And get a hand crank wheat grinder, there is no way bread will make you gain weight. Trust me.

  2. Make it bread and BUTTER and wine and I'm in!!! Oh Crikey, that sounds good right now. There was something about my healthy smoothie for lunch that just didn't do it. :o(

  3. Jane, Well heck then lock me up! I could be that inmate! I could live on carbs any way. But these surely are better carbs.

    Mama, oooh yes! Butter! Smoothie Schmoozie, make a nice loaf of bread and pig out! Jane said we wont gain!!

  4. I have the PERFECT organizing book for you. It will kill two birds with one stone (not really). It's called "The Clutter Diet" and I just bought it yesterday!

    Help us all! I gained my 10 over the summer. What is winter going to bring me??

  5. Tell ya what Jan, you eat all the bread you want this winter and come Spring time...I will have the perfect work-out program for you! It's called 'gardening', and it works! Trust me! :)