Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Not Really Roughing It When... take a 40 foot fifth wheel.  But even at that, I'm thinking a tent would be a heck of alot easier to get ready!

We got our camper 4 years ago.  We used it alot the first few years, but then work and things just kept getting in the way.  Now it gets to be loved once a year really.  Sad, isn't it?  Poor thing has never been out of the state!!  Oh, the visions I had of taking it places!  I suppose there is still lots of time for that.

Today we had to get down and dirty cleaning the monster. 

The death toll:

No mice (always a good thing!)
Three dead birds and a heck of alot of feathers!
Lady bugs by the thousands!
One beat Mom!
One Aunt who will never volunteer anything ever again!

So the casualties were as expected!  Nothing went unturned.  Every pot, pan, spoon, book, bottle, towel, pillow...everything came out!  I have mounds of laundry yet to do.  We washed walls, cupboards, appliances, everything!  Oh, and the ladybugs keep coming back!  Any one have a good remedy for those???

My Mom called a bit ago and asked me if I took any photos of them today.  Of course not!  Who wants to be pictured looking like Hazel with their backs and butts facing the camera?


THANK YOU, Mom and Aunt Bena!  You made it seem like fun and I will get you's back!

We've had so many good times with family and friends on our weekend and holiday camping trips!  I can't wait to add a few more!

Warning:  Long Photo Gallery!

Her Maiden Voyage!
Sometimes We Drink...too much.

Maybe even pass out!
"I don't need no stinkin' camper!"

We do the dirty work...Blech!

We bring cool toys!

We get much needed R&R
He really does sleep like that!

We see beautiful places!

Old habits die hard though!

Sometimes we do things we wouldn't otherwise!
That was my motorcycle :)
We take time to stop and smell the errr...roses?

We are silly!
We catch big fish with friends!

Sometimes it gets dangerous!

We see wildlife!

We spend quality time together???

We catch our first fish...hesitantly and with big grins!

And even bigger grins!
Not even a bum shoulder keeps us or the puppies away!

No dog left behind!
Sometimes we smile for the camera!

Yeah, we play music by the fire!

We eat bad food...
We eat really good food!
But mostly, we enjoy!


  1. You guys will really be roughin' it! Nice that you'll have a warm abode to crawl into at night though. That will make for a nice experience. (Tents are not my first choice to sleep in.) Hope the weather is super for you. Have lots of fun . . . oh, and maybe do some hunting??

  2. Mama, so long as the propanes don't run out again, I think we'll survive. And at this point, the hunting doesn't even matter! I just can't wait to GO! I am counting down the days!

  3. These pictures are fantastic! I love the paint job on the toy hauler! You are going to have so much fun "roughing it" LOL!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. HATE HATE HATE my drunk picture. But man...GOOD times :-) Love ya sis!

  5. Oh these pictures bring back memories! I think we need to keep er' busy next summer and try to get to the club once in awhile. We always had so much fun!

  6. Erin, that's a damn fine detail job is it not? We loved it! It's called "The All American"

    Jen, you should probably try not to give me so much material to work with...I had trouble picking!!!

    Jan, I would LOVE to get more camping time in! Just looking at all the photos tonight made me realize how much fun we had and how little we have done so in the last year!!! (camping-wise that is)

  7. I miss not having camp fire pies.And i love camping with you guys.And have a great time.Be careful.And do not miss me to much.And i know you will have a list of stuff for me to do while i am at your house.Just joking you never do but i will have it done.But then we are having a big party on Sat night

  8. I love camping! :) We haven't done enough in the past few years... that last pic of E&J is adorable! :)

  9. I love the fact you bring chairs for the dogs. My poor dogs just get a rug on the ground. Looks like such fun. Because of my husbands work we do most of our camping from sept to may, so no excuse for you not to camp all this winter. And get that thing out of the state already. Its your New Years resolution.

  10. Jenny, I almost forgot about campfire pies! Gosh we haven't had those in forever! You can have a party in the barn, but remember you'll be sleeping there too...

    Chels, sounds like we both need a new resolution!

    Jane, Yeah Missy get's her own chair otherwise she'll steal yours! It's just easier that way! My favorite time of year to camp is Fall. We have yet to camp in the true winter. I wonder if we pull it out of state in Jan/Feb to a warm place does that count? ;)

  11. In the barn but i do the dishes so i can not have one in the house bring back a big one.Diana do not miss me to much.