Friday, November 5, 2010

The Willies

The forecast in these parts is starting to look too much like winter.  A snow mix is headed our way!  Yuck!  I'm so not ready for that. 

I don't know about you guys, but when I have to go out and look presentable, I look forward to coming home and stripping it all off and putting on the comfy clothes.  And I hate wearing make-up, so that goes right away too!

Last night I got all hunkered down and naturally the dogs want out again.  Well, it's down right cold out there!  But off we go anyway!

As I am waiting patiently, I spy something moving ever so slowly across the patio.  Maybe you recognize it?
The Elusive Canning Jar - Caught!


Let me help you out a bit...


What the HECK kind of spider is that???

I Googled, I threw up in my mouth, I searched forever!  Nothing looks close to this!  It was every bit of 3 inches!

Have you ever seen one like this?  I only know it of the genus species aracnadead.


On to other 'orange' things that aren't so disgusting!  I have yet to can up my Sweet Potatoes.  I don't know what my problem is!  They are the sole survivors from this years garden and I-just-can't get myself to finalize the season.  Call it lazy, but I am lacking all motivation to do it!

And I want to do them.  (not really) I want to be able to tally up this years food preservation.  I think I need that 'Grand Total' to make myself feel worthy.  Surely I am upwards around 500 jars of goodness.  I kept track of the freezer foods too, although I did much less freezing this year.  I didn't keep track of anything I dehydrated as I acquired it late season and am just piddling at this point.  But next year!  There is always next year.

Ok, someone offer me a swift kick to get those taters done!


  1. Yep, that snow mix coming here tonight too. I hate being cold. The spider picture aren't showing for me, maybe slow internet due to storm. (I have broadband) How many taters we talking, cause I know they will keep for at least two months, so you could eat them fresh. That way less to can. And with Thanksgiving coming that should deplete your supply real fast.

  2. Jane, I was thinking along that line also. Just eating away at them until I was forced into canning them :) I have 30 lbs. Don't know if that is really "alot" or not. This was our first year trying them out. I have them in the garage now and they seem fine. But Thanksgiving for sure!

    You aren't missing anything not seeing those pics. I don't get too squeamish, but it is pretty ugly. It's orange!

  3. Wow! That is an impressive spider. I always throw a phone book on them and wait for my husband to get home. :o)

  4. arachnaDEAD LMBO! I've never seen one like that, but they don't bother me much. Instead, I am HORRIFIED of seeing a cockroach now that we live in the south, luckily I have only seen 2 this year!

  5. I was going to ask how long you can keep them without canning, too. We can't coax them into growing up here, so I know nothing about them. But unless they're really different than regular ol' taters, I'd sure try keeping them in cold storage as long as I could. That way you could legitimately cross them off your list . . . until they showed signs of going on ya! Thirty pounds is a good amount though. Think of a 5 lb. sack of potatoes you would buy in the store. Do the two of you go through that much in a week? You've got six times that amount. But maybe you'll find out they're really good keepers. I say give it a go!

  6. Gina, a phone book would have done the trick too! Hubby gave it 'the boot' treatment.

    Erin, We don't see many of those critters, or at least I don't. Now Adam has worked on many a house that was infested and he says it's down right disgusting! Hard to get rid of I hear too. ICK!!

    Mama, I am so surprised that you can't grow them up there. Your regular taters did so well! We planted both reds and sweet at the same time and they took the same amount of time to mature even. Well, we pulled the reds a little sooner cuz we wanted to eat them up. But I have heard sweets do like warmer climates, so that stinks for you! No maters no sweet taters, you have my sympathies. :(

  7. I think with the sweet potatoes they require warm nights and even if we get the warm days, our nights almost always cool down too much. Oh well, no sweet potatoes but at least we can sleep comfortably at night!