Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Outer Wear...Check!

We made the long trek to Cabela's last night to exchange my Overalls with the crotch that never ended.  It's no wonder Pig Pen had such a hard time finding Outer Wear that would fit.  It's not like the inventory or selection in the Women's section had alot of pickin's!

Here is what we ended up with:

I think these should do the trick!  They are the Cabela's Women's Ultimate Suede™ Weather-BLOCK™ 4-in-1 Parka and Bibs.

I also ordered some ClimateSmart CuddleDuds earlier this week.  Those should be arriving soon.  I looked at the ten-thousand different types of socks last night too.  Then I quickly realized that since I absolutely can NOT wear wool (itchy-scratchy want to claw myself to death), I need to find the liners you all mentioned.  That was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Unless of course you are a man.  I will wear Pig Pens socks when I am too lazy to walk upstairs and grab a pair of my own from the drawer, but the heel goes to the back of my knee cap, so I need to find some just for the ladies.

Now I just have to go get my boots!


  1. I ride dirt bike and had a heck of a time getting boots to fit. I ended up with Mens that are two sizes to big, cause it is the smallest they make. I have heard that someone is now making ladies dirt bike boots, but I have a $200 pair I hate and don't want to spend $200 more. And don't you like how if they make ladies stuff they charge you more than the man version even though we use way less material to make our small stuff. I want equal rights and boots!

  2. Right?! Adam told me last night we DID spend more on my get up than he paid for his! On shoes, I buy 'boys' shoes alot since they seem to be wider and there is more to pick from when you want something specialized.

    Gosh, I haven't riden a motorcycle and never a dirt bike in a long time. Probably forgot how!

  3. APG, go to or - I just ordered ladies' liners last night! Also, they sell out fast and if you can't find them get the kids size Large, they'll probably fit if you are a size 7 or less...

  4. You do realize that when you get all your duds finally gathered, we are going to demand you model for pictures, don't you? Full front, back, sideways and any other angle(s) you care to post. ;o)

  5. Those are cute!! I like the little cinched waist on the coat!! I mean...I don't really do camo...but if I did...these would be my pick too :-) Can't wait to see which boots you pick! Too bad you have miniature feet or I could borrow them :-)

  6. Erin, I'm on it! Thanks for the tip!! Especially for the kids one too! I may end up with them!

    MamaPea, oh yes, I am sure that I will take alot of heckling once we get there and most will include bad photos! I will have to be selective which ones make it to here! No squatting allowed ma'am!

    Jen, I'd pay to see you in a camo coat! As a matter of fact, I may make you wear mine for poops and grins. I don't have miniature feet, you have skis! :)

  7. Ohh, looking forward to modeling pics. :)

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