Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wrapping Up - "Rib Rackers"

So what IS a "Rib Racker"?  Over 40 years ago when it all began, a group of guys decided to keep their version of a scrapbook.  To get your picture in the book, you had to have a successful hunt.  They didn't start the book right off, so the first picture is from 1971 and has been going ever since.  I forgot to take a picture of the actual book, my bad.  But this book goes on the trip every year as well!

This years "Rib Rackers" included:
My Brother, Donnie with his 8 Pointer

Close up of the Rack
Pig Pen with his 6 Pointer and a Doe

Donnie's Dad, Larry with his, umm...not sure how many Pointer!

4 Maybe?  Strange Rack, huh?

Brian with his 6 Pointer (I think)
Another tradition throughout the entire campground is "Big Buck/Big Doe".  It's a pool for the largest in each category.  Seeing as how Donnie had shot his largest buck ever this year, he had a pretty good chance to take home the trophy!

On Saturday night, those in the running take their deer to be weighed.  People had been stopping by our camp to look at this big guy!  It was going to be a close call this year!
Well, if they had a trophy for "Best Rack", my brother would have won hands down!  He is for sure mounting this one on the wall!  Unfortunately, he missed the weigh in by six pounds!  I don't think he much minded, he's still a beauty!

Of the eight of us in camp, we were split evenly.  Four "Rib Rackers" and four "losers".  Here are the losers with the token deer that the Rackers were kind enough to let us share for the picture spot:
Me, Andrea, Josh, Joe
Wasn't that sweet of them?  None of us want into the book until it's legit though!  Joe is in from years past, but Andrea, Josh and I are still hoping for next year!

Here is what I learned...that I need more practice, I need to work out (yeah, right!), that sock liners are the bomb, clothing liners that breath are the best, tall fuzzy boots are smart and snappy, not to let Pig Pen load the back pack, not to drink much coffee in the morning, quiet snacks work best and water is heavy but required.

Now the one thing that cracked me up is what I referred to as "The Handicap".   Since Andrea and I were the new kids, I found it funny that her and I were the only one shooting iron sights.  Do you suppose the boys were afraid we might show them up???  I might have, maybe, told the guys what I thought of them for that...

Just sayin'.

And what made me smile on the way home?  Pig Pen's Mama calling to ask...

"How many deer did you catch?"

Well Mom, we 'caught' six total!  5 Buck and 1 Doe!

Pretty sure the only thing that I 'caught' is a cold that isn't sure it wants to manifest or not.  Because I sure didn't 'catch' a deer.  And I sure did put a gun with a scope on my list of "Must Have".


  1. Even though YOU didn't connect this year, you'll still have yummy venison in the freezer.

    In the picture of "the 4 losers," you look as if you're 16 years old. How do you do that?

    Thoroughly enjoyed the saga of your hunting trip. That was A LOT to write about. Thanks for including all of us. :o)

  2. I am glad you had a fun and safe time. I guess we know what Santa has to shop for.

  3. Uh yeah...I really do show my ignorance when it comes to hunting and animals! :-) One of these days I will catch on! Hey, there goes a squirrel!!!!!

  4. MamaPea, my niece is must have meant her! Sure ain't me looking like 16! But darn you are so sweet for saying! I guess the key to a youthful look is sweat, stink, greasy hair and day old make up??? Oh, don't forget the ball cap!

    Jane, yeah well I'm torn see. I would love a gun with a scope, but there is that Grain Mill calling to me also. Don't need to venture a guess which way you'd steer me, huh? Thanks for hanging in there, I know these posts make you want to scream, so you are a trooper!

    Jan, that's ok. You give us lots of fun-factor that way! If I could do half the things you do with your sewing machine!! That is where my ignorance shows!

    Just don't get me started on the difference between a duck and a goose, k?

  5. Love it!!! I especially love your list of things you learned. I remember the first year I went out duck hunting, five months pregnant and drank lots of coffee. I thought my bladder was going to explode!!! Better luck next year my dear! Sounds like you had fun anyway. :)

  6. MamaTea...5 mo pregnant, drinking coffee and duck hunting??? OMG you had to be miserable sitting on a nickel! Cheeks stay together, Cheeks stay together! Haha that is awesome!

  7. Loved this whole collection of stories! Nobody expects you to get anything your first time anyway, but I bet they are proud of you for getting in the game! Did you use a CamelBak? They are definitely the easiest way to carry water. Great haul, I can smell the venison chili from here, that's our favorite New Year's dinner!

  8. Erin, no CamelBak, I thought about it but didn't bother getting one. And I thought they were only good for moonshine? No? :)

  9. I have faith in you, and just wait till next year, you'll show them!

  10. im new at this stuff but loved the story looking forward to furthing your training as a future ribracker. besides you have me to help you on your way. ok fine pig pen too.. i have complete confidance you and andrea will make the book soon love you sis....