Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Thanksgiving Anniversary

Today we celebrate our Anniversary!  It's a wonderful time to be thankful for God blessing broken roads and leading the man of my dreams to my door.  He finally found me! 

I tell him often yet not enough, that I am thankful for everything that he is and everything that we are.  To the man who never fails, never leaves and always loves, you are the one for me.

If your ways were an indication of how our lives would be, I certainly never blinked an eye.  How many girls can say they spent an evening getting dirty on a 4-wheeler when they were proposed to? 

Or celebrated their engagement at White Castle?

You can laugh, but that is us.  No pretense, easy, simple.  A full life we have carved out together.

From the time we said "I do", we have been blessed with laughter, love, purpose, and triumph.

How many weddings have you attended when the show was stopped...compliments of the Maid of Honor who forgot the ring?

Or the Bride laughing so hard she smacked the flower right off the Groom?

Small and quaint, that's how we do things.  Right from the beginning and surrounded by those we love most.

I look forward to the rest of my life and all the crazy things we will do together!

I love you, baby!  And before you say it...ME MORE!



  1. That was THE most memorable wedding I have ever been to. I was so honored to be a part of it :-) I love you like a real sister Di and I am so happy you and Adam found each other. There is no couple in this world more made for each other than you two. You give new meaning to the phrase "two peas in a pod". Love you guys so much!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos, awesome! I introduced my hubby to White Castle the first time I took him back home to meet the family - now, it's the first place he wants to "go to dinner" when we go back to MN, LOL! You two definitely seem made for each other, congrats and let the good times continue!

  3. You looked Beautiful!! And I loved the untucked shirt on Pig Pen. That's my kind of wedding. I hope you had a wonderful day.

  4. It was a fabulous wedding weekend and so much fun. Seems like only yesterday! And there are no two people anywhere meant more for each other than you and Adam! God has given you a perfect life together and for that I am so thankful and happy! Love you both!

  5. You definitely sound like my kind of people. Just a note, my seven year old was reading this post over my shoulder and said "Mom, I think *all* your friends are rednecks." Which, in case you didn't know it, is the biggest compliment he can give out!! Happy Anniversary!

  6. Jen, my only regret that day was not having it video taped. I'm thinking AFV would have been in the bag baby!

    Chels, thank you very much! Wish you could have met Adam while you were here!

    Erin, I know White Castle isn't exactly good for you...but darn it those Jalapeno Slidders are just the thing every once in a while! I hope hubby gets you there when you go home!

    Jane, ahhhh yes...the shirt! He refused to wear a tux or a suit. Put his foot down on that one much to his Mama's dismay! But that is him and I kinda like it like that!

    Jan, I suppose it's about as close to perfect as two people can hope for and it doesn't get any better than that! You done good little lady at raising 3 wonderful kids! Thank you!!!!

    MamaTea, oh yeah, you guys would fit like a glove with us! And I do believe your son DID just pay us a compliment! I hope he finds a good redneck girl too!

  7. What a gorgeous couple you make! The laughter and love just oozes out of those pictures. It's so wonderful to know of an honest, happy, joyful, committed relationship between two people who are going through life with love and laughter.

    So how many years was this anniversary?

  8. MamaPea, thank you! This has been 4 years out of 6 together! I suppose newlyweds by some standards :)

  9. You two make me a very happy POPS!!!
    Love you guy more than i could ever say or show. thank you both!!!!!!

  10. I am so very happy for you guys.You make a great couple.I thank you for having me part of your special day.

  11. and i forgot something thank you for letting me stay with u ever other weekend but i get to sleep in the barn

  12. Pops, he's just like you! So thank you too...without you and your shoes to fill, there would be no Pig Pen. And I do love my Pig Pen! And I love you too!

    JennyGirl, Thank you girlie! And since you were so nice, you can stop sleeping in the barn this winter. We'll talk again when the weather warms up....just sayin'.

  13. I am so glad i can sleep in my bed.Thanks

  14. Happy Anniversary! (I realize this is a little late...we were out of town.) Cute pics! :)