Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm High and It Hurts

My shot is high.  And my shoulder hurts.  But I gotta Woman Up! 

Pig Pen took me out back yesterday for some target practice.  I do just fine with the shotgun barrel.  Kinda hard not to really, unless you close your eyes.

After he warmed me up with that, we switched to the slug barrel, which was a first for me.  It's a bit heavier, a whole lot louder and it kicks more.  I have Iron Sights, so it took me a bit to work that out.  But it's sighted at least.  I was able to compensate for getting high finally! 

I don't imagine they will hire me as a sharp shooter any time soon, but I might be able to hit the broad side of a barn!  Or deer, deer would be better.

I'm going for my boots Monday.  Pig Pen seemed to think the taller ones would be better all purpose boots so the snow doesn't creep down them.  And I got my sock liners ordered from!  Thank you Erin for that little tip!

Are ya getting sick of me talking about our hunting trip? Sorry, I'm just pretty excited and I think it will be fun even if I don't get a shot off!  If for nothing else, my brother cooks breakfast every morning!  Astounding...

And I'm gonna let him!  Even more astounding.  Here I thought they wanted me along just to cook!


  1. I second the high boots. They are like shin protectors. Makes you feel like iron woman.

  2. You will have a BLAST (no pun intended)!! The high boots you showed me are perfect and so cute! I'm excited for you. Sounds like Pig Pen is happy you are going as well. How nice for the two of you to get away!

  3. Jane, I think I will take your advice and that's a good feeling, huh? Iron woman! :)

    Jan, yes, he is excited and my brother...geesh, I am getting daily texts from him now telling me he can't wait. Between Andrea and me both going this year, he is ready to wet himself I think.

  4. I think it's a kick and a half to hear about anything new that is exciting/interesting to any of us. (Hey, that's what life is supposed to be about. If we keep having new experiences, we'll never get old!)

    Yup, low boots are worthless. No socks will stay warm and dry if you've got snow falling down into your boots. (Makes me shiver just to think about it!)

    How cool is it that you, your hubby and family can all have this neat adventure.

  5. Mama, I think you nailed it! I am most excited about spending time with my hubby and family. Not something that we get to do too often. So I am willing to learn all sorts of new things in order to make that happen! Even if it's outside my comfort zone it doesn't matter. I am sure I will be the brunt of a few jokes mostly!

    So it's double settled on the tall boots.

  6. Nope, NOT sick of the hunting trip! I can't wait to see some photos, it sounds so fun! We are getting away for Christmas and people here think we're nuts for going north from here in the winter, but I love it, and I think that time of year gets family and friends to spend more quality time together! I hope your aim progresses for the deer's sake :) Just kidding, you'll have a "blast"!

  7. Erin, your Christmas is going to be awesome and I can't wait to see the pics from it and I am guessing you are hooking up with some blog friends while you are back home? I hope you do any way! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  8. I am going to miss you but me and gram will have a big party at your house.Be careful and have a lot of fun