Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let's Try This a Different Way

Remember that book I threw out there for Pig Pen and asked the ladies in my family to make sure he picks up on Christmas Eve Night?
I should have known better. 
I should have never done that. 
I should have just kept my trap shut.

Because my darling litttle Aunt Bena went and had it sent to me!  Ain't she sweet?  I think I should spank her, but instead, I'll just Thank Her!!  Thank you, Aunt Bena!  I did not mean for you to do that!  No good deed goes unpunished!  Just warnin' ya.

It got me to thinking though, maybe I should try something out...

All I want for Christmas is...

No? was worth a try!

I can't wait to dig into this book!


  1. Awww, aren't "Aunt Benas" great?! (That kind lady deserves a loaf of your luscious homemade bread!)

    I just adore that picture on the cover of the cookbook! (I'd hug that loaf of bread, too, if I had the chance.)

  2. Well we are waiting for a review with pictures and detailed descriptions of the taste of texture of each and every bread.I will assume that is where you are now, baking?

  3. Mama, If my bread ever turns out to look like that, I would hug it! And then eat it all of course!

    Jane, no baking for me today. My house is a cyclone and I am going to starve everyone out until it gets picked up! :)

  4. That book looks like it comes with an aroma! Nice job Aunt Bena!

  5. Hurray for Aunt Bena! That looks like an amazing book. I love, love, love anything bread. I am swooning over my new copy of Cooking with Italian Grandmothers. I want to move to Tuscany! We will now be expecting postings of wonderful bread products produced by your two little hands!