Monday, January 24, 2011

Coop Progress

It's been a while since I posted any Chicken Coop pictures and seeing as how it's about time to get the peeps ordered, I thought I'd show you where things stand now.

The Coop measures roughly 8*12 feet.  The walls are sheet metal.  Pig Pen thought this would be easier to clean.  He hung the roosts this weekend!  He foraged for the limbs in the woods and came up with ones that seemed about the right size.  They range from 1.5 inches up to 3.  He is going to make little ramps connecting them.
Looks a bit messy right now, work in progress!  However this is the door leading into the Coop thru the garage.  The roosts are to the right.
Here is the little 'doggie door' and door leading out.  I didn't take any outdoor shots because the ground is froze solid and all it would show is the post holes he dug a few weeks ago.  The outside will be fenced on the sides and top measuring about 9*24 feet. 
Then of course we are fencing the entire back portion of the yard for more roaming room too.  But at least with the enclosure, they can come and go even if we aren't home during the day and they should be safe from predators. 

He is going to fence off the garden as well.  Yup, a fence within a fence within a fence.  (Three!)  It would be nice to let them truly free-range, but I am pretty certain we would be chicken-free in no time if so!

All three windows still need to be reinforced.  The Coop is heated along with the rest of the garage by this:
He built his own wood burner last year.  It works pretty darn good!  The garage maintains a temperature of roughly 60 to 70 degrees.  That should be good for the girls, huh?  Hopefully with three windows and if needed, some extra lighting during the winter, we may (fingers crossed) see eggs thru out the winter months too.

Stainless Steel countertops are in the works also.  For ya know...
We are very excited to get our peeps!  Hopefully we will be ordering them within the next two weeks!  Plenty of time for him to build the brooder and hang the heat lamp!


  1. I like your idea for the roosts, and at staggered heights. We had chickens many many years ago and used an old closet rod--it seemed a bit too big around. Your idea is very clever!

  2. Looking very good. What a palace. With heat and all.

  3. Very Nice! Looks like they'll be very comfy in there.

  4. I showed this post to our chickens and they want to make reservations to "go south" next winter to stay with you. Will you please put them on the list for reserved space? I'm enclosing their deposit check in the morning mail.

  5. Now THAT is a coop. And the sheet metal walls? That man of yours is a genius. Wish I would have thought of that because, well...let's just say the walls can get pretty nasty by where the roo and his gals are roosting...and well...sheet metal. Yup. That would have been the way to go...

  6. Sue, we read somewhere about trying the limbs. Since we have no shortage of limbs in the back woods, we figured why not?

    Jane, hey, we could call it Pig Pen's Palace!

    Alla, I think they will be spoiled... :)

    MamaPea, well heck now sure you can send your ladies for a trip to the spa!

    MamaTea, I am thinking that might be the best idea he had out there, huh? And he said he is putting in a water spigot too. :)

  7. I am jealous of these chick's, talk about the lap of luxury! what a great hen house. If I had chickens I know they would want to winter there. Blessings jane

  8. 60-70 degrees?! LOL Can I come stay in the coop?! Stainless countertops baaahaaaahaaaa! I bet they will double as a venison prep area too! I can't wait to see the chicks arrive, with their new digs - make sure you order the "Kardashian" chickens!

  9. Im afraid to ask about the s/s countertops? What am I missing?

    Coop looks like it's comin' right along!

  10. Your Coop is like staying at the Westin. Haha! You guys are making some great progress over there.

    And Chelsi...the stainless countertops are for (gag) cleaning animals. DEAD animals. I think anyway...

  11. Jane2, I think we may be onto something here! Boarding winter snow birds!!

    Erin, you betcha! Whatever needs slicin' and dicin'! And I am afraid to ask...what the heck is a KARDASHIAN chicken? Are they nekked or something??

    Chelsi...hehehee...see next comment

    Jenny, I am so freakin' proud of you! Ding ding ding! You are right sis! The countertops are for exactly that! I can hear you now, throat full of (don't make me say it) just thinking about it! ;)

  12. Not that I watch such rubbish, but the Kardashian sisters are pampered brats in Hollywood LOL

  13. I like my eggs, over easy, thank you!

  14. I am still areel at the thought of walking through a heated garage (no, just the idea of the GARAGE) to access your nice, clean, warm, well-lighted coop with all that secure fencing. Geez loueez, if those girls don't lay eggs every single day, summer, fall, winter and spring, I would be shocked! We will be wanting blow by blow on these pampered chickies.

  15. I betted start being good on the weekends when i come over or that is going to be my new room.New i am going to be working even harded because you love to work me and i love doing it

  16. Lookin' really good! We used heavy branches for our roosts too, and the chickens really like them Of course, everybody always wants to top one...

  17. Erin, sheepishly, I know who they are too I just wondered if there was such a chicken???

    Pops, we should have more than enough and you can betcha over easy!

    Susan, that is what we are hoping for! 4 seasons!

    JennyGirl, get some boots, it's getting deep!

    Leigh, I told him I thought the tippy top one might be a little high, but if it's like you say, then it will be full!