Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Man" Can Cook

Earlier today, I posted my "Small Victory" with my little brother. 

I just received a series of photos from him and thought it was pretty darn funny!

I believe his recipe goes something like this:
1 lb Bacon, whack it up
2 lbs Venison Breakfast Sausage, throw it in
Some, "Yeah, that looks about right." Unbleached Flour
(oops, don't forget milk)
Chase it around the pan till the lumps run away

2 cans refrigerated man-size biscuits (we'll work on that later)
Prop yourself in your over sized "Man Chair" facing your over sized "Man TV".
Send big sister note that reads, "That will give you something to write about."


And he did it all with one arm!

Hey, I don't recall being invited over for dinner!  (we'll work on that too!)

Bon Appetite, Little Brother!


  1. How funny! I am sitting here giggling and hubby keeps saying "what?"... Looks darn good too!

  2. I can see a sense of humor runs in the family. Tell him thanks for the peek into his culinary skills! ;o)

  3. Tell Tim that looks too good for just one person! Maybe Two?

  4. Well Im thinkin the fellow wont starve with cookin skills like that. lol I love readin your blog Di, I alas get a good laff lol

  5. I think my cholesterol went up 10 points just reading this.

  6. Hope, yeah, he is the character for sure! Don't be fooled by his tough guy act either.

    MamaPea, he's gonna get a big head now! Remember, he's the same one that told me I ain't right!

    Pops, shoulda said "I got a BIGGER Tv!" Hehee

    Stella, nothing starving on that boy! We all need to laugh lots, don't ya think?

    Jane, remind me never to drink anything when I read your comments cuz it would come straight out my nose!

  7. Way to go Tim! Looked yummy but I think you should have invited your sister over for viddles considering how many times she has cooked for you! :)

  8. LOVE the TV stand!! That is the most manly part of the whole post. Haha! Eric has a set like that too and he begs me to bring them back upstairs. Maybe I should :-)

    Julee...I heart you :-)

  9. MMMMM...Looks good! Sausage and bacon together, heaven on earth! My kinda man! Just tell me he slathers the biscuts in tons of butter and I'M THERE!

  10. Jen, I actually think they 'enjoy' their Man-Food and doings.

    Julee, in our 27 years of friendship, I never even knew "Viddles" was in your vocabulary! Where'd ya pull that one from??? Let me guess, you had a helper... :0)

    Tami, he's probably eating it for breakfast this morning too! Butter is the law. Lots of butter!

  11. The food looked pretty good! Made me hungry,thanks so much for following,I appreciate all my followers! be back later got lots to do today,have let myself get behind on too much stuff.blessings jane

  12. Too funny! At least the man can cook! Finally getting caught up here, saving the bestest for lastest - get ready for my comments to clog up the inbox LOL!