Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lawdy, Lawdy! or Lawdee Lawdee?

Now far be it from me to Lawd anything over anyone.  But ya know...sometimes ya just got to! 

Let's face it...the ole gray mare is just plain old!

How's about a little stroll down memory lane...
It started many years ago as acquaintance.  But a true bond developed with a simple note passed in Algebra class.  I think it had something to do with baseball and bases, but I could be wrong ;o)
Hey, Julee -what 'base' would this be considered going to?

For those of you wondering what the heck she is doing on the floor rolling around in money, she didn't hit the jackpot.  Well, maybe she did:
Bachelorette Party....these were the 'clean' ones.  :o)  Gosh I hope Holli and Colton are standing beside you right now!!!
We had alot of fun back then.  Every morning our Senior year, we gave the announcements over the intercom.  It was super cool!  We got to play music first and then launch.  Yes, on several occasions, the Principal would come around the corner and give us the evil stink eye over our choice of music.  Oops!
With hair like that, I am sure you can imagine what type of music was screaming thru the school!  Geez, his hair was almost as big as hers! 

You make me laugh, you make me cry, and I love it when you sing to me.   We've had alot of fun together.  Being older and wiser now, "Fun" by definition has changed, hasn't it?  But I can't wait to keep on going!

We have always been there for each other. 
When it really counts especially!
You are more beautiful on the inside than you are on the outside. 
And I love you with all my heart.

You found the right man!  God Bless Gardener!  
You have a wonderful family...
and you are a wonderful Mother. 
So my friend, another decade has gone by. 
We YOU are older now, but are you wiser?
Our 30th
You have always been able to get me to do the darndest things. 
Next time, I get to pick.

So ARE you wiser now? 
Cuz you still don't know how to spell your own name...
Lawdee, Lawdee...Look Who's FORTY? 
Happy Birthday, Ms. Julee with two E's.


  1. Happy Birthday Julee! Now that was some hair. And I see we have another inductee to the tattooed homesteader hall of fame. Rock on.

  2. Jane, I have even better hair shots of her, but that darn garage is in total disaster stage. errr I will be calling Erin in soon...

    How many pretty little pictures did you draw on yourself?

  3. Three, so far. I even have action shots of mine.

  4. Well, I showed you know what comes next!

  5. Happy Birthday, Julee!

    Nope, I don't know Julee but I can imagine her starting to dig through her photos to get you back for some of these good ones!

    Having a friend from high school still be your friend when you reach the sophisticated age of forty is a wonderful thing. May you still be such good friends at 80!

  6. MamaPea, Pfft! I am sooo safe there. Know how I know that??? She'd have to call me and ask how to do it in the first place...hehehehheee!

    She is the one friend from school who stuck like glue. More like a sister than anything, so she has no escape. :) That and I have enough dirt to blackmail her. Which I fully intend to disclose all to her children some day. It is what keeps me going...

  7. HA! As an '88 grad I sure can relate to the hair! Beautiful friends, fun photos, Happy Birthday to Julee! :)

  8. Ahhh, the big "Mall Hair". Very familiar with the look. My engagement picture is hilarious. Can anyone say Aqua Net?

    Happy 40th Julee!

  9. Erin and Tami, I think you both need show us the 'do'.

    Aqua Net...heck ya! Nowadays, hardly ever use hairspray. :o)

  10. Even though I'm a generation older than you young pipsqueaks commenting above, I so remember Aqua Net. I must have used thousands of cans of it. And you 80s gals have nothing on big hair. I remember my first year away at school ('62) trying to get my "bubble" hair-do to poof out and up bigger and bigger. We looked like we were wearing football helmets filled with helium. So attractive. ;o)

  11. Happy Birthday Julee!!!! These pictures just made me laugh so hard I cried. The picture of you two giving the school announcements is priceless!! You two have such a special relationship and it's obvious that you guys love each other like sisters :-)

    Great Post Di! And Happy Birthday again Julee! Enjoy your day with your previous family!

  12. Happy birthday Julee! These pictures are fabulous!

  13. Super duper cute. When giant hair was in, I was still playing with Barbies and easy bake ovens. But dang, how I wanted to have big hair like my high school cousins. CUTE post!!! Enjoyed it!

  14. why do you tell me these things when you know this 'pipsqueak' is going to want to see those pictures?

    Jen, there was enough hair spray involved that anyone would cry :)

    Jan, I know you got some good ones too...let'em fly!

    MamaTea, yer such a punk! :o) Or pipsqueak works too! It's never to late for big hair! We can always bring it back just for you!

  15. Oh, I loved this post! A male dancer? Big hair? Tats? Priceless.

  16. Lori, do I hear a kindred spirit calling? ;) Do tell!

  17. I love the pictures!!!!!!!!
    I had the hair too. I will be 38 this year so I am all over the 80's hair do! HAHAHA Thanks for posting such fun pics and memories....