Thursday, January 20, 2011

Keeping Time and Chicken Humor

I keep telling myself that my lack of focus is going to pass soon.  Got to get it together!!

So after running around all day and hoping my dishes would magically clean themselves by the time I got home (they didn't), I decided it was time to get the old wall calendar down and the new one up!
Notice anything odd about that picture?  It's been on the same page for almost a year!  Apparently time really does get by me!

A few weeks ago, I ordered a new calendar.  Today it got a proper home!  And I vow to change it monthly.  If any one minds giving me a reminder to change it monthly, I'm OK with that!
This sparkly new calendar is by ChickenMama Designs.  If you haven't seen it yet, you hop on over and order one!  Her photography is stunning!  Pig Pen especially liked the fact that moose and deer hunt openers in MN are noted :o)  My favorite was the Mother's and Father's Day pictures.  So sweet!

Since I am on the subject of ChickenMama, I thought I would share a great laugh she gave me today.  A little background first though.  She graciously volunteered her expertise in the Chicken Pickin' we've got going on here.  So I emailed her a few questions.  Since we are contemplating doing meat birds (the red broilers not the Chucky Chickens) and layers, my questions were geared towards the 'how to' on feed etc.   From what I have read up on so far, the meat birds require certain feed-needs that the layers don't.  I was concerned about this do you separate the feed when you only have one coop?  It's not like feeding your dogs out of different bowls, right?

Well, ChickenMama had a few thoughts on this...but...the part that got me was this (taken directly from her email):
You might have to change your name from Apple Pie Gal to Chicken Pot Pie Gal if you really get into chicken farming!  ;)  
I don't care who ya are...that right there is funny!


  1. I think the fact you don't notice the calendar shows that you are no slave to time. You live in natural harmony with the seasons and no need for paper reminders. But I hope you didn't miss out on something because you forgot to check it ;)

  2. LOL! Her calendar is beautiful and I can't wait to see those broilers and your first butcher day, I bet PigPen is all over that and ready with all the equipment, isn't he?! Pot Pies in the freezer....mmmmmm!

  3. Now that you've pointed out the little special day pictures on Chicken Mama's calendar, I feel there should have been an explanation to the one for Father's Day. Or maybe I should sprint it on a blog post and ask readers to submit a caption!

    Be sure to let us know when you decide on the variety of laying hens you've chosen!

  4. "Sprint" it on a blog post . . . ? Make that p-r-i-n-t. Duh.

  5. I am proud to say that I am a Chicken Mama Calendar owner. I feel like putting it on a t-shirt! So, what chicken breeds ARE you getting? The Red Roasters are great, I've raised them. Can you be Apple Chicken Dumpling Gal? I'd like to know what her solution to the two feeds/one coop is. I usually keep mine separate.

    p.s. Mama Pea - why don't you "sprint" over to your blog and "print" that post? hehe

  6. Jane, calendar or not, I am always forgetting something! My head, perhaps?

    Erin, he has been looking to build all sorts of things including a plucker machine. He'll do it too, I'm a bettin' woman!

    MamaPea, heheehee darn those 'fat fingers'. Well the song that comes to mind is whistling actually. Too bad Opie was a red-headed boy, it'd be perfect. Or that other one "People let me tell you bout my best friend..."

    Susan, Yeah to fellow calendar owners!!! Now as to keeping the birds separate that seems to be the way to go. But how?? And where?? What do you do? Cuz ever since you put those Red Rangers on my radar, it seemed like the perfect fit. And I was really looking forward to them! So tell us how you do it and where, please pretty pretty!!!

    Hey, I love Dumplings!

  7. Wait, let me guess...

    Susan, are they in your CLOSET????

  8. Ms. Chicken Pot (I mean, APPLE) Pie Gal! You (and Susan!) are too sweet (!), but the REAL question is . . . WHERE did you find the image of that Chicken + Pot + Pie T-shirt?! Fabulous!!!

    But, seriously, we need to talk: you hadn't changed last year's calendar since FEBRUARY?! Please tell me that the calendar was hanging, at least, in a little-used room of the house. Otherwise . . . I might start to worry about you! ;)

    And, Mom, YES, you should post that picture and ask your readers for captions! Hey, I'll even throw in a Chicken Mama Designs 2011 calendar as the prize for the best one!

  9. Haha! I am going to have to show you how to make new headers in Picasa so you can make your "Chicken Pot Pie Gal" banner. Haha! That is really too funny :-)

  10. Hey,
    Lets see...Chicken pot pie, Apple pie, Whats the dif? Its all PIE...Right? I love pie in all its forms! Give me a pie all to my self and I'm a happy camper! So keep on baking and get the chickens already...and don't forget the Easter Eggers!

  11. Surprisingly, chickens are the only thing NOT in my closet!! I keep my meat chickens in a chicken tractor. Have your dear Pig Pen build you one. If you Google them, you can find at least a billion examples. Mine is Beverly Hillbillies meet Mountain Dew. If I am only raising a few - like a half-dozen - I keep them in the rabbits' summer house. HEY - you could get rabbits, too!!!! I am stopping now before I get in trouble. Too late?

  12. ChickenMama, the tshirt was on Even Adam thought it was cute :oD The calander is right next to his desk. But I swear I will be better this year...promise. That can be my New Me. How's that? I think it's a wonderful idea that your Mama should do the caption request on the picture! That could be fun to see all the ideas!

    Jen, we might have to come up with a little something to add just for fun. But doesn't that require a little digital scarpbooking??? We just talked about that yesterday, no? :)

    Tom, Easter Eggers aren't on the list of chicks. But I know ChickenMama loves them. Is that what you are getting? And you are right, there is no such thing as bad pie. Even "real" mince meat pie!!

  13. Susan, I want to see these pictures! Anytime it's Beverly Hillbillies and Mt Dew in one sentence it's bound to be good! PigPen did say he was going to build one, but not sure we will get to that this year. Bummer :(

    Rabbits...geesh. You guys are just getting me into all sorts of trouble! I would, but I don't eat rabbit. Or was I supposed to do something else with them??? ;0)

  14. I love that shirt...we have offed our roosters to make "rooster pot pie" in the past (had to write about that one in the good ole blog) but I wish I had the shirt go with the experience!

  15. Ha ha I needed that. I'm with you on the calendars. I just took a 2010 one down. But! Mine was on November. :)

  16. Chicken Pot Pie Gal? Now THAT is funny!!!