Thursday, January 6, 2011

Exciting Day!

Well if I didn't just have the most exciting day!  Slap me and call me a lucky gal!

I actually got to talk "Voice to Voice" with my blog buddy Jane over at Hard Work Homestead!  This was a first for me and let me tell you...super cool!  I was so afraid she was calling to tell me my "How To" post on a basic purse was all jacked up!  But as you shall see...she did a darn fine job on her very first one!  She did me proud!  Did ya hear me???  Proud, I tell ya!  I don't think she called me any bad names during the process either, not sure though.   :o)

Funny how you get to know someone in the virtual world and then connect in some way and it's just seamless.  It's not weird, uncomfortable or anything!  The hardest part was associating a voice with a 'real person' (wink wink).  She has a cute voice with just the slightest little -southern- accent actually!  Or so I thought!  I expected more of an East Coast accent, but nope...methinks she's from somewhere more southerly, as in Belle of the Ball!  We talked for over an hour!  It took me longer to "come down" from the high however :o)

As if all that wasn't enough to float my boat, my MIL told me that Aunt Lori (her sister) has been reading OUR blogs...yupper...and wants to start a garden and trying new things!!!

SEE!!!  We really can inspire others to be more self-sufficient!  How exciting is THAT?  So naturally, I think a trip to Tennessee is in short order!  I love corrupting helping others!  I was so excited when my SIL, Meg, said she wanted to start a little garden this Spring too.  But alas, her plans have changed and she's bakin' a bun in the oven instead...don't worry though...she's still on my radar!  Now I at least have other fresh meat!

Back to Aunt here's the deal -the famn damily is truckin' on down the road this Spring and I am gonna do my best to get her garden started!  Careful Aunt Lori, before you know it -you'll have chickens!  Hey, do you wanna go hunting too???

And who knows, if we hog pile her, and my SIL, Jen convinces (heftily shoves) her into a Garden/Sewing/Canning etc. Blog -we can keep tabs on Aunt Lori and lend advice and encouragement too!  I'd love that!

So, that's about as much as I could fit in a day of good things without exploding!  Heck, I couldn't sit still!  I was supposed to be making a purse myself, but did I get it done?  Nope.  Ants in my pants.


  1. Sounds like an exciting day to me too! I didn't know you make purses. I will have to look up your how to post on that,been thinking about trying one of those,be back later,blessings Jane

  2. Ah shucks, APG. I never would have attempted sewing anything other than a straight line if not for you. And I only called you one name..friend! I think we are both cut from the same stock.

  3. How cool! I can just picture the two of you talking non-stop like a couple of teeny-boppers for the whole hour. 'Twas the same when Erin and I met face-to-face over the holidays. No uncomfortableness or lack of things to say. I'm thinking it would be the same with all of us bloggers. Like-mindedness attracts like-mindedness? (Say that fast 5 times.)

  4. Jane2, well if you can look at it and make a go of it like Jane did, heck you might be next!

    Jane, well your love affair with purses can be an open road now girl! You may find that every where you go, you look at purses differently. "Hey, I could make that", "Ooooh, I like those colors together". Sewers are very Enabling folks ya know! We feed addicitons! I am glad to hear the F word was Friend! HA! You did AWESOME! And I really did have so much fun talking with you!

    MamaPea, yeah, face-to-face is gonna happen this year! I plan to put miles on come heck or high water! And you are so right, there should be a blogger convention or something! They'd never get us out of there! The only thing that would bring us out would be those wretched WEEDS! No, can't say that 5 times, could barely read it twice with out messing it up ;O)

  5. You have inspired me more than you know. You have taught me its never too late to find a man who loves you more thanj life. You taught me patience through pain. And you inspired me to want to be a better person and be better to myself. I love you and Ado and can't wait to see you in Tennessee.

  6. Aunt Lori, you made me cry!!! I can't wait to come see you! Adam said YES he would come so long as work allowed...but he said YES!!!

    Ya know, you are gonna be filled to the brim with wonderful just wait and see. I have good things in store for you! I love you!

  7. There is nothing like starting my day off reading blog posts filled with joy and love. You are all just the greatest. And phenomenal job on the purse, Jane!

  8. I will never forget the day I called Jen for the first time! I got her VM and I was such a boob! I said something about hoping she had a good day knowing all the while that she was going to her Great Aunts wake!!! Well she called me right back (I think she thought I was bakin' my own bun...) and I was so excited! Haha! Brandon was like "should I be worried?" Ha! Anyway one more lengthy phone call later and I was booked to come visit! Next thing you knew, APG was bringing me a blueberry pie! I loved meeting you guys and I so wish we lived closer. :( But the next best thing is reading each other's blog and facebook (Diannnnna!) ;)

    PS Congrats on 'gonna be' an auntie again! :o)

  9. Sounds like fun! I echo Mama Pea's sentiments - seamless! Although she was probably surprised to see that my run-on sentences and can't-stop-typing extends to my in-person talking too LOL! My hubby has learned to tune me out. Maybe it's because we know a lot of the "little details" already about each other that when you meet face to face first it takes a long time to know. It's lovely to put it all together in one big picture. Chicken Mama was the same way, I felt like I knew her already and was even more pleased to be able to now call her a real face to face friend! Congrats on your phone call, you must have been a good teacher. I still say if I win the lottery I'm setting up a commune for all of us!

  10. I totally understand your excitement Di! Talking to and seeing Chelsi for the first time was SO MUCH FUN!!!! already know that because you were there. haha! But is so special to finally "meet" the person you have already been friends with for so long :-)

    And I am so excited that you an Ado are going down to hook Aunt Lori up!! If there is anyone in this world that can teach someone about gardening, patience and's you :-) Love ya sis!!!

  11. Susan, why thank you ma'am. Sure beats starting the day off grumblin'.

    Chelsi, yup! See, it is awesome when you can finally hook up and put a face to the writer or voice! Pie...maybe I'll make a pie...thanks alot!!!

    Erin, we are all still envious of you three getting go gather! Oh how fun that would have been! You guys all probably know about as much about each other as if you'd been friends since birth! You know if you want to win the Lotto, ya gotta play!

    Jen, yes I was pleasantly surprised that Adam said if work allows he'd go! And what better place then to help a family memeber out!? Iwubnutoo

  12. AW, that's so cool that you and Jane got to chat real live like on the phone! Its always amazing to me how fun that can be!

    And of course, you silly, you can inspire change within people. What did you think this whole blogging thing was about? :)