Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Small Victory

When you are a single guy, like my little brother, "what" you eat isn't nearly as important as who is playing in the big game this week or if the birds are flying.

He's not able to drive just yet after having surgery, so big sister took him to the grocery store.  One aisle into the store, and he's grabbing for something that naturally, I couldn't keep my mouth shut about.
  Bleached Flour 

Now, I am not knocking anyone who prefers Bleached Flour.  To each his own.  However, my brother isn't baking breads that he 'thinks' needs to be pearly white for some crazy reason.  He's making things like biscuits and gravy.  As in the thickening agent.  No homemade biscuits, but that's another day.  And that's probably about all he uses flour for actually.  I will have to ask him if he's every used it for anything else, certainly not biscuits :o)  

So I got to use one of my favorite lines, "If you are in a swimming pool and thirsty, do you just open you mouth and take a drink, or do you get out and get a glass of water?"

Without missing a beat or rolling his eyes even...he put it back on the shelf and purchased Unbleached instead.  If that wasn't shocking enough, when we got back to his place and unloaded, he handed me a small used bag and asked me to pitch it.  Yup, his remaining bleached flour from the fridge went bye-bye.

Small Victory...and he didn't even make fun of me.  If I had feathers, I'd puff them up.  Every one's gotta start somewhere, right?


  1. I think he's been quietly watching you. And you must be setting a very good example. "Hmm," he says to himself. "I wouldn't mind being more like Big Sis in a lot of ways. Maybe consuming unbleached flour will help."

    Okay, so I'm being very simplistic and funny, but I think there may be some truth there. It's not what we say that sometimes makes the difference, but rather what we do. You be a good example!

  2. MamaPea, well he may be watching ??? And he didn't make fun of me, which really was pretty shocking. But alas, when I was waiting at the office for him to finish up some business, he made fun of my choice of reading material by saying, "You aren't right".

    :o) Chickens :o)

  3. It is always amazing to me these men folk can tear apart engines and put them back together but simple stuff like eat a piece of fruit once in a while and put down the toilet seat allude them. I guess that is why we women are here. A big victory for you APG. Some woman out there will thank you someday that is one less thing she will need to 'teach' your Brother.

  4. My husband wouldn't know a healthy substitute if it bit him in the butt. Really think it's from being single for so long. He's all about cheap, which I am too, and if I'm given "regular" flour, I will use it, but I point out that the price on unbleached is the same as bleached, so buy the healthier alternative.

    Good for you for helping him on the right road.

  5. Ok. I could use my friend google... But, I'll just ask. What am I missing? I think I buy All Purpose? Is it bleached? Oh no! I'm assuming it's bad for me? DIIIAAANNNNA! Hey, I just realized I never emailed you back. Dangit.

  6. There used to be a magazine called "Backwoods Journal" that we subscribed to. We had a friend who always called it "BackWARDS Journal" whenever he saw it at our house. Go ahead and call us backwards, I still think we're better off with this way of life!

  7. Wow, that's a great victory! As I always say, something is better than nothing.

  8. Chelsi, just make sure it says "Unbleached". Bleached is what the name implies...ick.

    MamaPea, If someone calls me Backwards it's considered a compliment! Betcha it is for you too!

    Leigh, yupper! How now shall I get him next??

  9. OH OH OH! I can't wait to use that line LOL!

  10. APG,
    First want to thank you for your coment on my blog about BELLA! She seems to be inproving, but still not eatting. Its worrysom!!!
    Now for a comment: I'm a 57 year old ex-husband (twice!) and if I could not cook before I married the first time, we would have starfed! My first wife couldn'd boil water without berning it! I do alright for myself and try to raise all I can to eat and can for later. And yes I make bread, altho I cheat and use a bread machine.
    But I know most guys couldn't or wouldn't. I'm what you might call "A RARE BREED"!!!!