Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Four Legged Shadow

So far, my day has been rather 'funkless'.  Which is a good thing!  The day started early, I got crackin' right away...but every where I went I was shadowed.

Me at the computer...
at the sewing machine...
She doesn't even know how to sew!  Or does she???
I am trying to get way ahead on my "One a Week" theory.  Once the garden goes down, the sewing machine collects dust.   

Now I know all the Mom's out there can relate to the two-legged shadow, but really...a four-legged one?

They never shut up, someone is always pooping, peeing, whining, eating and seldom out from under me!  And the worst part, I talk to them, yell at them, chase them, play with them and threaten them.  "Do you want a smackin'?"  Emma knows to run when she hears that one!  My favorite weapon of choice -the inside roll of spent wrapping paper.  They actually love it!  Goof balls.

But the best part, they love you no matter what!  What would we do with out them?


  1. I do believe Emma needs a retainer. A little underbite going on there. Cute as can be. And was that a description of your Husband or the dogs, cause it sure sounds like my Husband! Opps, to much information.

  2. I love our little snaggle-tooth Emma. They truly are pains in the butt....however none of us could live without our little four-legged fur babies!!!

    Oh, and the blocks? FABULOUS!!!!!!!

  3. Oh man, tell me about it. Jackson goes EVERYWHERE I do. I finally have him trained to stay at either side of the kitchen while I'm in there because I've tripped on him TOO Many times. My kitchen is NOT big enough to allow him and I to move simultaneously!!!

    I have a hilarious picture on my cell phone... I'm sitting on the pot and the dog is curled up at my feet. I mean, really? I know, TMI but it's true!!!!!

  4. The little dog is so cute, are you sure she cant sew? She looks like shes waiting on something- maybe a piece of matterial!,Blessings,Jane

  5. "What would we do with out them?"

    I'll tell you what I did, for nine whole years after my beloved Golden Lab passed away. I walked around with a big old hole in my heart. It took two funny little dachshunds to fill it, but fill it they did.

  6. Ming the Peke is the same way. There are times I could wring her little neck then {like for some unknown to me reason she will potty in my 2 f the kids bedrooms if their doors are open even though she knows where her spots are in the bathroom-i'm far to fragile to brave the cold for her to potty outdoors in winter ;) } But I would be lost without my little dust mop to cuddle and love. Oh, & her territoral barking nonstop when people to visit.

  7. I have an image of little dogs that sneak in the craft room to quilt and spin fiber after their owners are asleep! Very cute!

  8. Jane, underbite is an understatement! That girl needs more than a retainer! I could easily mix her up w/ PigPen...ehehee

    Jan, life would not be as much fun without their form of entertainment. It might be quiet, but that's about it!

    Chels, seriously...what person hasn't gone to the bathroom without a dog at their um...feet? :)

    Jane2, waiting for material, HA! More like scraps!!!

    Granny, nine years??? Wow, you held out lots longer than I could have. But I am so glad you have your little hot dogs now!

    Farmchick, oh yes, my dogs have humiliated me many times. We call Emma "The Happy Pee'er". House rules, when you enter, don't touch the white dog no matter how cute or how much she wants you to! You'll be in a puddle in an instant!

    Erin, wouldn't it be fun to use a hidden camera??? I would love to know what they "think" about and what they do! You can't tell me they don't "think". Smart little critters probably do spin!!

  9. We should be SO lucky to have them spin their own hair into fiber! Instead of chasing dog hairballs from under the sofa!

  10. Oooomigosh, I had a shadow like that today, too. (Must have been something in the air.) A couple of times I sat down and gave her lovin' and a whole bunch of sweet talk but truth to tell, we don't know how much she can actually hear anymore.

    I've got a better bathroom story. If I don't shut the door, she always follows me in and puts her head smack on my . . . uh, lap.

  11. Erin, there is no shortage of fibers here to be spun then! Blech! I hate when those bunnies rear their ugly heads when ya know darn good and well you swept under there!!

    MamaPea, maybe it was the weather because today WAS exceptionally bad in the dog world of annoying! And yes, thanks for being brave enough to admit that...happens all the time :) If it's not that, it's forgetting to shut the door all the way and she rams it right open with her snout. Did I mention my bathroom faces directly out the main door to the house? The horror!!!!

  12. The small bathroom that I use down here (AZ) has a folding door, and it is only held shut with a magnetic latch. Both of my dogs are able to nose it open, and I have two of them vying for "the place of honor at the throne". I have no privacy at all with my little toidy dogs.

  13. I have two faces at my knees when I'm on the throne. It's our morning routine. Tonight I am dog sitting for a friend, so I have my two, plus her two, and there is some friendly competition going on for attention. Hubby already said I'm sleeping in the spare room with the "extras"...

  14. Granny, I see yours are industrious too! Now if I could just keep them out of the laundry basket! Throne...hehehe

    Hope, so you have been kicked out? Well at least you wont get cold with all that added fur surrounding you! Hot boxes and dead weight! Sleep tight!!

  15. I dont have an inside lil dog except when I got to babysit my lil "granddog" she is so sweet and seems forever afraid she is gonna miss out on SOMEthing. lol But she lives in Nevada now, and I dont like it. lol My big girl here weights nearly what I do and is my shadow when I am outside. She is my body guard till I come in the house and then she will go to her bed on the front porch. Great Pyrenees are the best buddies a gal on a farm could have.