Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who Called Trump???

Who doesn't love a good game of cards?  Well, in this family, we are playing for keeps!

I have a pretty warped sense of humor, but it gets me thru just fine.  Luckily, so do a few other folks!  A few years back, when I was learning how to sew, my MIL made a comment that someday I would "inherit" all her things seeing as how I was the only girl in the family who takes an interest in sewing.  Now if you read yesterday's post, you know that we aren't talking just a random machine and one hamper full of fabric.

She has two rooms dedicated to sewing!  (Lynch Mob Mobilized)  Her sewing machine, an embroidery machine, a serger and a long arm quilter (housed in one room -it's that big!).  Not to mention her "Stash" of fabric that is so huge, you could roll around in it like a bed full of money!  Books, notions, patterns, you name it...she's got it!

That was a few years ago.  Since then, she has made reference to it a few times and we joke about it.  I've told her I'm not ready for her to "Kick It".

Recently, my SIL, Meagan, who is married to my MILs second child, decided she wanted to learn how to sew.  Uh-Oh!  Morbidly, my MIL and I joked that I was still safe because Meg's mom sews and would likely inherit all of her things.  Phew!  Right?  Right???

So I am still in position.  I know...getting kinda creepy, huh?  But we just laugh!

Then, around Christmas my SIL, Jen, decided she might want to give it a try...Crap!  This is my MILs oldest child!

My response? 

"SOB, Jenny just threw that damn TRUMP card!"
Yes friends, indeed she did.  But she's only allowed Four of them.  I made that perfectly clear to her at Christmas and told her to use them wisely....

And I even gave her the cards...wretchin' freckin'
I should have played "Go Fish" instead...


  1. oh-no-she-didn't! LOL that's funny! Luckily I'm the ONLY DAUGHTER my mom has! No stinky brothers getting their hands on stashes, grandmother's antique buffets, old quilts teeheehee!

    Also... OH OH OH! I'm not blogging today but I just HAD to tell someone - on my way home from a Master Gardener meeting I "stopped in" (by taking a longer route LOL) to a real actual sewing machine store - I am in AWE! I even saw one of those Escalade size long arm quilters, holy crap what have I gotten into? I left with brochures in hand, price lists, class info and found out there is a quilting show here next month, I only wish I knew someone out here to go with me!

  2. Erin, you crack me UP! Lucky girl! Just kidding!! Uh-Oh...those brochures are going to start talking to you!! "Pick Me, Pick Me!"

    You should go to the show! There will be so many nice ladies there, you may go alone, but you may meet some nice ones! Drag someone with you kicking and screaming if you have to even! Look for an easy target....HA!! Surely there are some wives who could sacrifice themselves for you!

    And wait till you see some of the workings they hang die for. Don't let it scare you though. Those ladies have been quilting and sewing since diapers! Not to mention all the cool gadgetry you will see. Did I mention my love affair with those??? Sewing gadgets...get your mind out of the gutter!

  3. Funny post! A couple of years ago, my daughter starting asking, "Can I have that when you die?" I told her since she was an only child, she would most likely get everything and much more she never wanted!

    Erin, I'm chartering a bus and leaving for your place picking up everyone on my way. ALL of us are going to that quilt show with you!!

  4. MamaPea, my mom started clearing out things already. Geesh, I don't want to even think about that!

    You can count me in on that bus trip!!!

  5. First off, you have to stop making everyone think that sewing is a fun and productive hobby. Apparently, you have convinced your non-sewing family members to jump in the game. You shot yourself in the foot, my friend. I think you have to down play the fun. Second, you just need to out wait them. Interests come and interests go. We have scuba gear upstairs that will never see water again. Either that or swipe something every time you visit. Just kidding.

  6. I am trying REALLY HARD not to get swept up in this sewing/quilting tsunami...and it IS hard. Thank goodness I don't have the time or money! My favorite machine is still my mom's original Singer - tiny, old fashioned thing that it is. But the old cord is downright dangerous and I have to replace it. What's that? My small, but persistent fabric stash is whispering to me....

    p.s. Just let me know what corner to wait on for the bus.

  7. Jane, I think thievery might work! Why didn't I think of that??? :) And for the record -SEWING SUCKS! It's horrible, tedious, back breaking... How'd I do??

    Susan, uh-oh, before you know it that stash will be screaming!!! Cords are easy enough to fix!

  8. Okay, I'm still kickin because I'm reading this post!!! You crack me up!!! But just think..... I plan on living a long time so you can imagine how much more I'll have accumulated!!! And now I've got to throw that darn Farmers Wife quilt into the mix. Darn!!!

  9. Jan, I am very, very happy you are still kickin'! And, I am sure Jenny will appreciate the added accumulation too! HA!!! Unless she takes up scuba diving that is ;)

  10. Hey, Jan - Have you ever heard the quilter's expression, "Whoever dies with the most fabric wins?" ;o)

  11. you can have some of my tools, OK?

  12. So I just signed up for Scuba lessons!!! Hahaha!

    Here's the deal can have everything in my mom's sewing room IF you always make me everything I want like she does. So if I say, "Hey...I need a birthday banner for Blake's birthday" you say "Sure! I have a pattern!" and if I say I want to redo my living room and need new curtains you say, "Just send me measurements". Is that a deal?

  13. Pops, awe! You are too sweet and you made me laugh out loud! But hear me when I ain't goin' any where pal! Nope! That's why you need to nip that pneumonia RIGHT NOW! I know you hate it when we dog ya like that, but trust me, no one wants your tools...we want you!!

    Jen, Ohhhhhh I am so glad the YMCA had those on the board and you signed up! Phew!!! Hehehe

    You are too kind...but ya know you'd still be getting the short end of the stick cuz I am not half the sewer your mama is! So I can't even stick it to ya like that! S'pose you better learn how afterall! :)

    Shush Jane...

  14. I am the only one who sews out of us 3 girls, but my mom donated a bunch of her stuff a few years ago as she has slowed down on her sewing. However, she does have a new machine I have admired a few times. LOL

  15. Mama Pea.....I win! Seriously, I could make quilts for a very long time without EVER entering another fabric store. But do I? No!!! I'm building up my stash! :-)

    Jen - great answer! See Di, you have nothing to worry about!!! And yes, you are THAT good!!!!

  16. I'm still trying to get over the fact that your MIL has enough fabric to roll around on it like its a bed full of money. :)

    Funny post, my gal! Love that you all can keep it fun!!

  17. Oh goodness. I'm the only girl and my moms baby... ;) but there isn't much to be had! My mom is the garage sale queen and sells everything! I don't have any baby clothes or not even ONE dance outfir after numerous years of tap and jazz. Shoot, she doesn't keep furniture or even Christmas decor long! This is why I need therapy... not to mention how I found out she sold her Princess House crystal dishes, etc this year at Thanksgiving. Sob fest... anyway! Moving on... *breathe in * breath out* repeat....