Sunday, January 2, 2011

50th Farmin' Fools!

On one of our trips to Arthur, IL to hit up the Amish bulk goods store, we took a pit stop at a fabric store.  It's funny how you can see the same fabrics from store to store and then stumble across one that jumps up and smacks you upside the head screaming, "Pick Me!"

Well that's what happened with this fabric!  My Aunt Bena and Uncle Wally celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary yesterday!  So my Aunt gifted him with this:

Now I mighta played a small part in this, along with my MILs beautiful quilting ability.  Trust me, I couldn't do that part if my life depended on it.  But I could probably scribble something.

Aunt Bena and Uncle Wally are the farmers in the family and Uncle Wally loves his "Farmall" tractors.  Here is a picture of him on an oldie but goodie from the summer:
Ain't he the cutest farmer ya ever saw?

Course you remember what a Bena in a Bucket is, right?

The pattern is called "Thrifty" and it comes from the book by Judy Hopkins, "501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks".  Yes, the same one I got for Christmas this year!  I had pretty well commandeered this book from my MIL.  She must have wanted it back at some she got me my very own.  I love this book with it's endless possibilities!

But the real story here is this....
Happy 50th Anniversary to my Aunt Bena and Uncle Wally! 
I love you guys!


  1. What a cute quilt! My youngest grandson (7) and oldest grandson (16) would just love that with the tractors. They loves tractors!

  2. You made a quilt along with all the craziness of the holiday season?? You are somethin' else, Girl! It's gorgeous, so appropriate and will be cherished, I'm sure.

    Please send my good wishes along to Aunt Bena and Uncle Wally!

    My hubby wants a tractor so badly for use in gathering the plethora of downed wood we have in our woods. His current night time reading is a series of old tractor books he's had me request from the library for him. If Uncle Wally's old tractor pictured in your post goes missing some night, he might look for it heading north to Minnesota.

  3. Alla, well I just saw that they came out with another Farmall fabric line! And of course the John Deere is everywhere. So there ya go! Sounds like some quilting in your future???

    MamaPea, I was going to try for Christmas, but I knew I needed that week in between. My MIL insists that I hand stitch the back binding. Grrrr! (kidding) So that was my one day marathon run before the new year. Soar neck to show for it! We have a crap tractor here at our house...come and get it. It's a Sato(???) He says he's going to part it out. I am surprised you don't have one actually. They do come in handy. Poor PapaPea needs one!

  4. You'd BETTER hand stitch that back binding or I'd have to come down and spank you! That's a pet peeve of mine . . . machine stitching showing on the binding. Call me a quilt snob but it just ruins the whole piece for me. (Now you'll curse me every time you want to avoid the hand stitching, won't you? Tee-hee.)

  5. Beautiful quilt! I hate hand-sewing of any kind. When I was in 4-H, I'd always go for a walk to grandma's house and plead for her help with my hems. She had beautiful stitches and couldn't resist my sad eyes.

    I envy quilters. I just don't have the patience for it!

  6. Yeah Mama Pea - a girl after my own heart!!! I will NEVER let Di do a sewn down binding in my presence - EVER!!!! I know she curses me every time but the end result is worth it!!! And we can't forget the quilt she finished for Pig Pen! What a machine!!!

    Anyway, Happy 50th Anniversary Aunt Bena and Uncle Wally! I still love the "Bena in a basket" picture. I would be afraid of what Pops would do at the controls if I was in the bucket!!!

  7. Mama and Jan...yeah, yeah yeah! But you are both right. Very right. Nothing worse than seeing those stitches on the other side. So I will just grumble at you BOTH now!

    MamaPea, don't encourage her any more!

    And Jan, if it weren't for the fact we had to sneak attack Adam's quilt would have taken me DAYS to hand bind that monster. So thank you for doing that! I for sure would have cussed and cursed forever about that one!

    Hope, Grama's are always so good for the sad eyes, aren't they? Gosh I wish we all had Grama's in our back pockets that we could pull out when we need them for a good hem but mostly a hug. :0) Nothing beats a Grama hug. But don't you give up! There are all sorts of things to sew besides a quilt! It's very theraputic for me. Love sewing!

  8. Oh Jan, DON'T GET IN THE BUCKET! Heheheee

  9. Be careful aunt Bena up there.Happy an

  10. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Where on earth do you find IH material! I have never seen quilts that match the interests of the recipients like the ones you make APG. Your dad's, pigpens, now this. I am so impressed.

  11. That quilt is amazing! What a wonderful gift to give to loved ones. The one you made for your dad, is crazy sweet! Can not wait to see what the rest of the year holds for you!

  12. Jenny, don't worry...she's snug as a bug!

    Jane, hey, if you want/need some...I can find it for you! I will be going again soon.

    Isaac & Mommy, thank you ma'am! Can't you just see that on your little boys bed??? Too much fun I think!

  13. Are you sure there's only one of you? That is a beautiful quilt. I have tractor envy, I'll have to say. And farm envy. And, now, quilt envy. Oy!

  14. Susan, most days I feel like I get nothing done! What I lack in focus, I make up for in COFFEE!

  15. Umm the quilt is nice. But, I am so soooo jealous that you get to go to the Amish Bulk store. I hit one of those last summer on my way home (Southern Texas) from Illinois. I filled my car under the seats and front seat. My kids thought I was nuts.


  16. LOL, love the quilt and tractor photos! Wish we had an Amish bulk store nearby.

  17. Melissa, that's a hoot! I usually have to 'take orders' before I head down to stock up! It's a car load!

    Leigh, thanks ma'am! Rumor has it, he loved the quilt too! I wish you had an Amish store too! They are very awesome!

  18. Quilting is a scary thing to me now, but I do know one thing - I do love the Farmall Quilt, what a great gift!