Monday, January 31, 2011

No Turning Back Now!

For three separate reasons, there's no turning back now!

First, our friends that have been living in Nebraska for nearly 3 years have officially crossed the border and are in our home state...for keeps!  I am really so excited to have them home and beating the storm!

Second, yeah...the storm.  Why is it all weather channels forcast different totals?  The least we can expect is 12".  The maximum  is 24"!  With wind gusts up to 45mph, they are calling this storm "Life Threatening".  I am thinking it could be fun!  No really, FUN!

Third, last night I sat down and hit that little "Sumbit Order" button for our peeps!  Yup, I actually did it!  I should be jumping up and down, right?

Well, I was!  However this morning I got an email from my girlfriend informing me that my work travel schedule is now going to pull me away the week our peeps are to arrive!  So I am working on my options. 

Can you believe it?

Volunteers, anyone?  :)


  1. Do you really think your boss would notice 5-10 little peepers in your purse? If so called celebrities can get away with little dogs in their purses I am sure you could pull off a chicken or five. The latest trend from Gucci, peep purses. Spring collection of 2011

  2. Ha-love Jane's idea.
    Any way you can contact the place and change the delivery date?? Otherwise, I think there are pocket peeps in your future!

  3. Jane, maybe 5 I could get away with but they might notice 30...heheheheee

    I will start purse designs just in case ;)

    Sue, I am going to do just that acutally. But that puts me back a whole other month unfortunately :( Boo!

  4. You simply cannot be gone when your very first batch of chicks arrive! No way. How will you imprint on each other? How will they know you're their mommy? You may have to quit your job. Be sure to let us know what you get worked out.

  5. How 'bout a rolling coop, a nice upholstered rolling suitcase type deal only with "peep airholes" LOL? Glad to hear about your friends. I have a friend in MO who said today 18-32" of snow expected and they keep changing it too... keep us posted and stay warm and safe!

  6. Getting the peeps when you can't be there is a bummer. Maybe you can work something out with the delivery date,good luck. Blessings jane

  7. Oh yay! Oh no! Call the hatchery and request a different delivery date! If they know no one will be there to pick them up from the PO, they'll change it for you.

  8. Ok...Plan #1 Call in and explain that you got 62 inches of snow and you can't get out of the driveway. Hey, it can happen!!!

    Plan #2 You got the Bird Flu!

    I can't believe I'm the first poster to toss THAT one out. (grin)

  9. MamaPea, I know it makes me sad to think of it like that even. They may be bird brains but knowing that I have a little fear of them in the first place, I want them to KNOW me!

    Erin, do you think anyone would notice if I built that chicken tractor and then hitched it to my truck and took it with? Now we're thinking! Weather changing almost hourly! But not for the better!

    Jane2, yeah I have a feeling that is what I will have to do. :( Still bums me out because after being home for 2 weeks...I hit the road again. But at least I would have those two weeks, right????

    Leigh, hubby said he would go get them even if he had to leave work. But, will he have time to stick their little beeks in the water and all? Dunno!

    Tami, geesh don't talk about that much snow with the storm facing us! HA!

    Bird Flu - now that's a good one! Why didn't anyone think of that sooner??

  10. Are your chics arriving via the postman? I could see if Nana can watch my two chics and hang at your house until they get there that day? Although, I would prefer wearing a "Diana Mask" so that I don't have 30 chics following me home :-)

  11. Aw...I hope you can work something out about the delivery date! You simply have to meet those little chickie-poos when they come!! I'm glad you went through and made the order're on your way, baby!!

  12. Oh my goodness... Bird flu! Ok, my husband can't figure out why I have the giggles as I sit at my laptop (wipes tears out of eyes)! Hope it all works out!

  13. My dad use to call me farmer Brown just because I ran around with no shoes, so I guess I could be your farmer for awhile. I'm here to help!

  14. Jen, I am trying to picture you lifting each chic one by one into their new home and it just ain't happenin'! But that is very nice (funny) of you to offer. Chickens knocking on your door could be looking for you :)

    MamaTea, I know!! We talked last night and are going to go ahead and see about getting the date changed.

    Ruth, your husband probably thinks we are all nuts!! (and that it is rubbing off)

    Pops, pretty sure you'd want to put your shoes ON for that job ;o)