Friday, December 31, 2010

So Many Things To Do!

I don't like resolutions, because I never keep them.  But there are a ton of things I want to do.  So for 2011, I want to accomplish a whole lotta stuff in 365 days...Clock starts at Midnight!

1)  Get the camper across state lines.  Preferably to hook up with one of my blog buddies and meet face to face!  How fun would that be??

2)  Hellooo...bag my first deer.

3)  Get my heirloom seed order completed and get with the seed saving program!

4)  Sweet talk Pig Pen into digging me another garden.  Bribery will ensue.

5)  UFOs.  Get them done!  There are many!  Golly, I actually found my circular needles last night.  And I was afraid I wouldn't remember how!  After all, it's been TWO years since I played with them.  Hey!  I found my lonesome sock yarn!!!  But for this one, first I had to unravel the spaghetti! 
I added an inch to this little unfinished object but then stopped because I don't remember the decrease:
6)  For Christmas, my MIL got me this fantabulous book and I want to make a king size sampler block quilt for our bedroom. 

I need 56, 10" blocks.  I made one the other night and it didn't go so well.  So, I have 56 more to go! :o) One a week and a few extras thrown in, right?!

7)  Redo bedroom to match awesome said quilt.

8)  Finish Chicken Coop and get the girls into their new home.

9)  Paint Living room.  It's the only room in the house we haven't done 'something' to.  Oh wait, we hung 2 random pictures.  It's a horrid room.

10)  Organize both pantries and take good stock of what I need to have on hand in bulk items.

11)  Teach someone, to garden, can, preserve...anything to spread the 'bug'.  Any volunteers???  I have a burning passion to hand it down.  I think it would be fun to get a hold of a bunch of younger folks too.  Wouldn't that be neat?

12)  Get fence around garden done.  Well, that's really a Pig Pen thing.

13)  Insist that once a month, we have a date night.  How's that for setting the bar "low"?  Not asking much, just asking!  He works too hard.

14)  Learn how to shoot a bow.

15)  Keep better records of harvests.  I thought I did alright here, but sometimes things get away from you. 

16)  Grains.  I need to research this and consider what we can do in this area.  I think it is worth an effort.

17)  More bees!  You would be surprised how fast that honey goes!  However, I will not be chauffeuring any this time!

I wonder how many of those things will actually get done???  I am sure there are many other things I need to learn, master or expand on.  But ya gotta start some where, right?

To all my wonderful family and friends -old and new, I wish you a very Happy and Safe New Year!  I am so glad my SIL, Jen, kicked my pants and got me blogging.  If it weren't for her, I would have never met you guys!  You have all been such a great group of folks to consort with and my life is richer for having met you!  There is not a day that goes by that someone doesn't make me laugh, cry or think about what a wonderful life we share!  Thank you for opening your lives and sharing with us all!

Happy New Year!!


  1. Wow! That is a list of things to do! I've been thinking today of things I want to accomplish. Tonight, I'm going to write them down and stick them somewhere I can read them everyday and hopefully I'll not get as sidetracked that way. *smile* Good luck on your list and have a Very Happy New Year.

  2. Wow, your list is long, but looks like lots of exciting things to do. I need to work on writing my list here in a few minutes, as it's in my brain, but will disappear if I don't get it recorded. Hope you have a wonderful, safe New Years Eve!

  3. I am a blog friend who lives across state lines. I'm just sayin'...

    You should definitely learn to shoot a bow. Very very fun stuff.

    So glad that we met this year, my dear. Its been fun, the conversations the take place through blog comments and continue in email. I look forward to "hanging out" with you in next year. And one of these years...we will meet for real!

  4. Can I volunteer for #11???? Please please please!!! I just love reading your blog and look forward to new posts!! Keep them coming!!
    ps...the apple pie was awesome..I have made it twice!! Thank you so so much!!

  5. Alla and Hope, until today I had only been formulating the ideas and sadly, they just keep coming! Hard work is never ending, right?

    MamaTea, you know you are on my hit list! I didn't know you bow also?! But that doesn't surprise me! Love it!

    Andrea, you betcha!! I can see it now, me, you and your mom, right?! Glad you like the apple pie, it's for sure our favorite too!

  6. I'm always making New Year's resolutions and never keeping them. Now you have motivated me to start my list. I didn't see on your list where we start making Christmas presents early in the year! Make that #18!!! Looking forward to a wonderful 2011 for our family! Love you!

  7. I am SO HAPPY you started blogging Di. Even though I talk to the time, I still love reading what you have to say. And I am so happy you have met so many wonderful ladies :-) Happy New Year Sis!!! Love ya!

  8. Back attcha Baby! I've really enjoyed your blog (you're SO funny)

    Sign me up for #11...I'll expect you'll hear me crying out for help soon enough!

  9. Wow what a list! I'm very impressed. And your goals are so creative. Mine seems so mundane. But then, if I can get all the stored stuff out of my studio and off of my craft and yarn boxes, maybe I could be creative too. :)

  10. Great list, especially #1, ahem. And you can knit too! Is there no end to your creative abilities? I bet your get them all accomplished. And add a few in too. You got the bug now girl.

  11. Jan, yes I need an 18! We say that one every year and have failed...miserably!

    Jen, now if I could just not be so dependent on you to update/face lift things, HA! I already forgot how to change my background! I will be calling you in for that...again!

    Tami, Check! I'm right here for ya as well as countless others to help! You got a good thing going!

    Leigh, your goals are so not mundane! Your blog is like an information highway all the way! Dontcha be knockin your awesomeness!

    Jane, yeah I knew you'd like that one! pst...crochet too. But as you can tell, not a whole heck of a lot gets done in those two areas! And if I add any more to the list, it's probably your fault! wink wink!!

  12. I must have the "old" editions of Judy Hopkins' Rotary-Cut Blocks books. The first book I got was "Around the Block with Judy Hopkins" and the second one was "Around the Block Again." I cannot tell you how much I have used both these books for inspiration. Love the way they are laid out with directions for all the blocks in different sizes. I predict you'll use your new book a lot!

  13. Gosh Im tired and need a nap after reading that list Di. lol I dont do resolutions either, a total waste of time for me, kinda like makin note, heck i forget em or lose em. lol

    happy new year to you and yours

  14. Three cheers for heading over state lines! I NEED to get my resolutions done... right after this vacation laundry LOL! I can't wait to see your girls in the coop! I was actually thinking the other day that I'll probably chase my sons' future girlfriends away by wanting to teach them preserving and knitting LOL!