Thursday, December 9, 2010

Babysitting 101 or 911?

I used to babysit alot.  As a kid growing up, as an Aunt to my now 16 and 18 year old niece and nephew and a few little munchkins in between.

Some how over the past 10 years, not so much.  I don't know if most people thought that maybe I had an aversion to kids because we couldn't have any of our own, or if I grew spikes in my arms that gave'em little pin pricks, or maybe I am just getting older and my patience or lack thereof wears on my sleeve???  No, can't be that, I have the patience of a saint most days.  However, nowadays, I am pretty much the last resort.  The one you call when you are desperate.  The one who'll do in a pinch.  I don't take it personally, I find it humorous that I have them all fooled!

I love kids!  Especially the squishy, beat'em up and they come back for more kind!  So when my best friend, Julee, called in pure desperation-last resort-ohmigoshwhatamigonnadopleasehelpme way, I said "Sure!!"  Gee, that was easy!

Top of the morning today, I arrived with coffee in hand to help me keep up with not one, but two curtain climbers.

Colton played with blocks...
He also took a little rest...
Holli colored...
Then Aunt Diana colored...
Gee we had fun!

Here comes the 911 part...
HOLY MOLY, she even poses like her Mutha! 

I am such a bad Aunt.  How could I?  Oh, it was so easy.  I have been scheming of ways to get these kids all to myself for months!  And you know how I got thanked???  I got to change Colton's poopie diaper all by myself.  This kids got some serious clench-factor.   I haven't changed a poopie diaper in forever!  Blechie!

So after having done all these horrible things to Julee's daughter, here is her reaction:

She said something like "Aunt Diana's gonna be in trouble!"

It did not get me in trouble.  But ya wanna know what did???

Poor little Boomer!  He was such a good boy.  In my defense, when I caught him up on the couch, I asked Holli if he was allowed to be there.  She said, "Yes."

Dirty little brat...
Wait till I get my hands on them NEXT TIME!
Riiiight, as if anyone will ask me to babysit again!
Me smart like that.



  1. Why o why have you not done this to your other charge - your Brother. Seems to me someone put you in charge of his welfare and I would LOOOVE to see him in full on glam. You may need to wait until he falls asleep though. Teach him to complain about TP. And I think Boomer had your number when you walked in. Sly fellow.

  2. Jane, I'd love to put curls and a moo-moo on him! But he's real big and can still beat me up. At least with the munchkins I stood half a chance of walking away! And yeah, I know Boomer totally sucked me right in!

  3. Wow I'd take you up on a babysitting offer in a heartbeat! I don't know ANYONE who babysits here (that I would trust!) and have never had a sitter in 8 years except for grandma when she's here or my BFF, but she has two of her own so that's only if I'm dying! I wouldn't care if you shaved their heads as long as I could go get a haircut or say a pap smear in peace - oh, yes, I went there.... I had to do that 2 deployments ago... me on the table, 2 year old playing in the corner with blocks, infant in a car seat parked on the floor.... I can't even imagine doing something as unique as say, dinner out LOL!

  4. And you enjoyed every moment of your hi-jinx, didn't you? You are such a devil! (But what the heck, Boomer and the kids loved you so that's what's important!)

  5. Erin, oh yes, very certain I could cook up all sorts of trouble for two boys. Anything that entails dirt for starters! Then we roll out the 50cc 4wheeler, the golf cart, sleds...whatever little boys want! Do you even get to pee by yourself??? JiminieCrickets! That is humbling!

    MamaMamaMama, I laughed so hard I almost wet myself! Holli kept making me lift her to the mirror, then she kept looking at my camera to see herself like it was her very own little compact mirror! Oh yes, I admit I had a jolly ole good time!

  6. You can dress my kids up, make them BOTH wear make-up AND let Howie on the couch if it means I can call on you to babysit in a pinch :-) Looks like you and the kiddies had a great time!!

  7. Jenny, I have a stinkin' feeling Eric might call me out on little Beekie! But I am sure I can come up with other forms of treachery!!

  8. OMG...THAT is just about the funniest thing I've seen in a long long time! That face! Those lips! You've got to keep that picture for her sweet sixteen...or for her graduation...or her wedding day. That is priceless!

  9. Good job Diana.You r a lot of fun i remember you putting make up on me at work but then we called dad and told him to buy me 200.00 dolles in makeup but i am still coming back to your house

  10. Too cute! Desperate moms needing babysitters really can't be too terribly choosy, can they ;)

  11. Tami, oh YES! This will haunt her for the rest of her wonderful life! Ain't that great?! She'll hate me for it someday...hehee

    JennyGirl, yupper the things we roped you into. Or your Dad actually!

    Leigh, haha! I bet Julee will think twice and wonder what I will inflict upon her poor innocent kids!

  12. AT least you didn't put make up on the little boy! Looks like fun!