Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Socks

Who doesn't get socks for Christmas?

In our family, it's a given.  We are a funny sock family.  My little brother takes issue with holes.  He can't stand them!  If a sock so much as gets one itsy-bitsy hole in them, they end up at my house like this:
Tied in a knot and left for the dogs!  Last night, Missy 'accidentally' stepped on his foot and it punctured a little hole in his otherwise pristine sock.  He made me get one of Pig Pens so that he could have a whole sock as opposed to one with a hole in it!   I think there are three letters that fit...   O-C-D  ;o)

Emma knows where we hide "the bag" and if you go retrieve one for her, she wants the entire bag.  If you so much as utter "Go get the sockie", she goes absolutely nuts!  So Tim keeps the sockie bag filled to the brim!

My big brother has no problem with holes in his socks.  As a matter of fact, we wouldn't recognize him without a hole or two!  This drives my little brother insane!  If Donnie so much as walks in with one minuscule hole, Tim is hollering at him immediately! 

So since last night was our Christmas to celebrate with Mom and my Brothers, Tim showed up with a special sock for Emma and a cute little one for Ami: 
Wasn't that sweet of him?

Donnie showed up with special socks too:
I about lost it!  I mean, c'mon!  Well of course it was all to get Tim's goat!  And it worked!  Thankfully he had another pair in his pocket...the 'real' pair!  See...the sense of humor in our family just ain't right!!!

And not to be left out, Missy got to play too:
Missy doesn't usually get to play much with the sockies because she isn't supposed to play tug-o-war.  She's a bird dog and we wouldn't want her yanking on a goose neck!  But we made the exception last night.  Don't worry, she loved it!

Enough about socks!  Who knew they could be so...interesting? 

So lets talk food!  What did we have for dinner???  Well my niece picked the menu this year.  Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes and Carrots cooked in what else?  Beer!  Yumm!   Not your usual Christmas dinner, but hey, we are a little bit like that! 

Now what goes really, really great with that?  Let me just tell you, it pays to beg and bother and whine and and pester and then beg some more!  A certain blog buddy who is well known for sharing fabulous dishes took the time to email me her recipe for rye bread!!!  Yahooooooey!  After previously failing miserably with another rye bread recipe, I knew if I could get my hands on hers, it would be divine.  And it was!!!
Thank you, MamaPea!  It was a huge, HUGE success!  I will forever keep it in my recipe box and cherish it always!


  1. Looks like you guys had a fun night! Your brother's socks are hilarious! Eric has a few pairs like that...and he still wears them! Haha!

  2. Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes and Carrots cooked in beer? Oh, my mouth is watering! I wouldn't need ANY bread with that meal! But I'm so glad the Heidelberg Rye worked out for you. (I noticed there is somebody who puts as much butter on a slice of bread as my hubby!)

    I'm with your little brother. Hate those holes that let my toesies escape! I used to darn all our socks, but I'm much smarter now. They get knotted just like yours for the dog to play with.

  3. Jen, when I find one of Adam's with a hole in it, it goes to the dogs! You can send Eric's or give them to Howie!

    MamaPea, Tim doesn't eat butter on his bread and that is just wrong! I think I could live on bread and butter! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe! Just one of the many reasons we love you!

  4. Ok, that whole sock thing is exactly what the sock thing is at our house. EXACTLY. From the pile of knotted socks to the holes to everything. The list of why I love you grows every day. :)

    And a rye bread that actually turns out? Amazing! I will have to give it a try. I've tried probably four different recipes that all turn out like a rock. Which is fine if you're craving rocks. But I don't. :)

  5. MamaTea, hehehehhee! Oh it's funny for sure that it takes the internet to find other crazy folk that fit in with us, huh?

    This rye was AMAZING! And yupper, the failed recipe I tried last time was like a ROCK! I called it 'the footbal'. This one was not! It was actually very soft and extremely tasty!

  6. Your Brother Donnie is a funny guy. Isn't that what Christmas is about, getting your Brothers goat. If I were you I might sleep with one eye open. First no Christmas sweater, then getting one tied on. Missy is plotting revenge as we speak. You will never see it coming with those poker lab eyes.

  7. Oh my! To a crazy sock knitter like me, seeing Donnie's feet is the equivalent of a UNICEF ad or something... too bad I don't have time LOL!!!

    I did corned beef & cabbage 2 Christmases ago, it's not so strange! I NEVER do turkey on Christmas, it's always lamb, corned beef, venison chili, or a stew... we wierdos have to stick together!

  8. Jane you make me laugh! Poker lab eyes! But I think you might be right! She bit me in the 'fat back' recently even! Of course we were playing, but still! Did she have to go THERE!?

    Erin, I knew if anyone would cringe over that, it'd be you! And I am with you on the Christmas eats! Turkey is just boring! A good leg of you are talking!

  9. I used to have those very same dishes! Loved 'em, but they were eventually annihilated by my kids. We also have knotted white socks for the dogs, doesn't everybody?

  10. Hey Granny!! We've sure missed your regular posts! But it looks like you have squeezed a few in here and there and maybe even some radishes and such! Or at least got some good shopping in! I sure wish they would fix your reception there! Either that or hurry up and get back to your beautiful backyard...not the one in AZ!!!

    I worked a while at getting those dishes on ebay and garage sales. Love'em! They have alot of knicks and dings, but they sure do the trick! And yupper, knotted socks are a must! Good to hear from you!!

  11. mmm. corned beef. The only beef I actually enjoy. lol. Loved the "holey" socks! That is just pure brother awesome'ness. I would have wore em too.

  12. Thanks Farmchick! I bet those socks would make a grand addition to your lovely dresses you want to add to your wardrobe too! ;)